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Fan fiction by emmaisobsessed posted 13 days ago
fan of it?
Doing pokemonfan909 request since i love Drarry personally and i have written things about them before :)

"Harry, we have to get back to our common room, it's almost curfew!" Hermione told harry, who was staring off into the distance of the library.
"O-oh..yeah, right. Forgot." He mumbled standing up and walking out of the Library with Hermione and Ron.
As the three walked down the hall, Hermione was going on and on about homework and how she got hers all done. She was also saying that she wished she had more since she had nothing to do in her free time.

Harry wasn't even listening. He was spacing out. Which he seemed to be doing a lot this past month.
"Harry?" Ron elbowed him. Harry blink and looked his redheaded best friend.
Hermione had a strange look on her face.
"You were just mumbling something about Draco.." Ron told him.
Harry's face turned red. "Uh..w-what did I say exactly?" He asked his friends.
Fan fiction by emmaisobsessed posted 15 days ago
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Thanks to zanhar1 for the idea. it was brilliant xD

*Also like to point out, this is like a crack!fic so non of the characters will act like they usally do*

It took a lot of yelling and arguing, but Bellatix finally did it. She finally got Voldemort to go to the beach with her.
Once they got to the beach they both hissed at the sunlight. They weren't too fond of it since they preferred the dark, If you couldn't tell from their pasty pale skin.
Bellatrix had pick out a nice swimsuit to show off for the lord, since she really wanted him to like her. Voldemort on the other hand, was covered head to two in clothing, trying to block out the sun. He didn't even notice Bella trying to get his attention.
Bellatrix frowned and stood in front of him. "NOTICE ME!" she yell.
This casued Voldemort to flinch and look at Bella. "Bella...Yelling at me is not needed, I'm three feet away from you" He stated.
"But look at what i'm wearing!"
Opinion by Hermione4evr posted 1 month ago
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Dumbledore's office
*Dumbledore's office, a quiet retreat and study for the sage Headmaster, was located in one of the highest towers of Hogwarts. Dumbledore's fascination with the universe and the skies became the room's defining feature.

*One of the most expensive props in the film was the working telescope in Dumbledore's office which was rarely seen on screen.

*On the shelves in Dumbledore's office are hundreds of books, many of which are actually old phonebooks covered in leather and dust.

Gryffindor common room
*The Gryffindor common room and the boys' dormitory were actually built as two connected sets. The staircase spirals up to a hallway that in one direction led to the boys' dormitory set. In the other direction a doorway simply drops off into nowhere.