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Article by emmaisobsessed posted 6 days ago
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It was a very nice day, and finally getting warmer. Since today was a beautiful day, Professor Isles took her students outside for today’s lesson. She had sent out notes to every student, telling them to meet her on the Training Grounds. Madam Hooch had told her they had a gnome infestation there, and since that was this lesson’s topic, she thought it was best to go to them.

All her students were outside on time, and Professor Isles smiled as she started. “Good morning, class,” she said. “As you can see, it’s a beautiful day today, so I wanted to take you outside to study gnomes. Can anyone tell me what a gnome looks like?” she asked.

A tiny Gryffindor student raised her hand. “It has a beard and a pointy hat,” she said with a smile. Unfortunately, this answer was wrong, and Professor Isles shook her head.

“I’m sorry, but that’s wrong. That is, however, what Muggle garden gnomes look like,” Professor Isles said to the student. She was a Muggleborn, and had never heard about magical gnomes. “Our gnomes no more than 1ft tall, are usually brown in color and have potato-like heads.”
Article by pulinemmy posted 8 days ago
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If you look at Lily and James you notice they are very similar to Harry and Ginny.


Ginny has red hair and brown eyes. Harry has dark hair and green eyes. Switch them around... you get James and Lily! Lily has RED hair and GREEN eyes. James has DARK hair and BROWN eyes.

"I never really gave up on you"

Ginny had a crush on Harry. And James had a crush on Lily (mentioned by Snape, he did ask her out).

Both Lily and Harry showed no interest, but at some stage they fell for them.


Apart from that there is nothing that shows they're very similar.
List by meow_lps posted 11 days ago
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NOTE:this is for bellatrix666
10.Albus Dumbledore

He was there for Harry through out the entire series and a lot of the fans were sad to see him go.

9.Fleur Delacour

She just interests me a lot.

8.Remus Lupin

He was an awesome defence against the dark arts and he has some thing to do with 1

7.Ron Weasley

the series is not complete without him

6.Harry Potter

you know




she is weird but awesome


she is almost more awesome than 1


i just like her in general

and now................................................

1 TONKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!