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The fans pick: When she comforts him after Sirius's death
The fans pick: Lunarry
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Harry and Luna Wall

FlightofFantasy said …
I'm still disappointed they didn't end up together. Posted over a year ago
Nerdling said …
Personally, I always thought that Luna would have been so much better for Harry. They just really clicked and she was able to relate with him when no one else could. There were so many little moments in The Order of the Phoenix that almost gave me hope that they would end up together, but no, Rowling just had to go down the obvious path and pair him with Ginny. Posted over a year ago
FlightofFantasy commented…
Agreed. Actually, the one that really bugs me is Neville/Luna. I know it wasn't canon in the books, but it made me really, REALLY mad that it was kinda/sorta canon in the movie. N/L bugs me far more than H/G. Harry and Luna were clearly made for each other. Ah well, there's always fanvids, art and fic. over a year ago
maryksand commented…
^ Agreed on both accounts. Harry/Luna is much better suited than Harry/Ginny, Harry had connection with Luna that was natural, Luna knew how to deal with him and how to make him feel better, happier, they shared all those moments that could have made them into something truly wonderfull, but JK Rowling wanted to make everryone a part of one big happy Weasley family. As for Neville/Luna in the moive, just UGH! They were so random, lame and came out of nowhere. over a year ago
HPCouples commented…
^^ So true, Neville/Luna was random. I didn't like that all. Like come on, it's so typical that the two outcast had something together. =/ over a year ago
romioneisthekey commented…
^^^ I agree w/ all of you guys. Neville and Luna were kind of lame. I personally thought Harry and Ginny in the movies weren't good. And, I thought in the books that Harry had a stronger connection with Luna rather than Ginny. Luna could cheer up Harry while nobody else could. Just like she did after Sirius's death. I think they should have been together <3 over a year ago
leanneheward said …
what should have been...... <3 Posted over a year ago