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I love this one
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The fans pick: Fred and George Weasley
Fred and George Weasley
harry potter
The fans pick: Harry
The fans pick: Professor Umbridge, DADA
Professor Umbridge, DADA
Other, Please comment which one (I know I didn't do all the teachers)
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Fangirl521 said …
Harry Potter is not the chosen one. It's Neville. He was also born at the end of July, his parents also defied Voldemort thrice, and he was Voldemort's equal because he was a pureblood and Voldemort was only a half-blood and so was Harry so he pursued Harry rather than Neville because he thought Harry would be easier to defeat. Neville killed Nagini allowing Voldemort to die. Neville lead the DA while Harry horcrux hunted. Harry was chosen for a solo mission while Neville was leading an army Posted 1 day ago
Fangirl521 commented…
I know I said this before but I didn't have the part about the equals, but my friend told me about it today so here's all my proof, Neville is the true Chosen One 1 day ago
ScarOfTheWind commented…
Interesting theory! 1 day ago
rebecaleia said …
Congratulations to my favourite character of ever!!!! Ron Weasley, you're amazing!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥ Posted 2 days ago
Fangirl521 said …
I have been working on a HP fanfic almost nonstop for some time between a month and a half and two months. I literally dragged it out as long as possible. It is 291 pages long in Microsoft Word Posted 29 days ago
Fangirl521 commented…
to publish it I'm making my live a life at hogwarts quizzes on in parts. Check them out! (girls only, sorry guys) 29 days ago
ScarOfTheWind commented…
Hey I'm writing an HP fanfic too! I will definitely have a look! 29 days ago
Fangirl521 commented…
Thanks! =) 28 days ago