So I've been thinking about this a lot lately...I discussed this with a friend a few months ago. We were talking about how many Christian groups (as you well know) have condemned HP as anti-Christian. In fact, I believe that the Harry Potter story is actually a symbolization of the Christian religion.
Note: This is entirely my opinion and is not meant as "Christian propaganda" or to offend anyone in the slightest. It is merely my opinion! :)

Harry Potter is Jesus. Whaaaaat?!
1) Both HP and Jesus were born into humble beginnings.
Jesus was born in Bethlehem, a tiny town literally in the middle of nowhere. There were no rooms for Mary and Joseph in any of the inns so they had to stay overnight in a stable where Mary gave birth among the animals to Jesus where he was placed in a manger. He grew up in a plain and simple environment, no one who noticed him would think that he would become the Savior of the world. Harry too, was born to an ordinary family. He was also raised outside of the wizarding world (by muggles!) and did not look like he would one day be their savior.
2) Both had to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.
The entire purpose of Jesus' life was to provide the greatest sacrifice: his own life for everyone else's. When he sacrificed himself, he saved the rest of the world from sin and therefore, death. Harry too, had to face death and be killed by Voldemort in order to save the lives of everyone else; once Harry discovered he was a horcrux, as long as he lived, Voldemort survived.

3) Both of them rose from the dead.
After Jesus died on the cross, he rose from the dead 3 days later. Harry too, after Voldemort killed him in the Deathly Hallows, came back to life.
4)Harry's scar/the mark of God
In the book of Revelation, it states that those who follow God will receive his protective mark that will keep them safe from God's judgments on unbelievers and the Anti-Christ. Harry's scar is also a protective mark on him, a symbol of his mother's love which helps keep him safe from Voldemort and gives him the weapon of love.

Dumbledore is God. No, really. He is.
1)Both were in control all along.
God had a purpose for having his only son, Jesus, come to Earth. He knew how things needed to go and gave Jesus the power to perform miracles. Dumbledore, like God, knew what was going to have to happen. He gave Harry the power to fight Voldemort (memories in the Pensieve, the resurrection stone, etc) and taught Harry how to think in order to defeat Voldemort.

2) Dumbledore is the symbol of good.
God is the Father of all and the direct opposition to Satan, the symbol of evil. No matter what happens to Harry in the first 6 books, he always has Dumbledore to turn to for guidance and support because Dumbledore is promoting good over evil.
3) My God, my God why have you forsaken me?!
These words were spoken by Jesus on the cross; as he was carrying the burden of the sins of everyone God turned away spiritually from Jesus (but NOT permanently). Harry too, felt abandoned by Dumbledore in the 7th book because he felt that there were many things that Dumbledore did not tell him or prepare him for.

Voldemort is such a slithery serpent!
1) Both are very, very tempting.
Jesus led a perfect life, but not without temptation. The Devil tried to trick him, tempt him (i.e. offering him water if he bowed down to him in the desert after Jesus was fasting for 40 days and 40 nights). There were plenty of opportunities for Jesus to give up and turn to Satan. Harry, too, was tempted by Voldemort on multiple occasions to give up and give into him, even join his side! But Harry didn't.

2) Both are symbols of evil.
This is relatively self explanatory; Satan represents the evil in the world as does Voldemort in HP world.
3)Both are "fallen angels."
Satan (Lucifer) used to be a angel; he was one of the most powerful in Heaven and God trusted him. But when Lucifer decided that he was better and attempted to have God usurped he was cast out of Heaven along with his demons to Hell. Voldemort, too, was a very special wizard that had special talents and Dumbledore looked on him as a promising student. But when Voldemort attempted to gain more power than he should have, he nearly lost his life trying to kill Harry and was thrown into oblivion for nearly 11 years.

Some more parallels:
1)Disciples/Dumbledore's Army
Jesus' disciples were chosen to follow Jesus and help him spread the word of God. They were given the power to perform miracles and stood by Jesus and Jesus' cause. The D.A., too, was created by Harry to stand for Dumbledore and the cause of fighting Voldemort in the face of evil.
2) Peter Pettigrew: Judas Iscariot?
Judas, one of Jesus' disciples, was trusted to help Jesus but instead betrayed him and gave him away to the guards so that Jesus could be arrested and crucified. P.P. was also a trusted member of the Order of the Phoenix and betrayed the position of Harry when he was a baby resulting in James and Lily's death and Harry's almost death.

3)The lion and the serpent.
In the Bible, and in the Christian world, Jesus is often referred to as the "Lion of Judah." In the Chronicles of Narnia, Aslan is also a representation of Jesus and is a lion. In the Bible, the Devil is represented as a serpent; he takes that form when he tempts Eve in the garden. In HP, the House of Gryffindor is not only the House of both Harry and Dumbledore, but a symbol of good. Most of the "good guys" come out of Gryffindor. Slytherin, in contrast, is the House of Voldemort and the "bad guys" and serves as the evil to Gryffindor's good.
4)Sword of Gryffindor/the Cross
The cross of Jesus is the representation of Christianity and used by many (nowadays) to spread the "truth" of God and let others know that they follow God. The Sword of Gryffindor is used as "the sword of truth" in effect. It is what comes to the aide of Harry in multiple instances to help him defeat the Horcruxes. Dumbledore leaves it to Harry and without it, he never would have defeated Voldemort.
5) Muggles/Jews
Throughout history, the Jews have been persecuted by Christians for not being believers in Christ (even though they too are the children of God). Hitler persecuted the Jews in an effort to create a perfect race. In HP world, Muggles are persecuted as the Jews are. In Deathly Hallows especially, the Death Eaters treat the Muggles like criminals and imprison them in order to "purify" the human race (sound familiar? :/)
6) HP vs. Voldemort: One of them has to go!
The book of Revelation in the Bible tells us that Jesus will come again one day, and there will be one last battle between Jesus and Satan in which Satan will be defeated and Jesus take back control of the world: everything will be good again. Harry too, after coming back to life, has to defeat Voldemort in one last battle. When he wins, he regains control of the Wizarding community, and everything is at peace.

I know there are probably plenty more examples that i just didn't think of or missed, but I hope you got my point! I also want to point out that there are many differences between HP and the Bible and none of the examples i listed are perfect, but i think that the similarities were worth noting. Feel free to add more if you have any! ;)