Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley
I just want to state right away that J. K. Rowling is in no way sexist. This is about the fans and again, not all of them.

Ginerva Molly Weasley. The love of Harry Potter's life, the mother of his children. Headstrong, smart, cunning, quick-thinking, and fierce. The hero to many girls, young and old, and the object of affection to many boys out there as well.

Hermione Jane Granger. The love of Ron Weasley's life, the mother of his children. Also headstrong, smart, cunning, quick-thinking, and just as fierce, if only in a slightly different way. Hermione is possibly the most well-known of the trio, with the exception of Harry, because many girls dress like Hermione for Halloween, if a little...er...inappropriately.

Like many teenage girls, they were romantically involved with more than one boy.

Ginny was with three guys: Michael Corner, Dean Thomas, and of course, Harry Potter. Ginny dated Michael for about six-eight months, dated Dean for almost a year, and eventually married Harry.

Hermione was also with three guys: Viktor Krum, Cormac McLaggen, and Ron Weasley. Hermione dated Viktor for an unknown amount of time. We know she visited him and was seen writing Viktor mid-way through her fifth year. Hermione also went out with Cormac McLaggen, although that was just because she wanted to make her future husband, Ron Weasley, jealous.

Both girls were also linked to Neville Longbottom, although it seemed that relationship for both girls was rather one-sided.

And yet...

Hermione's reputation remains intact, being known as a smart girl with a good head on her shoulders. Ginny's seems to be tarnished amongst the fans, with Ginny being constantly downsized as reckless, a flirt, and in some extreme cases, a whore.


This is one I will never understand. Is it because Hermione seems more feminime than Ginny? After all, in a sport that seems more geered towards men, Ginny can outfly most men in Quidditch, while Hermione remains almost hopeless on a broom. Could it be that Ginny is more stoic and hardened than Hermione, having to suffer the torment of being the only girl in a male family?

If so, then this is EXTREMELY sexist, and the exact opposite of what many believe J. K. Rowling is all about. Appearences can be deceiving is a main theme in the Harry Potter books, and is done with the two main girls. The two seem like polar opposites, but are actually very similar and wind up being good friends.

What I find is common is that the reason Ginny is a "flirt" is that she has dated so many guys.

So many guys? She dated THREE, and married the third one for pities' sake. If anything, I think that in the dating department, Ginny was more innocent than Hermione.

Ginny dated each guy because it seemed that she really liked them. Hermione was with Cormac - however shortly - because she was playing on his affections, using him to make another guy - Ron - jealous. Doesn't this strike you as more of a jerky thing to do than whatever Ginny had done to her boyfriends?

Not that I'm putting down Hermione, because I'm not. I think she's amazing. However, Ginny has always been one of my favorite characters.

Why do people put Ginny Weasley down, and not Hermione? Because, believe it or not, the reasons I listed are very common.

If those are the reasons, I feel pity for those few who take "flirt" away from such an amazing character.