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The fans pick: ♛ James + Lupin + Peter + Sirius
♛ James + Lupin + Peter + Sirius
♛ Severus + Lily
The fans pick: ♞ESTP //entrepreuner// risk-prone impatient direct sociable
♞ESTP //entrepreuner// risk-prone impatient direct sociable
♞ENTP //debater// smart curious charismatic fluctuating self-esteem
The fans pick: ☇ ISFJ //protector// dutiful practical supportive meticulous
☇ ISFJ //protector// dutiful practical supportive meticulous
☇ ISFP //harmoniser// tolerant realistic harmonious adaptable
The fans pick: ☄ Luna Lovegood
☄ Luna Lovegood
☄ Ron Weasley
The fans pick: Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy
Ron Weasley
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2 fans answered this question
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dizifragman said …
Love the books. Hate the movies. Hermione's my best friend. :) <3 Posted 4 days ago
ThePrincesTale said …
Why do so many fans hate on the fact that Harry called one of his kids "Albus Severus"?? I don't get it. Both were instrumental in the fight against Voldemort and worked tirelessly to ensure Harry's survival.I think it's very fitting to honour them in that way. To anyone complaining that "Remus" should've been used instead, JK has explicitly stated that Harry left this name for Teddy to use for his own son. So there's that. Please stop complaining about the lack of "Remus Potter"s out there, lol Posted 11 days ago
Pensieve_Seeker said …
To anyone who has ever complained about Ron saying to Harry "He's got a point, you know" when Snape calls Hermione an insufferable know-it-all in the POA movie: Let's say that Ron responded with what he said in the book. Then they segue into the Quidditch match. Then people would be saying "How come Snape didn't give Ron detention?" Then let's say that Snape does say Ron has detention. Then people would be saying "How come there isn't a scene showing Ron scrubbing bed pans?" And so on... Posted 16 days ago
Mongoose09 commented…
I don't get your point. Many fans have a problem with that quote because it's entirely out of character for Ron to defend Snape. He just wouldn't do it. 5 days ago