First *Story Time*
When is was little and just starting off reading the Harry Potter books I knew the basic couples, because by the six book everyone knew who was going to end up with who ... basically.
Anyway, I just thought that was right so I like when Ron and Hermione had cute scenes together, that was until the end of book 3 or beginning of book 4 (can't remember) I started seeing that Harry and Hermione had a lot of chemistry. And Also saw how plan Ginny was. My sister thought I was insane because I did not ship JKR couples.

Now after everything, the books/ Movies I see everything more clearly.

I hate Ginny! I can't stand her, Her character is just irrelevant, she had barley anything to do with the Trio, besides being Ron's sister, and suddenly Harry likes her?! It was so out of the blue and random that it threw me off and made me angry. There relationship just didn't work!
I knew that those two got together, but I did not expected it to be so poorly put together, no offence to JKR, But there relationship was just - blah. And the movies only made it worse. I can't stand watching Half Blood Prince because of they way they handled Harry/Ginny. I think one of the reasons Harry ended up with Ginny was because JKR wanted him to be part of the Weasley family

As fore Ron and Hermione I love Ron, I do, but not with Hermione. He is funny and he has his moments, he is way more denominational then his sister. But what I really hate is that, he is not right for Hermione, she is a sweet, kind person who may have a temper but overall is into helping people. While Ron is a suborn, selfish boy.

Why I ship Harry and Hermione
They make perfect since, though the movies and the words in the books they had loads of hints that they made the perfect couple! They were always there for each other, willing to die to save one another. Hermione stayed and helped him during the 7th book when Ron left. Even when she was pissed at Harry she helped him. So why were they put apart? I have no answer, all I know is that, they make perfect since, the others do not.