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get me through this nightmare - Anna and Hans

let the FIRE burn the ICE {Elsa and Hans}

And what if Anna still married Hans?

Hans and Elsa - Monster

Me - Hans/Merida

Drawing - Love Is An Open Door (Frozen)

Hans X Elsa - Trust Me

Elsa x Hans - Bad Romance

Hans x Emilyft Anna Heart attack

Unconditionally, Elsa & Hans

Elsa X Hans - Akward Kissing Scene

» your chance to kill (hans x elsa; once upon a time)

Flynn x Elsa (& Hans) - I Will Wait

Frozen Hans and Anna - young love murder

I'm Not That Innocent - Hans x Elsa (ft. Rapunzel & Anna)

{Hans/Anna} Unbreak My Heart

◒ Hans x Elsa Ice and Fire ◓

Frozen-You're you with lyrics on screen

Elsa\Hans-Seven Devils

Frozen: Love is an open door - One line multilanguage (27 languages)

Rude - Elsa/Hans/Anna

One Line Multilanguage - Hans' Betrayal - Frozen

Hans [break your heart] ||Frozen||

flynn & elsa (& hans) | almost lover

▼ Hans - S k y f a l l ♛

Love Is An Open Door (no instruments)

Frozen - Love is an Open Door - Hebrew (Subs+Translation)

Hans&Elsa angels

❄Frozen: Princess Моnaco - Elsa/Hans

➤got me lookin so crazy right now {anna & hans}

Hans&Elsa - cannibal

hans and elsa // hold on till may

Hᴀɴs ✘ Eʟsᴀ ❄ Empire

Disney on Ice Presents Frozen - Hans Betrays Anna, Olaf Says "Some People Are Worth Melting For"

Disney on Ice Presents Frozen - Princess Anna Meets Hans for First Time, Marriage Proposal

Anna, Hans skate to Love is an Open Door in Frozen Disney on Ice debut

First ever Hans appearance meets Anna in Frozen Disney on Ice skating show in Orlando

Santino Fontana Talks about his Role as Frozen's "Bad Guy"

Hans + Elsa - Never Say Never

I'm a Believer //Elsa x Hans

Hans/Snow White | Only Teardrops

☼please dont say goodnight☪ Hans & Elsa

Waiting for Superman || Hans&Anna

Bang Bang - Hans&Elsa

» the cold never bothered me anyway (Elsa x Hans)

Hans/Anna ft Astrid - Better-Than-Revenge

ᴛɪᴄᴋɪɴɢ ᴄʟᴏᴄᴋs. | {Hans&Elsa}✬

Hans x Anna and kristoff over you

Story of My Life (Hans x Elsa)

Hans&Elsa - Ready-Aim-Fire

[[ Hans&Elsa ]] - Anything you can do I can do better

Hans & Elsa - Torn

Hans&Elsa - Good To You

Hans x Elsa - Lie to me

All I Do Is Win | ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇ ʜᴀɴs ғᴛ. ǫᴜᴇᴇɴ ᴇʟsᴀ

Hans and Elsa | D A N G E R O U S

ice and fire | frozen [hans + elsa]

Hans and Elsa | T O X I C

Hans and Elsa - Bombshell Blonde

My little Disney - bad Hans

Anna/Hans + Elsa — Headlock

♣ Little Red Riding Hood | Hans&Anna「frozen」

❝H A B I T❞ ----「h a n s」

Anna x Hans - Alive

Love Is An Open Door (reprise)

Beautiful liar Hans and Anna

Hans & Elsa ⌈without you⌋

➳ Hans&Anna;; Move

..//DUBSTEP//.. Anna/Hans ❤

Hans & Elsa [ Skyscraper

FROZEN-Love Is An Open Door (Japanese Version) Lyrics

Hans & Anna ⌈queen of disaster⌋

Anna&Hans Candy from a stranger

FROZEN - Hans,Anna,Elsa I Knew You Were Trouble

ok, you're pretty

Hans x Elsa | Seek You Out

Frozen - Love is an open door multilanguage

Hans&Elsa - It Let's Me Down

Rapunzel ❤ Hans (One More Night)

Frozen Hans and Anna - You Give Love A Bad Name

Anna&Hans || Wonderful Dancing

➤ H E A R T B R E A K E R.

Hans x Elsa- What hurts the most

I feel you near me. [Hans/Rapunzel]

Hans and Anna - I Know

hans and elsa // apologize

Have Hans seen Rapunzel

[MMD] Frozen - Belly Dance

Suck At Love ♠ Anna/Hans (Frozen)

Hans and Elsa | if you wanna die alone

Hans & Fiona Heart Attack

【MMD】See Dat Booty Bounce【HANS】

HansxElsa || Titanium

problem [frozen]

↬ s a n c t u a r y [Hans+Rapunzel]

She will be loved (Hans x Elsa)

hiding away

[MMD] PONPONPON - Hans/Frozen Version 2

[MMD] PONPONPON - Hans/Frozen

[MMD] Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better - Hans And Elsa