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Opinion by mimivilee posted over a year ago
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I decided to write this article because I want to know if anyone else had my view.
I don't see why people like Snape so much. Please, don't throw stuff at me for saying it but I don't!
Yes he has a mega crush on Lily Evans (I know it was much more than a crush but it never went further), but James Potter died for Lily, and had a son with her. Without James Harry Potter would never have even existed.
When people think about Snape, they usually only remember one line... "Always", this did make me cry in the film, however all it means is that he will always love Lily, James loved her more than always, forever and beyond. James died with her, he sacrificed his life for her. He even changed himself for her. At the beginning of Hogwarts, James was really immature and funny, but when he saw Lily didn't like how he was, he put in the time and effort to change himself. It sort of worked, but he never stopped living life to the full. Snape didn't change himself, and he called her "mudblood" which was very offensive to her. He doesn't live life to the full, most of the time he is lecturing students, lurking in dark corners and hanging around in the dungeons. Although I do appreciate Snape for being a spy, going against the Darkest wizard of all time but James died for his friends, lived for his friends and without his friends he would crumble, he relied on them, Snape doesn't have any friends due to his bad nature.
Because Snape's secret was told in the Deathly Hallows, people seem to forget what he was doing for the rest of the books. It was like he was paying back James for "stealing" Lily. James did not "steal" Lily from Snape, Lily chose James. Also, he thinks he is being clever, avenging James by being horrible to his son, however he is just being rude to the last bit of Lily that is left, and the only other connection Snape had to Lily (Sirius) he seemed to hate as well! Also does he think Lily would be happy with him if she knew that he was treating her son in that way... no she wouldn't!
So for me, Snape is not really the character he is made out to be, but if you think differently I respect all of your opinions so please comment on what you think ♥
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He was protecting Harry the whole time. Snape was only harsh to Harry because he never wanted him to know, about any of it, him and Lily, or that he cared so much for Harry because of Lily. Snape did anything to save Harry, because of how much he loved Lily. Lily would have loved Snape if he wasn't so interested in the dark arts. He was the rude teacher that people always thought he was because of James and losing Lily, especially once she'd died. He'd spent forever keeping all his feelings away, but protecting Harry from afar, always. For Lily.
posted over a year ago.
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Personally, I never liked Snape. Hhowever, I have examined the evidence from all the books in order to draw my conclusion.
In Harry's first Quidditch match, while Quirrell was jinxing the broom, Snape was muttering a counterjinx. Hermione and Ron assumed he was the one jinxing it. Snape only saved Harry's life "…so he could go back to hating your father's memory in peace."
As for the whole Snape/Lily relationship, it could have happened…if Snape hadn't been Sorted into Slytherin. Once that happened, Snape fell in with some aspiring Death Eaters. He picked up a lot of nasty things then. This is probably what caused him to call Lily a Mudblood.
Snape double-crossed both sides during the wars. He overheard Trelawney's prophecy in the Hog's Head and tookit to Voldemort. On the other hand, once Voldemort decided whoto kill, he pleaded with Dumbledore to protect them. When Voldemort returned in 1995, Snape returned to Voldemort's side an hour llater. This made it seem to Voldemort as if Snape was still on the Dark side. But, by waiting an hour, he ensured he could continue to teach at Hogwarts.
And finally, in the planning for theBattle of the Seven Potters, he told Voldemort part of the plan, but not all of it, to keepthe Order from becoming suspicious. Yet he also made Mundungus propose the idea of seven Harrys.
Thus, it is "difficult, very difficult" to know the whole truth about Snape. However, it would be bestif you follow the advice of Elphias Doge. "Let nothing tarnish your memories…" Simply choose whatto believe. Do you want to see Snape as a caring man, a batlike creepy teacher, or a viscious Death Eater? It's all up to you.
posted over a year ago.
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I completely agree with this artical. Yes, Snape was a very good spy or the Order at his own personal risk, but no, he was NEVER a good person.
posted over a year ago.
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I agree with Dragonsmeomory. There are many ways to view Snape. :D
posted over a year ago.
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kat_777 said:
you were saying your point of view..people see Snape differently.
But no I don't agree with you a bit.
He is one of the best characters in Harry Potter. Of course he is not at all a kind of person you could get close, but he is different and has a good heart. That is what makes him good.
As far as the context of the story is concerned. Everyone need not like him initially like Harry. But as you get to know the other side then you will.
posted over a year ago.