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List by alkinza posted 1 month ago
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1. Dumbledore dancing with Snape:

2. Bellatrix kissing Harry:

3. Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang laughing in the lake:

4.Harry with another Harry:

5. Harry and Draco giggling on broomsticks:

6. Harry as a young chap in costume with sunglasses giving the thumbs up:

7. Tiny Ron and Harry play fighting on set:

8.Whatever is going on with everyone suspended in the air:

9.heroes and villians smiling together:

10. Voldemort sticking his tongue out!!

11. Harry shrugging:

Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted 4 months ago
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So it’s been a while since I’ve typed a Bellatrix fic. This one’s based on my headcanon that Bellatrix hurts herself when she has no one else to torture. So self-harm warning; if you know you don’t like/can’t handle this stuff I don’t recommend reading this one.

Eight nights. Eight marks.
Slanted slightly.
Etched across pale skin.

They whispered to her, a deceptively crooning series of chatter.
They wouldn’t silence themselves no matter how much she demanded it of them. They wanted only one thing, and that thing was not in her power to give to them at that moment. Bella situated herself in the corner of the room, her head filled with a dull throbbing at the invasive whispers.

She could very well be out and about, having herself a time. But she was in hiding; confined to a small three-roomed shack in the woods. It was her master’s wish. She’d unhappily oblige and she’d do so with a pseudo smile in the wake of her dark lord. Across the room—not even feigning happiness—sat Cissy.
Article by bendaimmortal posted 4 months ago
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We live mainly the time period the books and most roleplaying games skip over – generally the 1980s and the beginning of the '90s – we'll see how the sociaty healed from the long war, and what happened when in the summer of 1992 a rumour spread that the Boy Who Lived battled Voldemort inside Hogwarts! How is your character adapting? Or is it a muugle who's yet to find out about the secret world of magic? Or perhaps a muggle who's absolutely terrified by magic like Mr. Dursley? In addition to the final two years of the first wizarding war, in this RPG muggles and the everyday life and festives or wizarding families can stand out.

This time and setting provides nearly endless possibilities for your characters and gives room for almost any kind of character! Both, muggle and wizarding sociaties are equally available. So also muggle characters have tons of possibilities even if they didn't know anything about magic's existance. And the extensive information package makes sure that anyone who's interested can enjoy playing here, as you don't necessarely need to know the story or the Potter universe beforehand!