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The Weasleys!! -3
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This Harry Potter Vs. Twilight photo might contain street, city scene, urban setting, sign, poster, text, and chalkboard.

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One thing I've noticed in general is that anti's tend to make a pretty big deal out of the Twilight vampires sparkling. I've seen people saying things like real vampires don't sparkle, vampires not sparkling was a fact, and that it was gay of them to sparkle. Okay, of ALL the things to criticize in Twilight, people are going after the SPARKLING? Seriously?

First off, at least where I'm from, calling something “gay” as an insult is considered really rude and distasteful. Besides being rude and homophobic, it's also generalizing and stereotyping. Just because something sparkles doesn't make...
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Forget about vampires. Forget about werewolves.

How funny and bizarre would these scenarios be if your boyfriend would act like this?



You: "I'm going to go hang out with [insert best friend's name here], see you tonight!"
Ideal Man: "No you're not."
You:"....? Of course I will."
Ideal Man: "You might get into an argument with [insert friend's name here] and s/he might stab you with a knife. At least let me come hang out outside of his/her house and oogle through the window to make sure you're safe."
You:"Why the hell would they stab me??"
Ideal Man: "I don't trust him/her."
You: Oh for f.......
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I'll tell you my story. I love Harry Potter. For all the right reasons. So one day my friend loans me his Twilight DVD and the horror began.

I didn't like the movie. I thought the actors were too forced and forgot to take acting lessons but it was a laugh. I then realized that this horror was a series of books. My bookworm friend had all the books and I borrowed it from her for a bit of light reading(*grin*).

All would have been fine and I wouldn't have existed on this site had it not been for the words she showed me on the back of the book that said 'Move over Harry Potter'. I lost my remaining...
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