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HPfreak143 posted on Feb 05, 2012 at 06:24PM
I saw this in the Anime club so we should do it here! but since this is the HP club I think it would be fair to only participate if you have a HP related icon. From one of the cast to a quote from a movie, any kind! The rules are simple just rate the icon you see above you.

1/10- OMG! this is terrible!
2/10- eh its kinda bad
3/10- well its OK
4/10- its getting better
5/10- i like it but i also kinda not like it
6/10- i like it a bit :)
7/10- its cool!
8/10- man thats a super awesome icon!
9/10- really awesome! :)
10/10- OMG! this icon is just amazing! i love it!

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over a year ago ErnieHannah333 said…
over a year ago Brooklyn_Helena said…
5/10 because I dont really get it, but 10/10 because it's related to Harry Potter!
over a year ago -random- said…

I love Helena
over a year ago Brooklyn_Helena said…
10/10 Me too!!!!!
over a year ago KitKatLex said…
over a year ago ErnieHannah333 said…
I have a new icon now.
over a year ago KitKatLex said…
Cool! I like it better

over a year ago BellatrixLOVER1 said…
8/10 =)