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Guide by Robssesed posted over a year ago
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I always knew this day would come
We’d be standing one by one
With our future in our hands
So many dreams so many plans

Always knew after all these years
There’d be laughter there’d be tears
But never thought that I’d walk away
with so much joy but so much pain
And it’s so hard to say goodbye

But yesterdays gone we gotta keep moving on
I’m so thankful for the moments so glad I got to know ya
The times that we had I’ll keep like a photograph
And hold you in my heart forever
I’ll always remember you


Another chapter in the book cant go back but you can look
And there we are on every page
Memories I’ll always save
Up ahead on the open doors
Who knows what were heading towards?
I wish you love I wish you luck
For you the world just opens up
But it’s so hard to say goodbye

Yesterdays gone we gotta keep moving on
Fan fiction by anusha666 posted over a year ago
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Destiny Hope Cyrus (better known as Miley - short for Smiley) got her optimistic name because her parents (country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Tish) expected great things from the little one. She first became interested in acting while hanging out on the set of her dad's now-defunct TV show Doc. With a little help from dad, Miley was soon developing her skills as an actress playing the character of Kylie on that show.

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Opinion by nevenkastar posted over a year ago
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Season 1

1 "Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret?"
2 "Miley Get Your Gum"
3 "She's a Supersneak"
4 "I Can't Make You Love Hannah if You Don't"
5 "It's My Party and I'll Lie if I Want To"
6 "Grandma Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Play Favorites"
7 "It's a Mannequin's World"
8 "Mascot Love"
9 "Ooo, Ooo, Itchy Woman"
10 "O Say, Can You Remember the Words?"
11 "Oops! I Meddled Again!"
12 "On the Road Again?"
(Part three of "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana")
13 "You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Zit is About You"
14 "New Kid in School"
15 "More Than a Zombie to Me"
16 "Good Golly, Miss Dolly"
17 "Torn Between Two Hannahs"
18 "People Who Use People"
19 "Money for Nothing, Guilt for Free"
20 "Debt It Be"
21 "My Boyfriend's Jackson and There's Gonna Be Trouble"
22 "We Are Family---Now Get Me Some Water!"