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Harry Potter Wall

Persephone713 said …
Interesting how in the End a Slytherin proved to be Brave ( Snape) and a Griffyndor proved to be a brainless coward ( Wormtail)- speaking of which am I the only one that thinks Snape could have Been a Griffyndor and wonders how the hell Peter/Wormtail ever got into Hogwarts let alone became a Griffyndor? Posted 22 days ago
ScarOfTheWind commented…
Well Pettigrew is a wizard, whether he is likeable or not, so why shouldn't he have got into Hogwarts?? And he probably asked to be in Gryffindor to be with James, Remus and Sirius. The book told us he hero worshipped them lol 21 days ago
Mongoose09 commented…
yeah I think he would have asked to be in Gryffindor, since the Hat takes choice into account 20 days ago
ScarOfTheWind commented…
Haha this is turning into a great convo :D 6 days ago
Fangirl521 said …
Harry Potter is not the chosen one. It's Neville. He was also born at the end of July, his parents also defied Voldemort thrice, and he was Voldemort's equal because he was a pureblood and Voldemort was only a half-blood and so was Harry so he pursued Harry rather than Neville because he thought Harry would be easier to defeat. Neville killed Nagini allowing Voldemort to die. Neville lead the DA while Harry horcrux hunted. Harry was chosen for a solo mission while Neville was leading an army Posted 27 days ago
Fangirl521 commented…
I know I said this before but I didn't have the part about the equals, but my friend told me about it today so here's all my proof, Neville is the true Chosen One 27 days ago
ScarOfTheWind commented…
Interesting theory! 27 days ago
Flickerflame commented…
Harry was "the Chosen One" i.e. the ones described in the prophecy. He was the one Voldemort "marked as his equal" and that was the last identifier. 7 days ago
rebecaleia said …
Congratulations to my favourite character of ever!!!! Ron Weasley, you're amazing!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥ Posted 28 days ago