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The choosing of actors in most movies have been very apt and its very original in the harry potter movie especially. When you look at harry in the movie you can very well know that he is brave, determined and a guy who has faced many troubles.

Rupert clearly portrays Ron who is a very easy going friend of harry. Ron also is an innocent character who at sometimes get irritated and most times funny and Rupert does the perfect job of acting in his role.

Emma takes our breath away by displaying her stunning acting skills which perfectly match her. But only thing is that she can be given better dialogues instead of her work of furrowing her brows. But she is apt for the geeky, brave, clever, true friend character.

No one can match the acting of Sirius black and seeing that makes you really think that
He his Daniel’s godfather who cares about nothing but him.

Albus Dumbledore-the embodiment of patience and love, cannot get any better. Seeing him we begin to love the long beaded kind hearted man and before we know, we grow so attached to him that we cry for his death.

A story can’t get any better, when the movie’s characters live up to the expectations of others. Harry potter is one such story which cannot be replaced by anything else. If you cast someone in the place of Daniel, people can’t go on with it, as he has lived in the hearts of people and has left an indelible mark.

So, the actors play a very important role in creating an impression of the character they play. Harry may be the lead role, but the superb acting skills of Rupert have brought even the simple Ron to the front that people like him more than harry sometimes. So no matter how important the role maybe, the actors are the ones who make it real.

Of course it will be frustrating sometimes when the things in the movie don’t turn out to be the things in the book. For example take the twilight saga. In twilight book, Edward compliments Bella on her blue tops in the restaurant, which leads her to knowing the truth that Edward has real interest on her. This detail has been left out in the movie and it irritated me. Why should such an important point be neglected? Similarly in the half blood prince, harry does not even get a detention from Snape for almost killing Draco. These are petty things which count a lot. But when the directors have to keep up with the time limits, it has to be done. But if they keep up with the books, it will be all the more nice. Sometimes, this does makes the movies nice. For example, in the book Ella enchanted the final sequence is not that interesting part. But in the movie it turns out to be a real climax where Ella almost kills her love char being forced by her curse to obey unconditionally. And the plot where his uncle Edgar tries to kill him makes the story more fun filled instead of the original where there is no Edgar but Char’s parents only.

Well for the places - sometimes they workout and sometimes they wont. So the best thing abou them is that, even when it is not something that you expected, the location changes the scenes sometimes and makes it more interesting to see.

So changes affect the movie only according to the mindset of the people who watch iit. For some it is ok, but for some it is not!!

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