Harry Potter Fans Hogwarts Common room

Epetrus posted on Aug 09, 2009 at 07:44PM
We may be in different houses, but we all have the same common room.

We can chat, ask questions and share what we're doing xDD

So take a seat near the fire, get cozy and let's get this started:D

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over a year ago Epetrus said…
I just finished watching videos of unbelievable happenings.
Like Chupakabra sightings and Plesiosaur existence and things about the Owl man and so on.
I wanna go and read Harry Potter, but it's 10 pm here...
over a year ago Epetrus said…
-am back for a second
-am looking for a bug... it's huge and it's somewhere in the house...
-am scared
over a year ago Epetrus said…
-watched the video for Nickelback's song: Too Bad
It made em sad...
-am going out in a while
-have to finish my coffee
Instead of writing 'I am...' you can just write '-am'
Same with 'I have...' and '-have'
over a year ago xxiwuuxx said…
-am sad,because it's raining
-will stay at home all day long
-will read HP
over a year ago Epetrus said…
-am jealous of Ewa.
-wanna read HP instead of going out:P
over a year ago laureng114 said…
Alright I'll take a seat by the fire :)

Well right now I'm going to sleep, haha. Hopefully I will be reading some Harry Potter soon. Maybe get a cup of tea and a blanket. The whole shabang.
over a year ago Epetrus said…
-am gonna get some breakfast although it's already 1 pm, so it's actually gonna be lunch in the form of breakfast... Oo
-feel like catching up on True Blood
-want more Simpsons and Futurama episodes. NOW
over a year ago Epetrus said…
-wanna read HP, but it's 10:19 here, so what's the point...
over a year ago Ellen-smile said…
Howdee folks! :] Whatsap?
over a year ago memma2700 said…
Hi Ellen
over a year ago Epetrus said…
It's raining. I don't like it when it rains. Well, I do. Or do I?
-am not looking forward to tomorrow, even if it IS True Blood day.
over a year ago Epetrus said…
Since school started, I haven't had a single chance to read HP, even if it is only my first week of school
-wish I was younger
-wanna watch 'Carriers'
over a year ago Epetrus said…
-don't wanna watch Carriers
over a year ago Aviantei said…
... Oh, cool a fire!!! (stares)
-hanging out at libray.
-listening to "The S-Words" podcast on my Zune.
-ready to watch info mania tonight
over a year ago Epetrus said…
-miss the good old times.
-love my Asian shirt
-wish it was still the summer; it's getting cold and dark :(
over a year ago Aviantei said…
-break for pre-calc
-bored out of my mind
-I R ninja
over a year ago Epetrus said…
-had a weird day
You don't wanna know.
-am sad
over a year ago Aviantei said…
-hanging at library
-noting how loud the keyboard is
-playing farmville on facebook
-glad i'm done with this quarter of college
over a year ago Epetrus said…
lol... Farmville XP
-am wondering what everyone's up to.
-barely made it this week
Everyone is sick...
over a year ago Aviantei said…
-hanging at library
-SO ready for Thankgiving break
-edcited to finish coloring my oC picture when I get home
-Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!^^
over a year ago Epetrus said…
Yay! 2010, everyone!
It;s 11:30 pm here and I'm just thinking about HP, Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco :3
over a year ago Aviantei said…
-Enjoying 2010
-Glad that I FINALLY got to see half blood prince
-Thinking up stuffz for my HP fanfic
over a year ago Epetrus said…
-also enjoying 2010... :3
-lying in bed with the lap top on my... lap XD
-thinking I should read HP OotP since I started
-haven't seen 2012 yet! my friend keeps on telling me that I need to see it, but I kinda don't wanna :P
over a year ago Aviantei said…
-loving internet
-posting new chapter of HP fanfic
-re-reading PoA to see where my story's going next
-hoping my english class gets cancelled, too
over a year ago LilysLittleTwin said…
-am bored.
-am hoping that a friend comes on soon.
-am bored.
-should write more fanfics.
-am so very very bored.
over a year ago Aviantei said…
-taking a week off from fics
-waiting for class to start
-wishing I had bought cheese-its
over a year ago Epetrus said…
-am enjoying school as much as possible for some reason.
-'m not a nerd or something. I just love school now :D
-'ll probably hate it once the testing starts.
But I guess the testing has already started... a little XD
And I still love school. Or the people in it :D
-am gonna watch Doctor Who tonight. I can't wait!
But I have to so my history homework + notes first :P
over a year ago Aviantei said…
-waiting for English to start.
-hating the stupid econ video Jean gave us
-wasting away on fanpop...
over a year ago Epetrus said…
-am listening to Green day :D
-haven't heard them...in a looong time xD
-don't know what to wear to school tomorrow =/
over a year ago Aviantei said…
-sittin in library
-bugging friends
-going to call Haso-kun on Neko
-and honoo too
-texting my brother
over a year ago Epetrus said…
lol, Aviantei. Do you have a nickname? What should I call you? You can call me Eva :)

-just woke up
-am going to school
-don't want to really... :P
-kinda hate some people in my class...
over a year ago Aviantei said…
_snow day for high school
-some net time before i finish envy's paper
-wish i had more time to write fics
over a year ago Epetrus said…
-am going for a school dance. Ok, it's a disco. Ok, it's a carnival.
<3 It's a masquerade xD
...am a french punk...with a yellow beret... xD
over a year ago Aviantei said…
-now wants a yellow beret
-killing time before english
-glad i brought fruit snacks cause im hungry
over a year ago Hermione30 said…
call me hermione or hermy

i'm a bit bored with fanpop right now and i dunno i'm beginning to feel a bit more interested in fb.i'm worried abt that
over a year ago Epetrus said…
-haven't been here in ages.
Pretty deserted here.
-'m going to a friend's house in a while.
We're gonna watch Doctor Who ♥ :D
over a year ago Nevermore_ said…
I just found this forum but no one's posted here in like a year
i'm interested though...
Wonder if i'll get a response...
over a year ago Epetrus said…
Well, I get notified whenever someone posts, so I will definitely respond. Like always. :)
-'m studying History. And by 'studying' I actually mean thinking of ways to avoid actually studying
-'ll probably go and watch Supernatural in the end or something... :D
over a year ago Nevermore_ said…
yayy! awesome lol

well, I just found out today my jeep's power steering fluid is leaking out.. more like shooting out every time you turn the wheel actually. Thankfully I got it diagnosed by my friend's dad before it was completely gone though.

Watching HP POA currently and RPing a little.
Probably going to sleep in a little while.
over a year ago zar_far11 said…
-wanna watch my fave movie of all time (Order of the Phoenix)
-proof that im bored: im leaving msgs on twilight fanclub walls saying "hey guys this is robert pattinson" just to torture them :P