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Opinion by Anne_de-Breuil posted 1 month ago
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Hello there. As many of Harry Potter fans surely know, there are many characters who have received a lot of illogical hate from some people, often poorly explained, since in general, the haters are unable to express their own opinion and lack fantasy, so the arguments are basically the same, especially for females. Let’s talk about Ginny for example, obviously my rant below concerns this character in particular.
Of course, when a part of fandom (of course, I’m not generalizing, that’s why I said SOME and A PART delibarately) starts to bash feminine characters (more generally – mainstream behaves the same way towards famous or not so famous women, doesn’t matter which one), one of the most “necessary” thing to do for them is to insult their looks, then attack their sexuality, and finally – stick a label, trope or stereotype. Now I’ll try my best to deconstruct these tendencies and show that such behavior is a direct result of double standards and sheer hypocrisy sadly common in our society. So, here we go.
Opinion by Flickerflame posted 2 months ago
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I've noticed that (here, anyway) a lot of fans seem to have severe opinions of Snape. Either they hate him, or they love him and he's the best character ever. I don't see many who have a mixed opinion of him, so I'm going to try to explain mine.

I think that, while Snape was extremely brave spying on Voldemort and the Death Eaters for many years - and I can't imagine how hard that would have been - there are also many bad points about him.

+ I do pity him his childhood. Parental breakup and them fighting all the time, being poor, being picked on and isolated. Poor him. Unlike others though, I don't accept this as any excuse. One of the main messages of the series is that choices make someone who they are.
+Again, I pity him on how he was bullied as a teenager.
- He called Lily a mudblood. Even using that word is horrendous.
- He became a Death Eater. He chose to become a Death Eater. Although we don't see any of those years or hear any description of them, we can imagine the sort of crimes he committed during those years.
Opinion by Caprice098 posted 2 months ago
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For all you out there I am going to tell you what house they are in and tell you them in birth order, but with no ages because I can't decided yet.

Teddy- Hufflepuff
Metamophorgus, Auror, Blue Hair, Anamigus (can change into a wolf)

Victoire- Hufflepuff
Blond hair, In love with Teddy, Headgirl, oldest cousin

Molly 2- Gryffindor
Red Hair, Prefect, Drives Dominique made with rules (Dominique is not much for rules), Analytical, Quick thinker, Captin of the chess club

Dominique- Hufflepuff
snarky, not much for following rules (not a prankster), Red/blond hair

Lucy- Grifandor
Red/Brown Hair, seeker, sweet and Kind,

Fred 2- Grifandor
Chaser, red hair, prankster, pays attention to studies, never really get in trouble for his pranks,

James 2- Grifandor
Wears Glasses, Brown hair, smoke, chaser (tries out for seeker and is no good at it), Quitich captain, outgoing, fun loving, teases Albus and lily but with protect them when need and stand up for them since he adore them to bits and pieces, some what of a prankster (helps Fred with his...