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Fan fiction by percaboss posted over a year ago
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Its after the war with the gaints and the war with Lord Voldimort. The death eaters where sent to Tartaris along with the gaints and the mother geae. Now they are teaming up with the king titan Kronos and are breaking out of the underworld. The wisards are sent to Camp-Half-Blood but Thaila think they are punny so called heros and Hermione thinks they are too. Will the demigods become frinds with the wisards or will they turn against each other and let Kronos, Geae, and Voldimort take over the world? read to find out.

If any cuss words they will be ass, damn, and pissed mabey
also i am tarible at spelling see i cant spell the word to describe being bad at spelling so ignor that stuff


Dombledore had called Ron Hermione, and I in to his offeice for a important meeting. "it has come to my notice that an olf friend of mine hase been having trouble with their enemys-" Dombledore began but Ron interupted "wait?" he asked "you said enemys like they have more then one or something" "yes they do" he answered "who are they" Hermoine "ahh, yes the point of this meeting you see we are not the only ones saving the world. There is a...
Opinion by pink-bookworm posted over a year ago
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Alright so me and dragons memory came up with this idea that I'd interview her about some things mainly to get the popularity of In The Background up and also for you guys to find out some interesting things well here nt is.

A bit about the main character Hailey

Dragonsmemory: You probably want to hear a bit more about Hailey. She's Harry's twin. They really don't know who was born first, though. She looks like Lily, but has James' eyes. She also has a very strange talent. She knows exactly what to say to Harry to help him. It comes in handy during one of his famous rants. The story itself is told from her perspective.

Alright Why do you post the chapters on special dates?

Dragonsmemory:The dates I've posted are the birthdays of certain characters. I was going off of a calendar, but said calendar is now missing. I'm also trying tomake it look random until the official release date.

Have you written any stories before In the Background