Harry potter and Percy Jackson RP The meeting between witch/wizard and demigods RP

pink-bookworm posted on Aug 01, 2011 at 11:31AM
Here is a RP.
Synopsis: new enemys are awakening for both sides and can they work with each other to succed?

To be a part..
Witch or wizard or are you a demigod
Wand or weapon
Godly parent if demigod

Witches/wizards so far
Blair Estal played by Sparkles3

Demigods so far
Cara played by Nicolicious
Arianna played by Cottonpop
Elizabeth (Liz) played by percy4firever
Alvin Hamilton played by Alvin2442
Akron D Texan played by Alvin2442

Both so far and yes you can be both.
Eliza jones played by pink-bookworm
Alexia l riont played by cinnamonbubble
Ali played by MCF2000
Ryan played by raiyan
Skyler Rose played by indigonova
Leaf played by percabeth_12
Arebella (Bella) played by -Aphrodidte-
The holder of the emerald key and ruby lock (shugo chara)
Dan Matthews played by silver78
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over a year ago MCF2000 said…
"wait, ME?!" said Percy and Harry in unision. "won't they just give me a break for once!" Percy grumbled "oh believe me I totally know what you're talking about." Harry said. "Well it does make sense...Percy you're the hero of the demigods and Harry it's the same with you and the witches/wizards." I said "What about me!" Jason asked "I'm the hero of the Romans!"
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
"you might of been there but I think it only allows a certain amount of time".
over a year ago MCF2000 said…
"Oh okay.." Gez what is up with him?? Does he want to be in mortal danger?? Apperently...
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
"Jason but itts not like you want to be in any danger though".
over a year ago MCF2000 said…
Jake muttered something that sounded like maybe I just want to be included.... I stared at him. Really?! Reeeaaaallllyyyy???!!!!
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
"so your saying you want to be in danger", I whispered and half sniffled just thinking why couldn't it be Jason instead of my boyfriend and my best friend.
over a year ago MCF2000 said…
"Oh nevermind!"Jason said throwing up his hands "I give up!"
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
"good because I really don't want anyone in danger hear".
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
"Jason please, just because you were not there doesn't mean you are not important. Annabeth could you send for Rachel, I need to speak to her. Jason don't you worry we'll make sure you play a good role in this war" Addressed Alexia softly. The hunters of Artemis had a soft spot for Jason because he was Thalia's brother. Soon later on, Rachel came with her friend, Requelle, the new oracle of the Roman camp. Alexia talked to them both separately, assigning them both tasks. Then Rachel and Requelle each sat on a three legged stool and became the Oracles. They simultaneously issued the next prophecy. It went-
6 great heroes shall fall together
Either in friendship or hate, the greatest will suffer
One shall be found in the lost land of rock
And the key shall be found for the greatest of all locks

Annabeth gasped and muttered “the greatest of all locks”. Then she pulled out her phone and called Chiron. “Chiron can you come to Hogwarts please? What? Sure thing. Bring all the campers you can get. Yah, get Lupa and her campers to come to. Bye!” Then she turned to us “I sense a battle coming on.”
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
( great prophesy cinnamon)
" wow I wonder what the prophesy means and who these six are".
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
(Thx, hey u spelt my name wrong!but its fine lol)
"I know, hey El do you know what this 'great lock is'" said Alexia.
Eliza answered by saying "well Annabeth seems to know." Everyone looked at Annabeth."Chiron and the others are here." said Heather who was sitting at the window ledge seat.
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over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
(oops so it's this iPad of mine it automatically corrects some stuff that's wrong)
"hello", Chiron said walking in the room.." hi". "who may this be", he said looking towards Harry. "that is Harry my boyfriend". "well hello Harry". "hello I'm presuming your Chiron and your a centaur". "yes I am indeed".
over a year ago MCF2000 said…
So much happens when I'm gone!!!!! I agree great prophesy cinnomin! (did I spell it right? I'm on my iPad)
Where are we at anyway? Isnt it the infirmary?

over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
(Ya MCF u did and if u wana no were we are read the last few replys)
"Annabeth, Chiron can you clear what the great prophecy means?"asked Alexia"Oops. I mean Hi guys now will you answer my question now?" Slow down dear girl I need to HEAR the prophecy don't I." replied Chiron which made everyone laugh. Lupa went to Requelle and asked her something as did Chiron to Rachel. They both said the prophecy again and Chiron and Lupa looked at each other. Then Chiron said "gather 'round children as I tell you the tale of the Ruby lock and the Emerald key..."
( my sister is bugging me that she wants to go on the computer soo bye!)
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
"the ruby lock and the emerald key I think I've heard that from somewhere".
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
"As I was saying," Chiron said after taking a swig of coffee from the tray of treats in the corner." There was once a half-blood (daughter of Aphrodite,to be precise) at Hogwarts named Princess Arabella. The peculiar thing about her was that she had a small fairy like creature constantly following her,In other words what the Japanese call "Shugo Chara" or guardian characters . She called her Shugo Chara, Siara. When the princess died, Siara disappeared but in her place she left a Key made entirely out of emeralds. At the same time A Prince named Prince Samuel (Son of Athena) and his Chara, Panta died. In Panta's place there was a lock made out of rubies. It was told that if the two were brought together, extraordinary things would happen and your own Chara's would be reveled.If you had any of course"
(sorry but I just HAD 2 put in this anime show I am obsessed in, as u prob guessed its called Shugo Chara! it really has the exclamation mark)
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over a year ago MCF2000 said…
(I ment where are we at place-wise not story-wise. I know were we are at story-wise)

"So six of us has to go fing this magical key and lock and bring them together? Right?" I asked just to make sure i got it. Lupa and Chiron nodded.
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
"who may those six be".
over a year ago MCF2000 said…
"I think 3 of those are....us, El."
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
"so me you and Alexia, the others may be Harry, Percy and I'm not sure of the other.
over a year ago MCF2000 said…
"Me neither. Chiron, who do you think??'
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
"well maybe the prophecy gives hints it usually does". I recited the prophecy in my head, six great heroes shall fall together. "so six heroes have to gon on the quest I'm guessing?
over a year ago MCF2000 said…
Yeah I said
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Just there is only three in the room.
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
" umm I am not gonna be part of this prophecy!" said Alexia. Then she added, mumbling quietly " Mainly Because I already HAVE a chara." " What!" everyone except Chiron, Lupa and Alexia shreiked. " Meet Lilac." Alexia laughed, bringing out a small lilac egg with a emerald seahorse engraved on it. From it popes a fairy like creature in lilac and green. She wore a lilac cape with three emerald seahorses on the neck, her dress was lilac with a green belt with a large emerald seahorse on it. Her hair and eyes were chocolate brown and she wore a lilac bonnet with a small green bow on it. "Hello." Lilac said in a soft silky voice" I am Lilac, Alexia's Shugo Chara!"
(my favorite color isn't lilac, I took her appearance from a doll I had.)
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