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zanhar1 said:
I can see why this is a troll post
posted over a year ago.
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Oh yeah.. Watching you sleep and make you painfull.. Thats what a real boyfriend should do!!
posted over a year ago.
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jenn17 said:
I love number 2
posted over a year ago.
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Digacow1 said:
booooooooooooooooooooo twilight can never live up 2 harry potters standard!! =) ily DRACO!
posted over a year ago.
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Honestly, I wouldn't mind a boyfriend following me closely and watching me all the time, or even threatening me if I've done something wrong.

I'm not being sarcastic.
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^I feel ya sister.
posted over a year ago.
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jascullen said:
I agree with cassie 1-2-3....1,000,000.000 times hp suckz!...TWILIGHT ROCKS!!! All day evryday...twilight would smash hp if it made as many books and movies as hp did..hp gets booooring...twilight is exciting in every way..romantic..action..drama..humor..myyst­ery­..f­ant­asy­.&a­mp; fairytale its the best..hp is all about hocus pocus bs...they should've compared hp to the walt disney film hocus pocus..hocus pocus probably still would've took it lol..
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athena305 said:
Wait. Are you sure this is real? Because I don't think anyone would be stupid enough to write this...If so, I DEFINITELY don't want to live on this planet anymore. Not that I'm saying that low intelligence degrades a human being. I'm just saying it sounds like a joke to me...

@jascullen- Give me some punctuation, evidence, and a well-structured argument and I'll at least respect your opinion. Yes, everyone is entitled to one but that is a blatant statement that's clearly not going to change any of our opinions. So why bother? And even if you're going to bother, at least be a bit more respectful about it. Support your own argument. Don't trash ours.
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Kittylexy said:
I only look at the Harry Potter word. Its not worth reading
posted over a year ago.
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xxhpgalxx said:

lol this made my day....

i couldnt stop laughing.
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1. Ah, yes. Because we all know reading more makes a book more boring. I mean, yeah, who likes to READ books, right? (Note Virtual Sarcasm) I like reading large books in a long series. You may not, that your opinion. You're entitled to it.

2. Perfect people are relatable to you? Different strokes for different folks, I suppose. I, for one, don't know any perfect people. However, there is much love in Harry Potter, just not overpowered romantic lust. Love. Most of it isn't romantic love, though there's a good amount of that too, but there is much love. I hate comparing the love in these books seeing as Twilight is supposed to be all romantic true love at first sight but Harry Potter is more friends/family love and more built over a long time romantic. Some people don't like this, but you can't say it's all learning magic. What about Voldemort and the Death Eaters and Snape and friendship and falling in love and some regular teenage stuff and Hagrid and Quidditch and so much more?

3. Flawed characters are easier for us Harry Potter fans to relate to because we prefer when we can pick at the annoying quirks our friends have just like we can with our real life friends. Personally, I find perfect people a bit boring. Like I said, different strokes for different folks.

4. First, I'd like to point out that it never says Hermione doesn't have her license. Either way, she was 11 when she became a wizard. Wizards are completely oblivious to all things muggle (Non-Wizards, in case anyone forgot (: ). They don't know what Cinderella is! (Remember Ron? Cinderella? What kind of disease is that?) Who knew how to drive when they were 11? This doesn't take away from her brains. And Bella chooses to keep her opinions to herself. That doesn't necessarily mean it's the right thing to do, it's just her preference. One of Hermiones' characteristics is telling people all her opinions. That's just Hermione Jean Grangers character that Jo Rowling wrote. I do the same thing. Does that make me less realistic than Bella? I hope not, seeing as I'm real (:

5. Hermione was upset. She was mad at him for leaving them which was fueled by the fact that they could die anytime and no one would know. They don't always report deaths in the middle of the war. At least if Bella died-which was unlikely-it would be reported and Edward could grieve. Ron could be left with doubt for his whole life... That's how she reacted. Bella chose to let him off easy. That was her opinion and doesn't make her better.

6. Daniel Radcliff wasn't cast for a while after the books. It's not possible for him to go into the future, get a picture of himself at that age, and bring them back to the past for the cover. Besides, I think it's pretty awesome how their covers has animations on them. They just look cool... It's really a matter of opinion.

7. Twilight's a romance novel. Harry Potter's an action/adventure novel.

Sorry if I offended anyone, I tried to be as unbiased as possible seeing as I prefer Harry Potter... If I offend you, feel free to rebut as in a polite review only. Thanks!
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Dudes, it's a troll post xD Caaaalm yourselves
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Harmony97 said:
Whatever it is, some of you (HP fans, like myself, AND Twilight fans) need help!! Some of you reasons suck ass and don't make any sense whatsoever!! GET HELP!
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1. That 'man's turban' actually hid Voldemort.
2. Stalking is romantic? It's CREEPY. And threatening her? Why should a boyfriend threaten you?
NOTHING TO DO WITH LOVE? Why did Harry survive Voldemort's first attack? Because his mother loved him so much that she sacrificed her own life for his. James Potter died while trying to protect his wife and son. Are SPARKLING VAMPIRES real? Yet he stayed to fight so that friends and loved ones didn't have to die. Harry Potter has more love than Twilight does: family love, parental love, friend love, and romantic love.
3. Sorry to break it to you, but NO ONE IS PERFECT. That is why Harry Potter is easier to relate to. To truly love someone is to know their flaws and love them for their flaws or despite their flaws. What's wrong with being a ginger?
4. INDEPENDENT? Thanks, I needed a laugh right then. She's probably the most anti-feminist character I've read about in my whole life. Hermione isn't a good role model because she speaks up for herself? Are you saying that women should blend into the background and say nothing at all?
5. HA! Bella falls into shutdown mode for four whole months. She throws herself off a cliff and does dangerous stuff just to hear his voice. Hermione got annoyed because she and Harry could have died at any time and Ron would never know. Bella forgave him because she couldn't stand not to look into his oh-so-perfect face every day.
6. Did you forget that the movies were filmed AFTER the books were published? Does that matter? Okay for the first one (in the US) there's a boy on a broomstick. That shows Quidditch which is introduced. All the covers have something to do with something in the books.
7. I think you meant to type 'lust'. About their love? No. Do you truly expect eleven-year-olds to have BOYFRIENDS and GIRLFRIENDS? Or even twelve-year-olds? Yet each and every book still shows love, even if it isn't romantic love.
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10Aly98 said:
1. J.K. wrote seven books for a reason.... and plenty of people love all SEVEN of the books and it would be difficult for you to understand the whole story if you skipped one or more. and oh yes because Bella talking to Jacob about a motorcycle is SO exciting!!
2.Honestly I would be very creeped out if my boyfriend watched me in my sleep... and Harry Potter is all about love!! not just romance love but friend and family love also... you would see that if you read the books......and Harry didnt just "magic away" from the battle because he was BRAVE!!!
3. I think this is a serious flaw in this argument because you see not everyone is perfect.. the scars there for a reason!! and whats wrong with gingers?
4.So what if Bella can drive? it never said Hermione couldn't drive it just never told you if she got her license.. I mean its not a very signifigant detail is it? You need to tell people your ideas and opinions because if you dont you might not ever get anything accomplished.
5.How is that not love? if the person you love left you for months wouldnt you be mad?
6.really? now we are arguing about book covers? that has nothing to do with the story line! plus the books were out before the movies why would they have to look like Daniel Radcliffe?
7.You dont need boyfriends you whole life!!!! i would be worried if Harry had a boyfriend also.. and Harry dated Cho in the fifth book, he dated Ginny in the sixth and he married her. Hermione dated or went on dates with Krum in the forth and started dating Ron in the seventh and eventually married him. again Ron dated Lavender in the sixth one and Started dating Hermione in the Seventh one and he eventually married her.... besides you dont need 20 boyfriends to be happy!!! if you do i sincerely feel sorry for you.
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I am replying to all of your 'reasons'-

1- We are extremely different about this aspect, because, since Harry Potter was such a good series, i spent a good part of the year when i was 12 poring over the books, i am so thankful that there were 7 books, for me to have so much fun along the way, and J.k Rowling didn't cram the books, even though they were so many, every tiny thing was important and fun. She never TRIED to fill space, which is more than what i can say for Stephenie Meyer, half the book was describing how beautiful Edward looked. And, Oh yeah, Bella talking to Jacob about a motorbike must have been thoroughly exciting, more than the triwizard championship, the battle of Hogwarts, Quidditch matches, the fight with the basilisk, or his classes, of course...(did u get my sarcasm there). J.k mentions about the turban because there is VOLDEMORT behind it, unlike Meyer's details of what Bella ate, how was her shower...

2- Wait a second!!!!!! You are saying that every boyfriend should climb through their girlfriend's window and watch her sleep?? No thanks... I don't want a boyfriend like that. And Edward treats Bella as an incompetent child... Seriously... if any boyfriend comes into girls room and watch them sleep and stalk them( trying to keep them safe) as if we are 17th century women who can't take care of themselves, they DESERVE to be taught a lesson. Annabeth(percy jackson) would have beat up Percy even if he suggested
it.. so would Ran(case closed) or Misaki(Maid-sama) and i've got to say they are all MUCH better love stories than Twilight. Just try reading or watching Maid-sama, the hero also stalks the heroine, but in a much cooler way, and he actually protects her!!! Edward keeps just saying that he will protect her.
Hermione and Ron's arguments are normal, MANY people are like that, it's more real than twilight. And anyways, Harry Potter MUCH more about love than Twilight... Lily's love for Harry, Harry's love for Sirius, Harry's love for Hermione and Ron, Harry's love for Ginny, for Mrs.Weasley, Dumbledore's love for Harry, Snape's love for lily, Hermione and Ron, Bill and Fleur, Remus and Tonks, Hagrid for grawp, and madame maxime, brotherly love, family love... there are so many different kinds of love... unlike in Twilight, where there is only romantic love, and that too monotonous... tell me ONE love story in Twilight different from Bella and Edward's? For example, a strong, hot-tempered girl and a meek boy, or an intelligent girl and a normal boy, or ANYTHING else... that's right, there is none... all are more or less same... Emily and Sam, Esme and Carlisle, Alice and Jasper, Angela and Ben, Rosalie is a little different but not much... see, there
are only housewife type of women and heroic men, all the same, where as in HP, there are many different character loves lyk, Ginny and Harry, Hermione and Ron, Fred and Angela, Remus and Tonks, Bill and Fleur.

3- That's why HP is more realistic- it states the truth that no one is perfect... Flaws are just natural, and it is good that way. She purposely gave them flaws. Everyone of them has flaws and that is the truth of life. In Twilight, there is not ONE single main character who isn't good looking, or fat, or black, or short... This is so shallow, such a fantasy. People fall like Harry not because he is hot, but because he is kind, selfless, brave, courageous, modest, honest, lovable,straight-forward, and the fact that he has flaws makes him perfect!!!! We see him like a true friend in the whole book!!!!

4- I honestly don't see which part of Bella is strong or independent, she needs her boyfriend to do every SINGLE thing for her. Hermione learnt broom when she was 11, fire travelling when she was 13, Apparating(which requires a license in the wizarding world and their means of travel) at 17, she passed the first time she took the test, and apparating is WAY harder than driving, and required more concentration or u will get cut into pieces, and she can do it easily, while needs to concentrate so much for driving. It is BECAUSE she expresses her views dat penelope clearwater was only petrified in 2nd book, dat Dumbledore's army was created, dat Voldemort was killed!!! Bella, on the other hand, can't even stand up for herself... Fine.. let's compare who is stronger and more intelligent...
Buk 1 - Got through the potions puzzle, and saved her and Harry's life
Buk 2- Figures out that the attacker is a basilisk, tells Penelope to check the corner wid a mirror, this information saves Ginny's life, and Harry's.
Buk 3- Figures out Remus Lupin is a werewolf, saves buckbeak's and sirius's lives.
Buk 4- Saves Harry from the dragon by teaching him summoning spell, figures out Rita's secret and catches her, saving Harry from more humiliation.
Buk 5- Saves Harry's life when a death eater tries to attach Harry.
Buk 6- Is guard outside Snape's room, but couldn't stop him. Found out who was Half-blood Prince.
Buk 7- Helps in finding and destroying horcruxes, saves Harry from Nagini, from Voldemort, saves Ron and Harry at lovegood's house, does not reveal their secret even when Bellatrix tortures her brutally, saves many people's lives, battles wid Bellatrix.
Buk 1- Goes to rescue her mother, but has to be rescued herself.
Buk 2- Goes to Edward, but has to be rescued by Edward (again).
Buk 3- Tries to rescue Edward by not allowin him to fight, but has to rescued by him!(where did i hear that b4????.... hmm... oh yeah... in the b4 line!!!!!!)
Buk 4- Tries to rescue her baby, but had to rescued by Edward and Jacob. Finally gets the chance to fight and guess wat???(a fight doesn't take place)

Itz obvious who is the winner isn't it?????

5- Bella does give up hope, and goes into depression, while Hermione keeps imagining footsteps outside and turns, thinking Ron must be back... but she puts her depression aside for the friend who needs her more. Hermione is angry at Ron, not annoyed, and even i would be, walking away when they needed him the most, of course she will punch him, even i would, she wanted him to pay back for all he had put her through... Hermione, unlike Bella, doesn't keep thinking that she doesn't deserve Ron... Edward didn't want
to leave Bella, while Ron left because of anger but wanted to return... Hermione stood up for wat is ryt instead of being wid her love... that needs more courage... sum thin lyk dat, Bella can never do.

6- Those pictures are not those of Dan, they are animated pics... they make sense when u get to a certain point of the story... something dat Twilight covers never do.

7- Because Harry Potter characters are strong enough to live without, which is more than what we can say for Twilight characters... And Harry Potter's love is better, they are all made for each other, the point is, they all fell in love with each other after they knew each other and understood eachother, something that Edward and Bella don't do... Honestly, what does Bella know about Edward when she becomes his girlfriend??? Only dat he is a hot vampire who wants to drink her blood??? So Stupid!!! I wonder if Edward wasn't good-looking or wasn't a vampire, if she would even have noticed him??? While Ginny lets Harry go without crying, knowing that he might die on the way, he loves him enough to let him go, no matter how much it hurts her, because she knows he wouldn't feel well if he doesn't do something for the world... even
when she patiently loved him for 6yrs... and when he leaves, as much pain it causes her, she wouldn't just be lying around in depression, crying 4 him all the tym... she did sumthin 2 help him, wherever he was, she recruited the DA, she tried to steal the sword of Gryffindor, knowing dat Dumbledore wanted Harry to have it, fought in the battle of Hogwarts... Bella couldn't even let Edward go and fight a war he tended to win, because she couldn't stand it... And Bella cries over Jacob in front of Edward SO much she even think 'A part of her craved another pair of arms now' while Ginny patiently loved Harry for 6yrs even when he didn't reciprocate it... You choose the better story now.
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7-I meant to say above that harry potters characters are strong enough to live without boyfriends.
and in 4th reason- Bella has to concentrate on driving...(that's what i wanted to say)
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First of all I would call the police if my boyfriend wached me in my sleep.And if he threatend me I would punch him. Second, Hermione tells her opinions because SHE IS A NORMAL HUMAN BEING. And also, I don't ALWAYS have a boyfriend. Yet I am perfectly capable of love.And Hermione had perfectly good reason to be mad at Ron. AND WHO SAYS GINGERS ARE UGLY?(Ive personally always wanted to be ginger:)
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I find it funny: In Harry Potter the people have other things going on in their life.

Yes, and thats soooooooooooo wierd
posted over a year ago.
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oh and wtf has an apple, a ribbon,and a flower got to do with twilight?
posted over a year ago.
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THAT IS SUCH A LIE! I mean HOW ON EARTH is TWILIGHT BETTER than HARRY POTTER!?!?!?!?!?!? okay its a GOOD thing to give your opinion like a normal person. You said wizards aren't real, like VAMPIRES ARE!?!?!?!? I'm sorry, I dont understand how people think Twilight is better >.<
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Troll! In the dungeons!... Thought you ought to know. *Faints and crumples onto the floor.*
posted over a year ago.
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1.Really? You're that lazy? And because the books are so good,people WANT to read them!!! Plus Meyer just spaces hers out by writing about how Edward "Sparkles" and in the second book there were pages saying September, Octobor, November because she was too lazy to write what actually happened.
2. So you can't believe in or relate to any of these? A red haired boy with siblings that always get better things and always gets overlooked. A smart girl that nobody likes? And watching your girlfriend sleep is CREEPY not romantic.
3. Thats the thing, wizards arn't REAL!!!! Rowling creates this whole fictional world!!! She created Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, Gringotts, Godric's Hollow...ect and so many characters and magical creatures!!! Meyer makes her characters live in a boring town called forkes.
4. WOW. JUST WOW. The male characters in HP are AWESOME. You can relate to them and they are so bad-ass!!! You shouldn't judge people on their appearances anyway!!! I bet Meyer made them look like that so more stupid 15 year old girls would watch the movie.
5. OKAY LET ME JUST SAY THAT BELLA IS A BORING ASS WEAK SON OF A BI*TCH THAT CAN'T SURVIVE WITHOUT A BOYFRIEND. (and my name in real life is Bella and I would rather be like Bella in HP than Bella in TL.) I've read the books and in the second one, Bella freaking jumps of a cliff just to hear Edwards voice. When Ron leaves Hermione she crys, then gets over it. She helps Harry destroy Horcruxes and when Harry leaves Ginny she tries to steal the Sword of Gryffindor and reunites the DA. Plus the femal characters are strong and tough, Meyer is Sexist. AND YES A GOOD ROLE MODEL FOR YOUNG GIRLS IS ONE THAT IS WEAK AND GETS MARRIED TO A VAMPIRE, DOESN'T GO TO COLLEGE AND GETS PREGNANT AT 18. Hermione is an amazing role model to girls. She is smart, and teaches girls that its okay to be smart, and one of Emma Watson's quotes is "Young girls are taught to be a princess Hermione taught them that they can be a warrior"
6. ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME. WTF DOES AN APPLE HAVE TO DO WITH A BOOK CALLED TWILIGHT? A RIBBON AND ECLIPSE? A FLOWER AND NEW MOON? A CHESS PIECE AND BREAKING DAWN? And the illistrations were in HP were drawn before the movies were made and Daniel Radcliffe got the part of Harry.
7. SO YOUR SAYING HP DOESN'T HAVE LOVE OR ROMANCE. First of all, when Lily died to protect Harry, THAT CREATED A WHOLE FREAKING PROTECTION OF LOVE. And Harry, Ron, and Hermione all love each other as friends!!! BTWs the characters don't need boyfriends/girlfriends to make them interesting. And here's a list of couples.
Ron and Hermione
Harry and Ginny
Tonks and Lupin
James and Lily
Snape and Lily
Bill and Fluer
Hagrid and Madame Maxime
Cedric and Cho
And there are more!!!!!! And heres a few additional notes...
Stephen King said "Harry potter is about bravery, friendship, confronting fears, and doing what is right in the face of adversity, Twilight is about the importance of having a boyfriend" BURN AND STEPHEN KING IS THE KING (hahah see what I did there) OF ALL WRITING. BTWs the lowest grossing HP movie (HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban) earned 13 MILLION DOLLARS MORE than the highest grossing Twilight book. And when I have kids some day, I will make sure to buy each of them their own set of HP books, and make them read them and watch each movie, (Though I probably won't need to do that cause they will want to read them on their own) And the TL books will be FOREVER BANNED FROM MY HOUSEHOLD. I will also make sure to burn them if they ever enter my house. Oh and BTWs I have read the TL series so I can judge it. and it took me a year because they were so long and boring I kept not reading them for long periods of time. HP I read in a month and its twice as long. ROWLING DESERVES TO BE QUEEN. STEPHENIE MEYER DESERVES TO BE THROWN OF A CLIFF. JK I'm not that mean but her books do, ANNND I just took the time out of my day to write this. Here is my closing statement: HP RULES. TWILIGHT THE WORST SERIES EVER CREATED.
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@jascullen We are the holders of valid proof. You have no power here.
posted 11 months ago.
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1. JK Rowling wrote seven books filled with action, adventure, and mystery. Sure it gets a little slow at times, but that's every book. Stephanie Meyer put no action, mystery, or adventure. We knew that Edward and Bella would get married, and live happily ever after. With Harry Potter, we didn't know who would live or would die. We knew Voldemort would die, but would have suspected Dumbledore?? Stephanie Meyer didn't pile on any suspense
2. How is it romantic that he watches her in her sleep?? If any guy did that to me I would give him a right hook. And at least when Ron gets jealous of Hermione and the other guy (I cant remember his name) he leaves her and her stuff alone. When Edward gets jealous of Bella and Jacob, he disassembles her care. Twilight love throughout the whole series is basically "Bella is an insecure selfish brat who can't make up her mind between a werewolf and a vampire." Harry Potter is so much more than that. Ron leaves Hermione because he was possessed by the horcrux, but the moment he snaps out of it, he comes back. Hermione getting annoyed?? Something we can relate to!! I would get a little annoyed if my boyfriend left, but came back!! And at least when Hermione is having a baby, Ron doesn't have to like, bite it open her stomach.

3. Who can relate to having a sparkly vampire boyfriend that watches you in your sleep?? Everyone can relate to a bossy know it all (Hermione, who's also brave) or (I can relate to Ron the most) a tall goofy ginger, who still proves he's strong??? And Harry. I know someone out there has lost a member of their family, who can relate to how Harry feels. And how can we relate to perfection??? What makes characters so real is that they are imperfect. As Marilyn Monroe said, "Imperfection is beauty." When Dobby, Sirius, Dumbledore, and so many more characters died, I cried, even when reading the book!!! And Sirius was only in 3 of the books, whereas Bella and Edward and all the rest are in all four, and I couldn't care less if they died or not.

4. Can you point out to me in the book where she is strong?? Her strongest moment was when she was having a baby. Any mother would have done that!!! It just makes them loyal!!! But Bella has been trained to do whatever Edward tells her. She is no where near independent, and has serious friendship issues. And you forget, in the wizarding world, THEY DON'T HAVE FREAKIN CARS!!! They fly around on broom sticks!! Which I personally find is much more interesting than cars.

5. When Edward abandons Bella, she curls up into a coma for three months and jumps off a clif. This doesn't need more explaining.

6. The books came before the movie!! There was no Daniel Radcliffe before the movie!! And the covers are really interesting, and draw you to the book itself. Who would be drawn to a book with an apple?? Where is an apple, a ribbon, a leaf, or a chess piece in the story anyways???

7. Doing whatever your boyfriend tells you and then having sex isn't living for eachother. For god's sake she got married at 18!!! What's that teaching anybody!!! Bella doesn't have a life!!! A boy watches her in her sleep and BOOM!!! Married!!!! I threw the book across the room when I read that!!! In Harry Potter, the women actually have a life, and when, I don't know, THE WIZARDING WORLD IS IN DANGER!!! They don't have time to have sex and say stupid, emo life sayings.

Twilight proves: Women are weak and insecure and selfish and that they can't have a life without a man
Harry Potter Proves: Women can be strong, independent, and courageous, with or without a boyfriend.
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ARGH! I can feel the Twihard logic burning my skin!
posted 11 months ago.
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I agree with Bellatrix187.
posted 11 months ago.
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I don't want to be rude, but who ever made this clearly has no sense of creativity.
posted 10 months ago.