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Harry Potter fans, I need your opinions and ideas.

Should the Ministry continue to hire the Dementors and use their services? If they do, how can they strengthen the control they have on them?
If (hypotetically) the dementors were to go to Voldermort's side, who will take care of Azkaban and do their jobs? How would this help the ministry when planning they plan against the Death Eaters?
And finally, what would happen to the Muggles, who can't see or repel the Dementors (can't defend themselves) if the ministry were to ever lose control of them?
 Gwennxx posted over a year ago
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Harry Potter Answers

dragonsmemory said:
I consider myself a Potter expert, so I think I can provide an interesting answer. Be warned: I may talk in circles without revealing my true answer. And now for my answer.

WELL, since Harry Potter fully killed Voldemort there is little to no chance of dementors leaving Ministry control. Dementors are a not a perfect solution, however. Most Muggle prisons work on integrating the inmates back into society and deterring the crime from being comitted again. Azkaban does neither. The dementors' prescence causes the prisoners to lose their minds within a week or so. They are literally trapped within their minds. This punishment neither integrates the inmates nor deters future criminals.
There have only been two breakouts from Azkaban that I lerned of. The first was the escape of Sirius Black. His escape would not have been possible if he had not been an Animagus. As the dog's thoughts are simpler, it was much harder for the dementor to have an effect. The other breakout was in 1995, when ten high-security prisoners escaped. This was after the dementors had joined Voldemort, however, and the Ministry did its best to keep that quiet. Most of the prisoners in Azkaban are insane or nearly insane. Thus, it is unlikely the remaining prisoners would immediately realize the dementors' abscence.
Unfortunately, the Ministry did little to nothing to plan to defend against Voldemort. That happy task was left to the Order of the Phoenix. By the time the Ministry came to its senses, it was too late.
If the Ministry DID lose control of the dementors, as it did during the Second Wizarding War, there would simply be an increased rate of depression and suicide among Muggles. After all, what Muggle doctor would claim that the soul had been sucked out of a person?

I hope this answers all of your questions. If you would like, I can give you my references from the books.
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posted over a year ago 
I would add that it was also the fact that as Padfoot, his emotions had a different "flavor" to the Dementors. Sirius pointed out himself that animals' emotions don't register with them; he was largely ignored. I find your answer well-composed and spot on. Well done. :)
BlackHound posted over a year ago
I think I covered that somewhere. Ah, yes. Where I said the dog's thoughts were simpler. And thank you. I enjoy answeringg questions about canon events. This answer was written from pure memory
dragonsmemory posted over a year ago
^pure memory that's impressive.
lil_lycanthrope posted over a year ago
Thanks. Why don't you join the SS trivia gameI set up? It's a good way to test your knowledge
dragonsmemory posted over a year ago
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