By: CelebrityFan901
Hey. This is the 3rd part of the story. And I hope you like it. And sorry for spelling and the grammar.
-In School:
When I went to school at the next day, everyone started bullying me and talking to each other BAD things about me! But I havent care; because I know they are bullying me about something STUPID. But I was sad. Anyway. And even my Awesome BFF Taylor was bullying me! But suddenly, a guy came and asked me:"Hey. I know you.." Then I let him to stop speaking to me, then I told him:"Hey! Your going to do for me something! Better to you do dont tell me anything you jerk!" Then he aid:"No..No..I just felt about you! So..Do you need anything? I'll help you!" Then I said:"! I dont need anything!" Then he go. But I liked his personality when he said that. He was so sweet!

-In Home:
When I came back from school. I sent to Taylor a message!

From: Axi Accidentally
To: Taylor Jim

Dear Taylor.
Why you've did that to me?! And what is the mistake that I've did it so you started bullying me?! I thought you were my BFF!
Axi <3

From: Taylor Jim
To: Axi Accidentally
Dear Axi.
Why your asking me?! You promised me that your coming with me to Hannah Montana's concert! Yeah we are BFFS (Not very much)
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