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Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Videos

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Nostalgia Critic: Is Twilight The Worst Thing Ever?

Funniest Harry Potter Moments

Harry Potter Trailers (All Eight)

Slughorn The Pedophile


Nostalgia Critic at Deathly Hallows release

Harry Potter//Bitter Sweet Symphony

Lord Voldemort about his underwear

Honest Trailers - Twilight 4: Breaking Dawn

Honest Trailers - Twilight 3: Eclipse

Honest Trailers - Twilight 2: New Moon

Honest Trailers - Twilight

Rpatts video compilation

Random Thought: Let Me Like Twilight

Short but powerful!

Harry Potter~A Wonderful Christmas Time

Harry Potter - Get Out Alive (Three Days Grace)

Slytherins : Ridin' Dirty

Man out of You (Mulan) - Harry Potter Style

Severus Snape - Like A Boss

Hermione Granger ~ Dancing w/ Tears in my Eyes

Mean Girls Trailer - Harry Potter Style

The Worst Decision Ever Made in the Harry Potter Universe

Harry Potter | Magic

Harry Potter's Actresses vs Twilight's Actresses

Aro VS Voldemort in Awkward Laughter

Breaking Dawn Cheating Outtakes

The Day After the Last Twilight Movie

Robert and Kristen - I Would Do Anything For You // Precious Moments

Twilight - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift

Hardly Working : Twilight Bros

Stephanie Meyer Part 3 of 3

Stephanie Meyer Part 2

Stephenie Meyer Part 1

Twilight / Katy Perry Parody

Twilight Explained by a 7 Year Old

Bad Lip Reading--Twilight

Breaking Dawn part 2 final trailer

Eclipse deleted scenes

Boys Will Be Boys - Harry Potter Boys

Twilight thanks the fans for setting a new record

Mega Twilight fan?

Outstanding contribution award accepted by Harry Potter cast and crew

Harry Potter | Sexy And I Know It


New Moon - A Not So Formal Review

Commentary on Twilight fans

Anti-Twilight Documentary

Who copied who: Twilight vs Harry Potter

Twilight vs. Harry Potter