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GoodWitchesRAJA posted on Jul 27, 2012 at 12:08AM
Here we will be able to duel crush on people and go to classes. Plus u will get to defeat Death Eaters.
Name--Annaliece Dumbledore
Extra Info--daughter of albus dumbledore, crush on harry potter, draco malfoy crush on anna, triplets with Jacob and Leroy
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over a year ago GoodWitchesRAJA said…
please join its gonna be so fun!!
over a year ago Make-me-laugh said…
Name-- Yvonne Riddle
Age-- 15
Year-- 5
House-- Slytherin
Extra info-- Halfblood. She despises muggles and muggleborn wizards and witches. She thinks that blood- traitors are shameful to society. She takes great pleasure out of cruelly pranking fellow students, especially Gryffindors. She admires Lord Voldemort and dreams of being a Death Eater.
Known Abilities-- She is telepathic; she's mastered spells non-verbally; She can manipulate people, using her mind; Parselmouth; telekinetic. (the extent of her powers is unknown)
Family-- Father- Tom Marvolo Riddle/ Lord Voldemort Mother- Bellatrix Lestrange.
Wand-- Yew, 14 1/2 inches, Dragon heartstring.
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over a year ago GoodWitchesRAJA said…
((so ru his daughter or sister or half sister or what))
over a year ago Make-me-laugh said…
((His Daughter. So, where do you want to start? :) ))
over a year ago GoodWitchesRAJA said…
((on the train ill start))
"mom im fine ok" Anna told her mum. "be safe dont get in trouble" replied her mother. "bye mum" all three of kids yelled to their overpretective mother ivy dumbledore. as they jumped on the train anna told her brothers not to come sit with her sothey went and found a seat fille with boys. she was walking through cars to find a comartment when Draco Malfoy winked at her. she gave him alittle wave but kept on going. she found one with a small scrawny boy sitting there she asked him "hi do u mind if i join u". "um sure go ahead i didnt think anyone would want to" harry potter replied t anna. anna sits down and looks through her magazine and while she is reading she noticed harry was staring at her so she put down her magazine and asked "i never asked ur name" "im harry whats ur name" "im annaliece dumbledore u can call me anna how many people do u know" "no one other than u what about u?" "oh i really dont know maybe 4-500" "wow thats alot"
over a year ago Make-me-laugh said…
Yvonne watches, as 1st years file onto the train. She was seated with a bunch of Slytherins, near the very front of the train. She is more or less a spitting image of her father; Jet black hair, menacing red eyes, pale skin, and extremely thin body. Yvonne's gaze become focused on a small 1st year, boarding the train. Her eyes started to became fiercely fixated on this young girl.
"I know that girl from somewhere." She whispered to a fellow Slytherin.
She started to move towards the carriage she's in and started to talk to her.
"Hello, I'm Yvonne. You don't mind telling me your name" Yvonne asked in a polite manner.
over a year ago GoodWitchesRAJA said…
((who is it me?))
over a year ago Make-me-laugh said…
((Yes, it's you))
over a year ago dragonsmemory said…
Name: Harry James Potter, the Boy Who Lived
Age: 14
Year: 4
House: Gryffindor
Extra Info: very nearsighted, excellent Seeker, distrusts Slytherins as a whole.

I leaned against the window, watching the families on the platform. If it weren't for Voldemort, I'd probably be down there right now, saying goodbye to my parents. I might even have a younger sibling. I'd get letters and packagesfrom home, and write about my adventures. But, thanks to that noseless bastard, I'm sitting on the Hogwarts Express, ready to go back to the one place I really feel at home.
over a year ago GoodWitchesRAJA said…
((ok))im annaliece dumbledore u can call me anna and u r Yvonne Riddle i know u
over a year ago dragonsmemory said…
I looked up at the newcomer and sighed. "I'm Harry Potter," I said, lifting my hair.
over a year ago Make-me-laugh said…
Yvonne Riddle seemed shocked! She had never seen this girl but, she knows her? That can't be
right, she thought.
"How is it you know me?" She asked. "I'm not famous."
over a year ago dragonsmemory said…
I looked a little more closely. Yvonne seemed familiar. Pale skin and red eyes. Where had I seen such a face before? And then it hit me. It hit me like a bewitched snowball to the back of the head. Voldemort.
over a year ago GoodWitchesRAJA said…
oh my dads the headmaster so i know lots of people and then i just know alot of faces and names
over a year ago dragonsmemory said…
"Your dad's the headmaster? You probaably know things about me edven I don't know."
over a year ago Make-me-laugh said…
"Your Dad is Professor Dumbledore, I'm presume" Yvonne sounding curious.
Yvonne scanned the carriage, she spotted a speccy boy, with a lightning bolt scar, located on his forehead. It seemed like her presence, caused him agony.
"uh, Potter. You're back for your fourth year." She said with a pleased smile. "Slytherin is going to whoop your arse. Just watch it"
over a year ago GoodWitchesRAJA said…
yes he is
over a year ago dragonsmemory said…
I rolled my eyes. "Like that hasn't stopped me before," I said, trying to ignore my throbbing scar. What was it with this thing, anyway? Does it start hurting if I even think about the bastard?
over a year ago GoodWitchesRAJA said…
((no))what hasnt
over a year ago Make-me-laugh said…
Yvonne gave Harry Potter a uncomfortable glare. Then she turned to Anna. How could that old fart have children? Yvonne thought.
"Anna, what is the extent of your powers?" Yvonne asked. "As for you Potter, "The-Boy-Who-Lived", fame isn't everything. Just remember that."
over a year ago toppotternerd said…
((sorry i'm a late joiner, can i still join though?))
over a year ago dragonsmemory said…
"I know that. I really don't care about being famous. I actually wish I wasn't. Oh, who am I to tell somed pathetic, lowlife Slytherin my tragic story." I could feel my temper rising. I was known for having the shortest fuse of all the Gryffindors. It didn't take much tok set me off.
over a year ago GoodWitchesRAJA said…
((go ahead)) um telepathic mastered spells non-verbally telekinetic and some more things
over a year ago Make-me-laugh said…
((sure, you can join.))

Yvonne scrawled at Harry. She know that Harry gets into trouble, when he's angry. Yvonne made a small cocky smile.
"Harry you should control your anger. You knew what happened last year. Don't you?" Yvonne replied with a evil grin. She walked out and went back to her seat.
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over a year ago dragonsmemory said…
Of course I bloody well knew what happened to me last year! I scowled back. I was pretty sure my eyes could have burned a hole in the door.