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Opinion by DR76 posted 1 month ago
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Three years ago, I had posted an abbreviated review of the fourth HARRY POTTER film, "HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE". This is an expanded version of that review:


Despite the release of the first two movies in the film franchise, I did not become a fan of the "HARRY POTTER" series until I saw the 2004 movie, "HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN". I became so enamored of this third film that I regarded the release of its successor, "HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE", with great anticipation.

Released during the fall of 2005 and based upon J.K. Rowling's 2000 novel, "HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE" follows boy wizard Harry Potter's fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This year proves to be a special one for Harry when he unexpectedly finds himself competing in the wizard world's Tri-Wizard Tournament, a magical competition for young wizards from three different schools, who are 17 years old or older. Not only does the 14 year-old Harry have to deal with the contempt from Hogswarts students...
Article by bendaimmortal posted 1 month ago
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I'm reviewing the matter in general, but let's start with the darkest year of Hogwarts' recent history.

In 1997-1998, the Death Eaters made attending Hogwarts mandatory to magical children between ages 11-18. Regardless of them coming of age at 17. This is evident from Neville Longbottom and many other 17-year olds attending their last year in the school that normally wouldn't be required in order to graduate. Surely no one in their right mind would attend the school that year if given a choice simply not to.
But was it mandatory to every single magical child of that age span, no matter what their magical study history? None of the books' characters' cases reveal that as they were currently registered as a Hogwarts students anyway. I haven't found any official or canon statement about that detail, so I believe it was left up to fan visions.

I think it would make most sense that they made it mandatory only to those who were registered as students at the time of the take-over, and for those aged 11 who were to start, and possibly for recent drop-outs. Because it would be virtually impossible to succesfully and safely run a school with...
Fan fiction by bendaimmortal posted 1 month ago
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Summary: A young boy learns that even the biggest horror fan can't handle everything, in a world where monsters and ghosts really exist. Another part in a series about my werewolf character.
Genre: General/Horror
Rating: Teens
Characters: Only my original characters.
Length: Prologue + 5 chapters.
This story is just one part in a series I'm writing about these characters. All the current stories in this series are on my Fanfiction.Net and DeviantArt accounts.
Author: WolfAngel'JR at FanFiction.Net (BenDaImmortal here.)

A/N Happy Halloween time! This story goes through most of the full moon / Halloween week. I'm not entirely sure what I want from this - but in the least this will be a little story about Halloween time in the universe of the Harry Potter books, through the eyes of a child - a child who also happens to be a werewolf.

IMPORTANT: The werewolf vision in these stories is mostly mine and not official/from the books. Mostly. So, please don't copy from it unless you can verify that the detail is Rowling's. Thank you. A/N