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Opinion by Isabellagirl033 posted 1 month ago
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Care for a Bat Bogey Hex? Anyone?
Greetings Fellows! I'm Isabellagirl033 and I've written this article to clear the confusion that many of you seem to make. I've seen and heard many people classifying Ginny Weasley as a Mary Sue character. Yikes!
Jk Rowling has made the character of Ginny Weasley a very complex one. She evolves from a shy, little girl to a fiery and outspoken redhead. The problem is that Ginny has so many positive characteristics that they overshadowed her flaws.

Ginny indeed has many flaws etc.
* In the Chamber of Secrets, Ron himself says that "Ginny never shuts up, normally" meaning that one of her flaws is that she is extremely outspoken or possibly even a bit rude with her brothers.
* Also in the Chamber of Secrets, we are given the hint that Ginny feels uncomfortable around strangers.
* Throughout the series, we see that Ginny has trouble exposing her feelings to Harry possibly meaning that she has trouble displaying her emotions to other people.
Article by bendaimmortal posted 1 month ago
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Nevermore: Harry Potter 1980's RPG is a forum roleplaying game where we live the 1980's & early '90s. Other than the canon events we don't have a site wide plot but we're character driven and you can set threads to any year in any timeline order. We are always welcoming new players and characters, but here's a few we're especially looking for because of personal characrer plot needs! Ideas for potentially endless plots.

You must be at least 18 years old to join.

If you don't know what forum roleplaying is but are interested, you could read the guide I've written and linked to the Basic Info section of the site. What's more important than roleplaying experience is that you're at least somewhat experienced creative writer - our target group is intermediate to advanced level writers.

Contact info: On our guest friendly Suggestions & Questions board - (you can post to that topic or start your own), or replying to the ad on our [url=http://nevermore.icyboards.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=40]Wanted!...
Fan fiction by Gillyard posted 1 month ago
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Harry was depressed. He had to write a speech for Cedric Diggory's funeral within two weeks. He didn't know how he was going to the cope with the pain. He needed an outlet.

Harry looked in the library for books on coping methods. He tried many of the suggestions, but none worked.

It was a a week before Cedric's funeral when he found the right method for him. Harry found he really liked music. It was a calming agent for him.

There was not much on the subject in the Library. So he decided to ask Hermione for some books on songwriting.

He walked over to the Griffindor girl's bedrooms and saw Hermione sitting on the floor by her trunk with a cup.

Hermione was making some kind of beat and was humming a pretty melody.

Harry walks up and says

"Hey 'Mione. What is that song you are humming?"

She says

"Oh Hi. It's commonly known Muggle song called The Cup Song. Anna Kendrick sings the song but she calls it When I'm Gone. Pretty isn't it?"