(Countdown) Harry Potter Couples acording to Fanpop

16-Bellatrix and Rodolhpus: they are the least favorite of fans because they don't actually even talk to each other inside the story and is a loveless marriage ,the only in the list to be that way

15-Petunia and Vernon: while they love each other and care about their son,they being horrible and nasty people didn't let them have a higher place in the list and as a couple if it weren't for the dememtors Dudley would had grow up to be an even worse person than they are

14-Percy and Audrey: the only we know about them is that they have two girls,we don't even get Audrey´s last name nor if she was even on Hogwarts.So we can't even guess how they would work together

13-Lucius and Narcissa: like the Dursley ,they are awful people who created a spoiled child.But their time together,their worry about their son and some people like them eiter Lucius´s character or Narcissa´s actions (you have to get nerve to lie to Voldemort´s face) put them over the bottom 3,still not good enought

12-Ted and Andromeda: we get to know them little but was enought to still as their story is actually nice:the high pureblood from Slytherin and the muggleborn from Hufflepuff.Unfortunely they just apear once and Ted is murdered by the deaht eaters

11-Luna and Rolf: Like Audrey Rolf is introduced in an interview and never apeared in the actual books.However we do get his last name and the fact that he is a magizoologist so we can guess that his character fit better with Luna´s,but Luna Lovegood´s soulmate deserved some place in the real story

10-Harry and Ginny: the main protagonist and his soulmate didn't even reached the top 5
Book readers didn't liked the rushed relationship and people who just watched the movie can say that Ginny had more chemistry with the Riddle´s diary
I didn't wanted to put personal opinions but i´ll make a single exception; they deserved better cause they actually fit together ,the problem was how out of nowhere it came

9-Molly/Arthur: they get time together,some nice and funny momments and are a good marriage ,but they didn't get higher cause...well,nobody actually bothered in saying why.And i really don't know why they were voted off before couples that didn't even werent in the books (if someone can comment why)

8-Neville/Hannah: probably got this far cause even if they don't apear together both characters are well knowed (even if Hannah is a very minor one) their personalities fit and they would be able to make each other happy

7-George/Angelina: while their personalities fit,they are shown to be good friends probably is a big deal that if Fred would still alive Angelina probably would have married him.Kind of awkward and sad.

6-Draco/Astoria: i find strange they actually made it so far as Astoria is just said to be "Draco´s wife" in the actual book . Probably cause they´ll raise their son better than Draco´s parents did to him(Acording to JK Rowling) or maybe cause after all Draco suffered in the last two book people are happy to se him doing fine (and with someone who is not Pansy Parkinson)


5-Alice/Frank: they probably stayed cause nobody dared to pick the damaged and tortured couple ,mostly people voted themm off cause is not said how they got together and how they were as a couple and nobody had a problem with the couple itself

4-Lily/James: they have history,they had an interesting dynamic and they gave their lifes for Harry,still James´s character is not fully acepted for some and didn't let them got farther

3-Bill/Fleur: nobody have a problem with them and just liked the others better.They are a cute couple with little time but defining traits and Fleur´s words of how little the beauty matters to her and how important is Bill´s bravery make them one of the best

2-Remus/Tonks : they are just present in two books and in one of them they just get the ending.But they struggled to make it work ,got over Remus
insecurities even after they got married and she was pregnant . they also fought together in the battle of Hogwarts before tragically die ,they didn't made it to the first cause the other were just more liked

1-Ron/Hermione: while not everybody agree with them they still have the mostly of the devoted fans. They got the most interactions in story and therefore most momments and people saw how they grew together even from another character´s POV .they compliment each other and make the othe a better person