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Site info: Set in the 1980s, a character driven slice-of-life rpg. With a side plot including time travel and Fantastic Beasts era characters which you can make use of if you want to. Fluid time-flow, a lot of site lore.

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I will remove this Wanted Ad once all of these roles have been filled.

Role(s) requested:



* An adoptive dad for my OC character link. His biological dad, my OC character Theodore Scamander is an auror who dies on duty in the summer of 1986, saving muggle children from a Death Eater in hiding and leaving now 8-year old Phoenix fatherless. Phoenix still has his mother, my OC, Saphira, but an old friend of Theo's who's Phoenix's godfather and has been actively in the family's life moves in to give emotional support during this hard time. Within a year he adopts Phoenix as his own son and becomes his adoptive dad sharing custody with Saphira. Phoenix will initially have trouble accepting his godfather as a full-blown authority figure in his "real dad's" place but soon enough grows to be perfectly fine with it, after all he does love his godfather and he's been in his life all along. Saphira owns the Magical Menagerie on Diagon Alley since 1969, and founds a magic shop for muggles and wizardkind on Charing Cross Road in 1985.

You're free to vision the godfather character but I do have a couple of details to base him on:
He's not an auror but a magical law enforcement officer. He's responsible as a godfather/parent, and does believe in spanking/corporal discipline in child raising at least to the degree of approving of it even if you don't wish him to use it himself. (This is important due to the 1980s era and because all my OC families are pro-cp as was most of the UK back then.) Wether he and Saphira form a romantic relationship and marry at some point...I don't know, we could see where it goes from this initial setting. 


* Muggle colleagues/friends for my OC link, who is a half-blood wizard working in the Metropolitan Police Service, in London and has a young son and a daughter, the son becomes a werewolf at age seven. I'd like a couple of these friends, a man and a woman. Wouldn't need to be a group, though. They'd met in the work circles and become good enough friends to enjoy hanging out on spare time as well & for those friends to want to and be trusted to babysit Jacob's kids sometimes and Jacob their possible kids.

* Muggle friends for my muggle-born wizard link and his nephew/adopted son link. Zachary is a WW2 veteran and retired FBI agent and animagus who moved to England and adopted his orphaned nephew who's a half-vampire. Particularly I'd like someone to play a muggle family who do not know anything about magic's existance and whose young son becomes a vampire and the families' meet and befriend through their children. The James' would then introduce them to the wizarding society. Someone to create at least one of the parents and the vampire child characters separately so we could play many kinds of threads. By extention at a later point they could also befriend or at least get to know the above mentioned Jacob King and his kids because Zachary and Jacob are old friends and both live in an upper middle-class/upper-class area in Sutton, London. The child character could be a couple of years older than Xander.

* Muggle friends for my child characters, wizard/werewolf link and muggle link. Around their age and individually as Hunter and Asa won't meet before 1992. I'd like to explore the 1980's in Britain through the eyes of a child and his friends, as in the plot lines would focus on the muggle society and muggle stuff - while of course could be occasionally spiced up with magical elements as we are in the HP universe and Hunter is a wizard while Asa is into everything supernatural. They are not ones to hang out with girls, so the friends would need to be boys. Although I am open for suggestions when it comes to girls.

Hunter's friends would not learn about his werewolf infection unless our visions and plots formed them into a close enough friendship. Like, I'm not saying 'never', just that Hunter's condition is revealed by the family only to their inner chircles and to anyone else only in a need-to-know situation. His werewolf infection can be used in other ways, even if not revealed. (Hunter will not bite a human other than his little sister.) Note that both of my characters live in an upper class neighbourhood, so if you'd like the friend to live in the same neighbourhood their family would have to be wealthy or have another realistic reason for being able to afford a house there. Other than that I really don't care what income or social status their family has.



I'd like Albus to be the one to introduce the wizarding society and its history to my family of muggles whose young son, link, repeatdely finds himself meddling with magic in one way or another. A couple of times wittnessed by Dumbledore who then would decide to reveal magic's existence to his family in order to minimize the risk of the boy getting hurt on one of his adventures. This would happen some time in the late '80s. The family has Jewish backgrounds and especially the mother has some deep-rooted World War 2 traumas which is why i'd prefer the introducer to magic and the wizarding society to be Dumbledore. What with its recent history including the wizarding equivalence of Hitler and the Nazis.


To befriend my OC child characters; wizard/werewolf link and wizard/half-vampire link. Something the Dursley's surely wouldn't like. Mwahaha. I plan they'd meet and befriend just after Harry finds out that he's a wizard in 1991. Also, to meet and befriend my muggle oc link in 1988 when they're eight years old.


To meet and befriend my OC werewolf child link and become friend of the family. They'd meet in 1989 when Hunter is just nine years old. Of course first his father Jacob would be suspicious of Remus--not because of his condition but becayse it is somewhat odd that an adult male would want to befriend a non-relative little boy no matter how much they have in common. But as time goes by Jacob grows to see and trust that Remus is perfectly safe and a good person. Hunter is cured from the werewolf infection in March 1993. (I have created a vision for the cure but true to canon kept it so that it is extremely unlikely to happen and thus unknown.)

Other notes:

I'm a passionate writer; I love to dig into my characters heads and into situations, advance the plots reasonably slowly as in not hurry from a situation/moment to the next. I also prefer to do basic plotting before starting a thread, but leave room for improvising too. I need you to have the same or similar passion / writing preference in those terms.

You must be at least 15 years old to join & some of us are--but most of our members are young adults and mature adults. I am in my 30s.

Even if you join for one or more of these Wanted Ads, you should be willing to RP with other players on the site as well. If you're not then feel free to suggest using a one-on-one board. But please, please be sure you're inspired to rp thhis long-term and whatever happens don't just disappear but let me know if there's any problem and/or if you can't rp anymore.

You can't just jump in based on your knowledge of the official Potter lore. For one, I have added a lot of personal vision to some magical creatures--especially to werewolves and vampires, and revisioned the universe more realistic; that is, made magic more unstable and added limitations to what it can do--in order to make it less overpowered. I've also visioned information about psychology, child protection and social services in the wizarding society to be more realistic. And most crucially I have very much revisioned the function of the wizarding society's foundation/hiding efforts--to be much more realistic than it is in Rowling's vision. So I ask you read through this link to see if you'd still be interested in creating a character into this Harry Potter rpg. If yes, then there is link Before-joining list. (Some of that is site lore / adapted/deepend lore, and some is info on the 1980s Britain because I assume most RPers today weren't alive back then and/or did not live in Britain.)