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Harley Quinn Question

I'm gonna be Harley Quinn for Halloween and i wanted some advice on the outfit.

I was gonna paint my nails but i wanted to know what to do.
I was thinking about just alternating red and black. But then my friend suggested doing one had red with black tips and the other black with red tips.

Which do you think would be better?
 Kassaremidylynn posted over a year ago
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Harley Quinn Answers

Thecharliejay said:
Alternate with the red and black on one hand :D
P.S if your not a natural blonde wear a wig or temporary die your hair
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posted over a year ago 
True but if your gonna wear the costume with the hood/hat it shouldnt matter they cant see your hair
deadwalking posted over a year ago
jd1234512345 said:
go for Harley Quinn arkham city.
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go for Harley Quinn arkham city.
posted 11 months ago 
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