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Persephone713 said …
Please find the link on here or google a petition to make
Cursed child movie- -very little in the billions of harry
Potter fans would get to see it any other way- -play is
Not enough Posted 19 days ago
ThePrincesTale said …
So I just finished reading Cursed Child, please read it so we can talk about it on here HOLY HELL HOLY HELL HOLY HELL HOLY HELL Posted 29 days ago
cunha27 commented…
Read it and didn't like it 😣 28 days ago
Persephone713 commented…
I am only into the book a little but I knew that the cursed child would be _____, I had a stong hunch about how alot of things would go, come people have wtitten about them in the nine years - and s ome things were a surprise, which always made the Potter books awesome. 27 days ago
ThePrincesTale commented…
Haha I binged it too xD How'd you find it? 24 days ago
ThePrincesTale said …
So I just went to the Leavesden HP Studios yesterday and it was FREAKING AMAZING. LIKE AMAZINGGGGG. Literally cried when I saw the model of Hogwarts they used for filming, lol (it's bigger than you think, it takes up a large room and is absolute perfection). If anyone wants photos of anything specific, just say it here. I snapped everything, from the Gryffindor Common Room/Boys' Dormitory/Dumbledore's office/Diagon Alley/Malfoy Mannor sets, to all the costumes and even Bellatrix's teeth (lol) Posted 1 month ago
zanhar1 commented…
Bella's teeth were the best part of your visit and you know it lol! 21 days ago