1. You tell everyone they're your distant cousins.

2. You've written more letters to them than you can count.

3. Instead of asking WWJD (What would Jesus do?) you ask WWERDD (What would Emma, Rupert and Dan do?).

4. You have a not-so-secret shrine to one and/or all three members of the trio in your closet.

5. You have more pictures of them than you do of your own family.

6. You were sleeping in Leicester Square three days before the premiere. Ditto in London. Ditto in France.

7. You can no longer attend the premieres due to a restraining order.

8. Your room would scare even the biggest Harry Potter fans.

9. You don't consider news important unless it involves one of the trio.

10. People think you suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder because they constantly hear you referring to "Dan," "Emma," and "Rupert."