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Here's a list of reasons that don't count out of the first 500.
Reasons that are purely opinion, untrue, or just ridiculous.
I didn't include all the reasons I think are wrong, to be nice

12. Twilight WILL fad out it is a fad and many fans are on it because of the Bandwagon effect and because Robert Patterson is good looking But Harry Potter will be around forever
17. Harry Potter can be read by any age group. Twilight is geared more towards angst 15 year olds.
18. The characters in Harry Potter GROW, they grow with you as you read. The first books start out fairly tame but mature as you mature. I had the pleasure of growing with Harry I was 11 when it was released 19 or 20 when it was finished.
19. A story about a teenage wizard facing off against a dark lord beats one about a sparkling, lovesick vampire anyday.
20. Even Rob Pattison says he hates Edward Cullen and played him like a manic-depressive.
22. The characters are not entirely evil or entirely good
24. The villains are villains for a reason. They're not just bad without explanation. J K Rowling explained Voldemort and other Deat Eaters and showed why they went bad.
31. Stephan King (or any other distinguished author for that matter) has yet to tell JK Rowling that she "can't write"
35. Characters in HP don't suddenly change species in order to hastily tie up loose ends that the author was to lazy to pull together satisfactorily. i.e. "oh its ok hes not REALLY a warewolf, hes a shape-shifter! did i mention that i love Edward and that he's hard and cold like granite?"
*36. HP does not cause its fans to cry because they will never have a life as good as the main character's.... twilight on the author hand can bring about some scarily unhealthy behavior.... amongst its fans...
37. Meyer's books sound like she used a thesaurus to look up every other word (in order to replace them with BIG, impressive sounding words), as a poor attempt to hide her even poorer writing style.
38. I can't feel my IQ plummeting as a read Harry Potter... twilight however is another story (HA literary pun!!!!)
41. Harry Potter is not based off of a dream the author had. "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." -Albus Dumbledore.
42. Harry Potter has an overarching theme. Twilight doesn't (Romance and the fact that its a love story doesn't count, thats a genre, not a theme)
44. JKR thinks to do writing exercises to help her deepen her characters BEFORE she writes the books (she spent 15 years planning them out). Unlike Smeyer who randomly decides to write Midnight Sun in order to deepen Edward's character AFTER shes already stuck a label on him that says hes a perfect "Gary Sue", i mean really how deep can someone whos "perfect" deep
48. Snape!
49. In the movies: A great cast of awsome british actors!
51. It can be read by a massive audience. Twilight is really only enjoyed by teenage girls who will eventually realise how bad a book Twilight is when they grow up. Children to adults read Harry Potter. Not only with age, but people who are different and like different genres read it (and enjoy it). Mainly because it has so many genres within it.
52. It's been credited, awarded and acclaimed a lot more than Twilight. And these are by people whose jobs are to critique books.
53. The characters change with their ages, did you notice that Bella was in school a year or two longer than she was supposed to be?
57. You can read a Harry Potter multiple times and find it just as amazing as the last, when you read Harry Potter you actually feel like you are in the book along with the characters. While i cannot say the same for Twilight
58. I don't care if Bella ate a Granola Bar for breakfast and I don't care about reading about how good-looking Edward is for the hundredth time. It just gets boring.
59. Albus Dumbledore :) need i say more?
60. i think the fact that the HP fans got kicked off the "1000 reasons why twilight is better than harry potter" is a reason in itself. Lol
63. The book grows with you and they just get better and better
66. Because Harry Potter is not overrated
67. Harry Potter appeals to more than just a bunch of squealing 12 year olds. J
68. You want to read more because it is a great book, not for the “hot” guys and kissing as said by some twilight fan on the twilight msn superfan page.
69. The Harry Potter characters do not try to kill themselves because they cannot be with who they want
70. Because Harry Potter doesn’t ruin your favourite bands. L lol personal experience: (au revoir Paramore I can never see you the same anymore)
71. Harry Potter is not cliché
72. The characters do not have a hundred year difference lol
73. The characters won’t go on living forever on the face of this earth
74. Because Harry Potter has put up a bar which is higher than the sky lol and I don’t think anything can beat that especially . . . .
75. In Harry Potter you learn that some of the good people die in twilight you learn that if you can’t be with him/her you should kill yourself WTF.
76. Harry Potter has real werewolves. :) pffft shape shifters
78. we watch Harry Potter movies because we love the characters and because we want o see if the movie is living upto the book. you watch twilight for the guys * rolls eyes pathetic really. *
80. The characters aren't perfect. Bella is boring and whiny. Edward is a 104 year old virgin who hasn't even had a girlfriend before... I'm sorry but that just doesn't happen. Harry has flaws. He is a rule breaker and has emotional breakdowns. Hermione is extremely intelligent but at the same time, bossy and annoying. Ron walked out on Harry in the last book- that doesn't make him perfect at all.
84. Twilight only revolves around ONE thing and that is EDWARD. What the hell but four extremely long, boring books shouldn't all be about the hotness of a sparkling vampire. Harry Potter has much more: suspense, comedy, drama and... romance!
*86. Hogwarts! I have a hard time dealing with the fact that Hogwarts isn't real. I mean, how the hell can JK Rowling come up with all that stuff in her mind? Moving staircases, dungeons, moving potraits and enchanted ceilings! Wow... but the school Twilight has is... Forks High School. Boring much?
89. No cheesy lines in Harry Potter such as, "The lion fell in love with the lamb." I am sorry but I'm surprised Bella didn't start laughing her head off when Edward said that to her! And people call it a MODERN love story. Pfft...
91. Fans! Harry Potter has been around for 10 years now and almost every person has heard of him.
92. The writing style is obviously better. Stephenie Meyer writes in flowery prose that makes people want to puke.
93. The difference in the people reading the books. Twilight is centered around the age group og 13 year old GIRLS to 18 year old GIRLS. No guys hardly EVER read Twilight... why? Because its all about love and how hot the guys are! I mean, why would STRAIGHT guys want to read about that? Harry Potter has fans from all age groups from six year olds to God knows 60 year olds! There's action so you see a lot of guys reading the books too.
97. Again with the characters! Bella was dead when Edward left her. That ruins all the things women have done to show that they are independent and strong! Hermione is fierce, intelligent and confident without a boyfriend... she is a much better idol.
98. Twilight is sexist. Bella always counts on Edward- Edward will do this, Edward will do that. That ruins everything women have said about them being equal to men.
100. The author backgrounds and the pressure upon them. Meyer dreamt about Edward and Bella. Poof... she decides to write about them! WHAT?! JK Rowling was a struggling woman whose talent was writing. She wrote a book and now LOOK at her! Much more impressive.
101. The flaws in the plan. If Edward's body is unable to change, how the hell did he manage to get Bella pregnant? Harry Potter has no flaws like this- NONE!
106. The fans. The Twilight fans are extremely hyper and have stupid things to say, involving only two arguments: Edward is hot and its a love story. Pfft. Harry Potter fans know how to spell and learn something from the books, making them more intelligent than chipmunks who read Twilight. (That last line was by me...) They tend to attack anyone who has even THOUGHT about saying something bad about Twilight which I hardly think is fair...
115. Yes.... Harry Potter has shades of gray while Twilight is black and white. Explaining: Harry Potter has characters that have both a bad side and a good side! Then there are people you thought were good who turned out to be bad and the people you thought were bad who turned out to be GOOD! Those are twists and they add color to the story (in this case, more shades.) Twilight has the good vampires and the bad vampires- not very interesting...
120. Bella completely DIES when Edward LEAVES her. What the...??? THat doesn't happen- not anymore! And not when you've been together for like a few months... I can understand if they've been together for a decade or something. Harry sees his godfather getting killed in front of his eyes. He has no parents. He gets mocked on in the fourth book... does he go emo? NO! He sulks for a while and then, what? He gets on with his life because he knows he has to!
130. Movie effects. Seriously, when I watched Twilight and the part where Edward walks out into the sunlight, I had to rewind it four times to just take in that he was sparkling. It looked nothing like it! I agree that the first two Potter movies had pretty stupid effects but then, they were YEARS back, before all the advanced technology. Goblet of Fire had an AWESOME dragon. Then the spells and the sparks coming from the wands are almost believable. I mean, the effects makes it impossible NOT to believe in the movies...
131. The movies again. Have you seen the quality of the Twilight movie? It had practically NO colour in it and that made me sleepy. Harry Potter keeps you ineterested, on the edge of your seat, begging for more.
132. The history of the characters. Every character in Harry Potter has a history. There was some history in Twilight about the Quileute legends and all but that's about it. And it wasn't written very well. Harry Potter characters have history and darn interesting ones too!
133. JK Rowling EXPLAINS everything. Why Snape hated Harry but saved his life whenever he was in trouble. Why Ludo Bagman kept helping Harry. Why Draco turned out to be so insecure... It isn't like that in Twilight. Some things are explained and somethings are not. Connect the pieces, please... it makes a story better.
139. The jokes in the book. Examples...
Jacob: Does my being half-naked bother you?
Bella: *blushes*

Harry Potter:
Mrs Weasley: Fred, you next.
Twin 1: He's not Fred, I AM!
Twin 2: Honestly, woman, you call yourself our mother.

140. Okay, people may or may not know this. BUT DOES TWILIGHT HAVE A THEME PARK BASED ON IT? Yes! There is a theme park being made which is based on Harry Potter alone! CAN YOU SAY AWESOME MUCH?!
136. Emma Watson (Hermione) vs. Kristen Stewart (Bella): No matter what people say, Kristin Stewart can't act one bit. She shows NO emotion at all and she blinks so much. She stutters and seriously, she sounds a bit retarded. Emma can act... the way her eyebrows move show emotion and her British accent is just brilliant. Who doesn't like that?
137. The Answer to that is: (to why Kristin stutters alot) Shes a pot-head. No lie, she is! i can tell. no wonder her voice is so deep and in the new moon trailer (Yes i actually was THAT bored to go and watch it...) she sounds like a guy at one point when she says: "No..please no!" or something like that.
138. Of course Harry Potter is BETTER than Twilight, you have to be on something if you thought twilight was better. i still have the first 2 books (i couldn't even finish reading the 2nd one. just hearing Bella talking about how 'perfect' Edward is a thousand times he comes up is almost enough to make me go psychotic..im really surprised i haven't yet) HELL im even wondering why i didn't BURN,cut up the pages, or Thrown out those books yet!
139. I love Criticizing this book so much,I think it's becoming a hobby :D
140. I remember after i saw the Harry Potter movie i immediately become a big fan. I wanted almost anything that was harry potter. I remember in GOF i called Rob handsome when he played Cedric, he's not really handsome anymore, plus the pale makeup and contacts don't really compliment him.
141 (This may have already been posted but whatever): JKR created this whole world while Meyer created what a story? A new type of gay vampire who sparkles in the sun? At least the creatures in HP are realistic..
142: The characters are real, they aren't vampires/werewolves (besides Lupin)most of the chracters are teenagers going through real teenage things like friendship, love, school etc. etc. While Bella battles her feelings for a vampire and a werewolve I don't know one teenager who can relate to that.
147. I completely forgot about the Yule Ball! :) I mean, it is much more amazing than the prom. -_- That kinda sucks, I'm sorry but it does.
153. I am sorry if I offend fans with this but I have observed very carefully and that is why I'm writing this reason. I am NOT saying that all Twilight fans are like that and I'm not saying that all Harry Potter fans are smart.
Anways... here's an experience of mine.
Case 1:
Me: I personally think that Harry Potter is much better than Twilight.

Case 2:
Me: I personally think Harry Potter OWNS Twilight.
Twilight fan: You're probably just a small baby who whines because your mother or father are dead.
Offending much?

Case 3:
Me: Why do you think Twilight is better than Harry Potter?
Twilight Fan: Coz, like, Edwardz hottt! And so is jacobb. and its a luv storyy and oh yeah, edward is hottt!!

Case 4:
Me: I'm astonished that some people can call Twilight literature.

Yeah, get my point? Again, no offence but... these are true... all of them.
In Twilight Wiki, I typed: "Edward Cullen" and in the section: "Behind the Scenes" there was actually: "Robert Pattison played on HP 4!!!!", while on Harry Potter Wiki, when I typed: "Cedric Diggory" NOTHING Twilight was mentioned. The only time I saw the movie "Twilight Mentioned", was in Robert Pattison's page, amongst other moved he played.
Clothes. There is nothing "vampire"-ish in Twilight... in HP, the clothes basically spell out: "Wizardd"
When the first Harry Potter film was maked, J.K Rowling was asked if she would play Lily Potter in the Mirror of Erised. J.K Rowling said no, because she didn't think a author of a book should be in the film.
What did Stephenie Meyer do? She is in the film, as a random lady with a laptop. Why do she need to be in her own movie? Really?
Quiddtch vs. baseball? Not a hard question.
No hot guys in Harry Potter? Please. Rupert Grint, Matthew Levis, Tom Felton, Alan Rickman etc.
"Never tickle a sleeping dragon" is just so much cooler than "And then the lion fell in love with the lamb"
173. I read the HP and TS Books, you can always re-read HP but in TS, I don't think so.(based from experience)
174. Robert Pattinson was goodlooking in HP, he was gross in twilight and had a f**cked up voice
175. Smeyer spends way too much time describing the insignificant things that clog up the story: eg. what people are wearing, whether the cabin of Bella's truck is warm or how it smells etc
186. Twilight sold 17 million copies. Philosopher's Stone (or Sorcerer's Stone) sold 120 million. *Lets out a low whistle*
187. New moon sold 5.3 million copies. Chamber of Secrets sold 77 million copies.
188. Eclipse sold 4.5 million copies. Prisoner of Azkaban sold 61 million copies.
189. Breaking Dawn sold 3.7 million copies. Goblet of Fire sold 66 million copies.
190. The whole Twilight series sold somewhere around 30.5 million copies. And Harry Potter series (upto Book 4) sold 324 million copies. :) Still not convinced?
193. Really, we don't care about Bella doing her homework, we don't care about Bella cooks for her dad, we don't care about Bella who is taking a shower. It's boooooring! Can we move on, please?
194. Oh and Ciel94, we don't care about what parts Bella shaves in the last book. :)
195: It's both the movieseller and
196: the bookseller!
197: More fans
198: It is not getting boring even if you watched it an infinite th time!
201. I think HP fans are more devoted. We're going to remember HP probably forever.
202. Who cried in Twilight? I bet there were SO MUCH people who cried in HP because many characters died, even though they weren't exactly the "main" characters...
203. In HP i've noticed she seems to add characters in alot, but in Twilight alot of the characters are added in Twilight and New Moon, and that's it.
205. Due to having read all the books in the saga and series several times (yes, i am sad), i've noticed that i become more attached to the harry potter books, than the twilight books, because of how everything is described, and because i feel it is more...real.
207. Harry Potter fans are more civilized. I heard an incident when some rabid girls scratched some guy's brand new car because he didn't like Twilight. :|
210. Harry potter has endless reasons!
213. JKR is not afraid to step on toes. She knew their were going to be some people out there who wouldn't like her book because it has "witchcraft" *rolls eyes*. That didn't stop her from writing an amazing story. Stephanie Meyer's books, on the other hand, are filled with religious propaganda and alter every aspect about themselves to make it more christian-pleasing. e.g. vampires are hated by the Christians, but no, these ones are perfect, god fearing, and conform to practically every religious belief ever mentioned.
217. Bella is too much of a whore if she has 5 guys chasing after her
218. Twilight is not a Saga at all
219. Stephenie Meyer wrote Twilight like a fanfiction a bad one
220. If you are going to have Edward in the first book to be mysterious dont put First Edward was a vampire on the back
221. Twilight's cover of the apple, even though it represents forbidden love as she describe, wow such an "original idea", they get together anyway.
222. Bella's name Isabella Swan, meaning if you replaced Isabella to it original meaning to beautiful you get Beautiful Swan, how conceited
223. Bella totally judges people by looks proven in the first book Twilight, chapter 1
224. What Bella and Edward are feeling is lust, not love.
225. Critics gave a better review to The Princess Bride then Twilight the movie. That shows me that the romance in Twilight must suck bad
226. JKR is an good example to follow if you plan to write a book
227. Stephenie Meyer thinks she's so superior than the past writers that she has to brag about how her character's love surpass even Romeo and Juliet's love.
228. Twilight is based off of Stephenie Meyer's sexual fantasies
229. When a Twilight fan argues that Twilight is not real and the characters aren't they are telling the truth, since the characters lack any personality and depth of a real person
230. Stephenie Meyer inserted herself into the book as Bella
231. Edward is Stephenie Meyer's ideal guy
232. Stephenie Meyer writers her "men" like women
233. Why are there no fat people in the book Twilight?
235. Stephenie Meyer killed the concept of vampires
236. Stephenie Meyer writing reflects upon her which just like Stephenie Meyer not very smart
237. The Twilight series has lead to the beleif of Cullenism.
238. Twilight fans judge the Twilight series based on the appearance of the author herself, a picture of the author was added to the books.
239. JK Rowling compared to Stephenie Meyer on how the idea originated, it was not of a sexual fantasy
242. Stephen King says, and I quote "the real difference [between Rowling and Meyer] is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer, and Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn. She's not very good."
243. Stephenie Meyer sure loves to tell people, but can never show
244. Stephenie Meyer is not orignal so she made up a by combining two names making reneesme
247. Vampires sparkle. There.
249. What happens if Bella gets her period and she's with Jasper?
250. Twilight absolutely has no logical thinking in the plot
251. Twilight has also led to fans being obnoxious and deny anything negative said about the Twilight series
252. I love how I have a craving to tattoo the Dark Mark to my skin but will die before carving the Twilight apple to my body! Haha
258. In the whole book series Twilight, everything goes perfectly fine throughout the whole book for Bella.
259. Everything Bella says in the book makes no sense, making it sound dreamlike.
260. Harry Potter has a bittersweet ending.

261. Twilight's ending was just cliche.
263. Since Meyer is a self centered women and she didnt want Jacob to be alone she gave Bella's child to the pediphile
264. Meyer gives unnecessary details to the reader.
265. Bella had a perfect wedding. Boooring.
266. Bella is supposably clumsy, but if Edward catches her. How boring, crack your skull already Bella.
267. Bella says she is clumsy, but at most time she only says that.
268. How come in her wedding her clumsiness didn't in the way? That would of been a good way for comic relief in the first part of a book.
270. JK Rowling got her idea while on a train, Meyer got her idea from watching internet porn
271. Bella is the boss of the family, since she acts like one.
280. People pay around $5 extra just to get copies of Twilight with red pages
286. "I was wearing my favorite shirt — sleeveless, white
eyelet lace. It was a farewell gesture. My carry-on
item was a parka." - Bella Swan.
Yeah, we really needed to know that...
287. Twilight(the first book, not the series)'s about how a random girl comes along to a town and becomes the girlfriend of her sparkly, psychopathic science partner and in the end, they go to the prom!!! Yeah, great plot line...
288. Harry Potter doesn't cause boyfriends to lose their girlfriends because they're not like Edward Cullen. I mean, that's just sad. :( I feel bad for some guys.
292. Hmm...Why can't Edward read Bella's mind?
293. Because Bella's crazy! Harry is not that too! :P ^^^^
297. Twilight does not catch my attention and is a waste of my spare time
298. Twilight has no realism to it making it again such a wasteful of paper.
302. ... Porn. That just shouldn't be in a novel- especially one which 12 year olds read. -_- It's just gross...
303. Wizards can stand out in the sun without sparkling.
306. JK Rowling isn't against blonde people (no, I am not blonde.)
310. Harry Potter has respect to animals
317. Both Ginny and Bella are sluts. But at least Ginny is supposed to be. And at least Ginny grows up and becomes a better, stronger person.
318. Bella doesn't grow a bit throughout the story. Harry grows incredibly.
319. I earned a few IQ points trying to find the plot that didn't exist in Twilight.
321. Twilight fans cannot reach the 100 reasons why Twilight is better than HP, while HP fans are working on a 1000 reasons list ;)
327. Meyer is a pedo after writing her last book.
328. In Harry Potter, there is no pedophiles.
330. Jacob is the pedo
331, Meyer has to pair up all the main characters, cause she doesnt want to leave anyone out, even if that means pairing up step brothers and siblings and babies and ex's
334. Twilight was so terrible it made me improve in my English classes.
336. Harry Potter was written so well, people begin to like reading, so did I.
337. Stephenie Meyer makes pedos sounds okay
338. Stephenie Meyer gave her characters their own island to do it on.
339. Meyer described the sex on the island not only through kissing, but also with many many vivid words that Bella would not use just to describe sex.
340. Ironic how her parents don't care much about Bella, guess they realize she's going to ruin her life anyway.
342. Lord Voldemort is actually given an evil personality, not a stupid one like James or Victoria.
343. In Harry Potter the protagonist, Harry, fights along side with his friends.
344. In Twilight Bella does not fight, but instead decides to cut herself to try to "help"
345. In Harry Potter, the fight scenes are very vivid to the reader, and they make sense.
346. Fighting scenes in Twilight are described as dancing, enough said.
347. Bella described fighting as dancing, shows what she knows.
348. In Twilight I could not take the fighting scenes seriously since all Im getting in my head is the waltz, salsa, and b-boying
349. The werewolves in Harry Potter make sense, and they not all freakin young.
350. The werewolves in Twilight sound unreal, they were raped just like vampires by Meyer.
351. People in Forks, must be pretty stupid if they cannot distinguish a bear and a wolf
353. Giants from Harry Potter can pawn your small ass vampires no matter how much strength those "vampires" possess
355. Meyer made Lauren look like a total bitch
356. Meyer made Bella a total complete ideal woman for guys, someone who cooks, and stays in the house while the guys go out to work. In this modern age too.
359. The Death Eaters, from Harry Potter, actually do sh*t.
360. Did the Death eaters take over the Ministry of Magic? Yes.
361. Did the Death Eaters take over the wizard world? Yes.
362. Did the Death Eaters revive Lord Voldemort? Yes.
363. Did the Death Eaters manage to kill Harry? Yes.
364. But opposing them is the Volturi, they did something after the rising action, they decided to talk to Bella.
365. The Volturi are p*ssies if they just talk it out in their fancy lair.
364. Harry Potter is interesting in every scene even when they are sleeping.
367. Edward is not a mystery in the first book, since its pretty much a romance book and they slapped vampire on the back of the book.
369. In Twilight, these vampires are not vampires. They are merely walking diamonds.
370. In Twilight there is no logic like I said. Like how does Edward even get an erection? An erection requires blood, it's blood streaming through it.
371. How the hell does Edward produce semen? He's dead.
372. Okay this is just weird, Edward is a vampire, so that gives him the ability to be really rough in sex.
373. Wow rough sex, just as Meyer would just adore.
375. Breaking Dawn taught girls that rough sex is the bomb
(enough said)
376. Twilight teaches that if you become 17 you are a woman and you should go reck your life and get some man candy downtown
381. Harry Potter has it's own shops. There's a candy store, that just gives the reader a warm feeling.
382. There is real humor in Harry Potter, not "Oh the lion fell in love with the lamb, haaahhaahaa..."
384. How come in Twilight, there are just beautiful vampires, why no ugly ones. That's why these "Vampires" are diamonds. Just freaking stupid.
385. Werewolves are very abusive in Twilight. Imprinting, like makinng someone their bitch.
388. If I were given a choice to meet the Cullens(Diamonds) Id say no since they are just this totally happy, beautiful, flawless, and perfect family.
389. The Cullens are so perfect with no personality, they make me want to kill them all off. Except Carlisle, since he spent his immortal life on something good.
391. The Cullens dont age so they keep having to move around, that is so dumb. Their like freaking nomads. They have records of people you know.
392. All vampires have special powers. Stupid, I would have just accepted enhanced strength and speed alone. Not someone who can see the future or some love shield
393. Lol Meyer totally raped the concept of vampires beginning with Edward making Edward this totally gay character.
394. How many guys have you seen that are hot, muscular, can stop a car from hitting you with his own hands, and sensitive? See no reality.
397. Bella has some sort of mental disorder if she thinks this, "Edward Edward Edward. Sex Sex Sex. Baby Baby Baby."
398. Bella clearly just threw herself in Edwards arms. What a slut.
403. I've hear girls say that they want to be just like Bella. If that's the case, I fear for the future of my gender.
405. Twilight has no strong female characters. (Come to think of it, there are no strong characters whatsoever, male or female... but that's a different story). Often Twilight fans argue that Alice is strong because she can see the future. She is not a strong character. Sure, she has a relitively cool power, but, it is unreliable as compared to the boys' powers.
Men = Strong?
Women = Unreliable?
Ooh, Meyer, you've put yourself in a pit haven't you! Any of the twilight characters can not compare to, say, Hermione.
406. I cried in twilight because I felt a part of my brain dying.
407.Edward can't read Bella's thoughts because she has none.
409. I wonder, was Bella really moaning during the sex with Edward, or was she screaming. If she was screaming, that should be classified as a horror book instead of a romance.
416.like someone said what makes harry potter series more realistic is that all characters arent flawless...and rowling didnt make it all goody goody and easy for harry.the books make u enter his world rather when you read it.and u can read these as many times you want rather than twilight
417.it has everything:friendship,love,loyalty,fun..ju¬st all of it.that makes it special.twilight looks like a joke next to it
422. Meyers attempt at creepy characters was an epic fail.
424. Why are all the good characters of Twilight beautiful? What does this say about Meyer's morals?
426. Meyer fails at logic.
427. Bella fears that she will be older than Edward, impossible, Edward is fucking over 100 years old, she will NEVER be older than that guy.
428. The words in Twilight were so large it felt like I was holding a bunch of wasted paper in my hand.
430. In the first Harry Potter book, Harry has to live with his uncle and aunt, who mistreat him.
431. Unlike that Bella is showered with freedom and joy by Charlie who doesn't seem to give a darn.
432. Harry's relatives actually take away his freedom at times, for example, placing a lock on his window in his room.
433. Bella can go where ever she pleases, even in dark alleys pretending to be some cheap hooker while guys walk by wanting to rape her.
434. Harry Potter has good humor
435. Twilight fails in humor, this doesnt make me laugh or giggle, it makes me want to scowl at it which it did.

436. Bella gave birth to the anti christ, Reneesme
437. twilight has driven girls to become very hostile
438. Harry's parents are dead, unlike Bella's parents who of course don't die cause they have nothing to do with the story.
440. Renee has nothing to do with the plot of Twilight, only sending email to Bella, which is really unecessary.
442. Twilight's antagonist, James, looks like some queer guy in a gay bar really.
445. Bella scowls at anyone who calls her Isabella
446. Bella is an avatar of Meyer, but more dull
447. Harry Potter, there is no avatar of Jk Rowling.
448. The ending for Breaking Dawn was just terrible, they live happiley ever after~, wow nice ending Meyer >:p
450. In Harry Potter, Hermione doesnt go around like,"My boyfriend duuuuuuumped meeeee!"
452. Bella didn't kill herself in the 2nd book.
453. In New Moon, there are freaking blank pages in Septermber, October, November, all the way to the next year, Meyer you are clearly lazy
455. Bella did not get over her depression in like 4 months.
457. Most characters in Twilight are all beautiful, woooow~
460. Twilight has barely any good characters.
467. The Volturi dress like casual. OOOOO~ scary...
468. The Death Eaters killed people.
470. The Volturi as mentioned are complete p*ssies, they have not killed anyone important.
476. The Volturi, the member's images, it looks like they are posed for a magazine or some make up commercial.
480. Your stupid vampires cant even teleport from place to place
483. The vampires powers are all stupid and pretty much serve no use in combat.
489. Volturi are not popular since only vampires know of them.
492. The Deathly Hallows were just amazing, they were just these powerful objects
497. This kidnapping, is the most stupid kidnapping ever, oh wow you get to spend your days with your favorite people wooooow~
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