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Congrats to May's Fan of the Month: zanhar1!

Article by peppergirl30 posted over a year ago
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Bellatrix, zanhar1's favorite character!
Congrats to zanhar1 who won first place in our Harry Potter FOTM contest! And also, congrats to KitKatLex & HARMONYforever who got 2nd place, and gigibear16 who got 3rd place!

Just a note: The things in underline are my questions and the things in italics are zanhar1's answers

Q: What was your reaction when you found out you won?
A:Lol I did!? :D Bellatrix would be proud![/u]

Q: Who is your favorite character out of the trio, and why?
[i]A: Hermione because she’s a lovely smart, lovely person. :3

Q: How did you find out about Harry Potter?
A: My ex-friend, I used to hate HP, just to bother her. :P But then I decided to actually read the books.

Q: What is your favorite Harry Potter book, and why?
A: Order of the Phoenix. Bellatrix made an appearance for the first time. :3

Q: What Harry Potter quote is your favorite, and why?
A: “Cissy put the boys in the cellar, I’m going to have a conversation with this one, girl to girl!” Because Bellatrix said it (in this hilariously cute tone of voice).

Q: Which character from the series is most like you, and why?
A: Looks up, no clue. ಠ◡ಠ (It’s Bellatrix in case you don’t see what I did there!)

Q: Do you own any HP products? If so, what?
A: A lot of them; Like 3 Bellatrix shirts, all the Bellatrix props, (both wands, her mask, her dagger, a piece of her actual dress, ect.) a slytherin tie, shirt, and bracelet, Hermione’s wand, A couple of DH part 1 shirts, a bunch of play sets I got when I was 5, a Hermione doll (also from when I was five), and two Bellatrix dolls (both are different). The list goes on but I’m just as lazy to type it as y’all are to read it. :3

Q: Which one of the Deathly Hallows would you like to own and why?
A: The wand, because it looks pretty, I’d probably never use it, too dangerous, but I’d like to have it for show, or to use as a table center piece. xP

Q: If you could meet any HP actor/actress, who would it be and why?
A: Helena Bonham Carter. Not only does she play Bellatrix but she seems like a really, nice, friendly, unique, fun person. :0

Q: If you could live anywhere in the Wizarding World, where would it be?
A: Wherever Bellatrix is inhabiting.

Q: If you could work at the M.O.M. what would you be?
A: Department of mysteries, like a boss.

Q: What is your favorite HP pairing, and why?
A: I have three (two of which are crack ships, jump on aboard we’re going fishing over the weekend!) Bellatrix/Rodolphus, Bellatrix/Hermione, and The Sorting Hat/The Whomping Willow.

Q: What scene from all the books/movies was your favorite?
A: Anytime Bellatrix sparkles across the screen like a beautiful unicorn-butterfly thing.

Q: Who is the biggest HP fan you know, besides yourself?
A: Hmmm, everyone is very dedicated ♥ but I’ll go with kitkatlex or simpleplan.

Q: Why do you like Harry Potter?
A: Main reason: Bellatrix
Other reasons: The wonderfully well-written characters. The enchanting and original plot. The break from reality it gives me. The fact that it was part of my childhood and the memories it created. The everything!

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how do you get entered in next months fan of the month???
posted over a year ago.
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Yay Zanny won X3
posted over a year ago.
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big smile
posted over a year ago.
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KitKatLex said:
Yay!!! :)
posted over a year ago.
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Congrats, zanhar1! You really deserved it! :)
posted over a year ago.
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zanhar1 said:
Thanks guys ^_^
posted over a year ago.
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posted over a year ago.
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big smile
YAY, zanhar1!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
posted over a year ago.