harmione!!! :))
LOVE NEED NOT always show itself outside predominantly. Love can be expressed silently too. love is there deep within for these two even though they don’t realise it. And not everyone can see it.sometimes even the ones in love don’t realise it.That’s what I have seen and I believe and that’s what makes me fond of this couple, that’s what makes me a harmony fan!!! - emilykuru (me myself)

I’m a proud harmony fan for that is the way the story should have gone.
I’ve always found jkr to be a splendid writer and everything about hp has always been satisfying ,whole and complete to me. Except for this fact.

Rowling has done a very fine job but I don’t understand why she needed to turn a blind eye to the beautifully blossoming love of harry and hermione and go for the sudden and mysterious ron and hermione. That part is so annoying to me actually.

From the first part to the sixth harry has always been supportive of hermione and there are so many reasons to see why they deserve each other. When suddenly everything gets ruined in deathly hallows. Even in the HBP harry still comforts hermione even though he loves ginny(which I think too again is just a hasty immature decision to make because ginny is a fan girl and all fans cannot marry their heroes).

Rowling has evidently steered the ship away from its original and correct destination to an unknown island by choosing romione over harmony.

Harmony fans are most times put down for choosing and still pursuing with something which is a moot point. But why should we stop? Just because the author didn’t write doesn’t mean that harmony is never possible. We can still believe because we know it is right!

In deathly hallows ron is annoyingly trying to over support hermione which we can very clearly see in the “ghoul in pyjamas” chapter. He overdoes it and it is cleary irritating to see that he has abruptly jumped to conclusions. His mind seems to oscillate everytime and he himself suspects hermione for loving harry and that is not what is a sign of true love – suspicion.

Hermione even went with harry instead of watching ron play the Quidditch final.she has always shown intense care for him and is always there for him. She doesn’t realise that she shares something more deeper and stronger than friendship with harry- but that still doesn’t mean why she shouldn’t be for harry.

So what if JKR didn’t choose harmony, we all will still support the most best deserved couple ever.!!!

Wont we dear harmonians???
bonded for ever-harmony!!