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Opinion by SkippX101 posted over a year ago
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I can write a million words
But they all seem so obsured

As how on earth?...
How can it be possible?...
To describe a sister in words?

She makes me smile
No...Thats by far to mild

She makes me laugh
Oh, how silly and daft?

I tell her everything
And i know for a fact she wont be mimicking

I would give my life for her
I would happily be under the dirt, as long as she is safe and unhurt

I can go on forever and there will never be an end
To the happiness and joy i feel, to know she is my friend

No, she is not a friend, she is my BFF, my amigo, my homie, my reason to go onto fanpop

This is something, only true sisters can agree to
As i have just written, its in black and white

But the real feeling are unheard

This is something, that could only be written
For a sister...
Fan fiction by SkippX101 posted over a year ago
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Hey guys! Hanna asked me to be the "Security guard"...So im just gonna lay down a few rules to keep this club under control and make sure everyone is happy here

(Skipper has gotten to my head so i will do my best to be big hearted as well...CURSE YOU SKIPPER!!) :P

Ok, firstly welcome to a really awesome club! Hanna is a really awesome penguin, artist and sister. I am 120% sure you will love it here!

So firstly...Da rules:
1: NO BULLYING!! No one likes a bully, and i certainly HATE them! If you are here to hurt anyone, please leave... Or i will make you leave!(See what i mean? Skipper!!! *charges after Skipper...*)

2: Everyone here has their own opinoin, if you disagree with someone. You can say what you believe but please... Dont belittle someone else

3:Please only add material about Hanna/penguins of madagascar/penguin OC's WITH Hanna or cats ... No offence, but we dont want a picture you drew of Avatar on here (sorry)