Harry Potter Would You Rather.....?

PEZ-sweets-rule posted on Apr 16, 2009 at 09:18AM
In this game you give people two choices, the more insane the better! and they have to choose one, and then create a new question for the next person. All quetions begin with WUR, whch stands for would you rather. Simples!

So, to start off,

WUR: Kiss Professor Snape OR Live with Lord Voldermort?

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over a year ago BellaCullen96 said…
Kiss Lily Potter (on the cheek) No offense, Bella

WUR: Spill a permanent green hair growth potion on your feet and hands OR Spill a skin color changing potion over your whole body?
over a year ago bootsisawsome said…
Spill a skin color changing potion all over my body.

WUR: Marry Neville's toad or put exploding ink in Mrs. Weasley's ink cartridge.
over a year ago BellatrixFan said…
Put exploding ink in Mrs. Weasley's ink cartridge.

WUR:Have hedwig or pigwidgeon?
over a year ago bootsisawsome said…

WUR:Turn all of the Minisry of Magic's robes pink or put exploding snaps on Umbridges seat.
over a year ago BellaCullen96 said…
lol both are very tempting. I'll have to go with putting exploding snaps on Umbridge's seat :)

WUR: Date Argus Filch or run around Knockturn Alley naked?
over a year ago bootsisawsome said…
Run around Knockturn Alley naked I guess.

WUR:Message Professor Flitwick's feet and happens to be growing toe fungus or kiss Hagrid with junk in his beard
over a year ago _GiGgLeS_ said…
i have no idea but i guess ill have to go with massage the feet EWWW!!

WUR:kiss professor dumbledor OR marry professor dumbledor?
over a year ago ilovecreed13 said…
kiss professor dumbledore

WUR: kiss lucius malfoy or marry voldemort
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over a year ago BellaCullen96 said…
Kiss Lucius Malfoy

WUR: Be a wizard/witch or a vampire (like in Twilight)?
over a year ago twilightparty2 said…
Wizard all the way( no offence Alice)

WUR:Live in malfoy manner forever without leaving or KILL HARRY POTTER
over a year ago SwarlsBarkley said…
Live in Malfoy Manor

WUR: Pluck Errol or shave Crookshanks?
over a year ago ilovecreed13 said…
big smile
pluck errol

WUR: marry snape or stand naked in front of lucius malfoy(no form of concealment)
over a year ago burgundyeyes said…
marry snape

Lick Mad-eye moody's magical eye or kiss mad eye moody.
over a year ago stickymonkey said…
ummm kiss mad eye moody (the eye thing is just yuck!)

go out with Crabbe OR marry Filch
over a year ago ilovecreed13 said…
marry filch

live with the dursleys or kill snape
over a year ago burgundyeyes said…
live with the dursleys (i can't kill snape!)

WUR: Live in the cupboard under the stairs (at number 4 privet drive) or mistreat dobby.
over a year ago stickymonkey said…
mistreat Dobby
gosh i'm a horrible person!! i just don't want to live in a cupboard :(

travel by floo powder for the rest of your life or by flying on a hippogriff for the rest of your life
over a year ago Mrs-Grint said…
Flying on a hippogriff.

Would you rather "get funky" with (before he died) Aragog or marry Dudley Dursley?
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over a year ago EdwardCohen said…
Marry Dudley Dursley then divoce him!!!

WUR:feel akward about liking ur best friends siblings (Harry's situation) or akward about liking your sibling best friend(Ginny's situation)
over a year ago burgundyeyes said…
Feel akward about liking my best friends sibling

WUR: kill Pigwidgeon or Hedwig?
over a year ago ilovecreed13 said…
kill pigwidgeon

WUR:be tortured by voldemort everyday for a year or spend a year in azkaban
over a year ago Mrs-Grint said…
Spend a year in Azkaban, I'm already insane.

WUR: Marry Lupin or Sirius?
over a year ago MissJory said…
Marry Sirius even if he died. I like him more and he was like a father to Harry.

WUR: Be in the room of requirement for two hours with Harry, Hermione and Ron or be in the Slytherin common room with Crabbe and Goyle for five hours?
over a year ago BellatrixFan said…
be in the Slytherin common room with Crabbe and Goyle for five hours(i don't like crabbe and goyle but i don't care as long as i can be in the slytherin common room!)

WUR:Be in the Gryffindor common room with harry or in the slytherin common room with draco?
over a year ago Mrs-Grint said…
Gryffindor common room with Harry.

WUR: Marry Hermoine,Luna, Cho, Lavender, Parvati or Ginny?
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over a year ago burgundyeyes said…
um, since i'm a girl, i wouldn't actually marry one of them, but i would rather be close friends with hermione.

WUR: Be a troll or an acromantula?
over a year ago Mrs-Grint said…
Acromantula. Spiders are digusting. I love them. :)

WUR: Be a hippogriff or a phoenix?
over a year ago burgundyeyes said…
A Phoenix

WUR: Be a thestral or a unicorn?
over a year ago MissJory said…
I'd want to be a unicron.

WUR: Be a death eater or be upon the Cruciatius Curse?
over a year ago burgundyeyes said…
wow, hard one. i guess upon the cruciatus curse. at least that it will stop. but if you're a death eater, you can't change side or you'll be killed.

WUR: witness a dementor's kiss or cast the avada kedavra curse?
over a year ago GinnyWealsey03 said…
cast the avada kedavra curse. So what if I go to Azkaban at least my soul doesn't get sucked up.

WUR: Kiss Peter Pettigrew fully on the lips or Kill Draco Malfoy/Ron Weasley/Harry Potter (either one you love)
over a year ago LunaLovegood723 said…
The Kill thing

WUR: Kill Harry or Beat Tom Riddle up
over a year ago BellatrixFan said…
big smile
Kill Harry

WUR:Use Sectumsembra on Harry or Draco?
over a year ago annadandelion said…
On Harry

WUR: Teach Transfiguration or Potions?
over a year ago AbigailP said…
Teach Transfiguration

WUR: Get turned into a pineapple for life or get turned into
Pettigrew's pet bunny for life? (Courtesy of the late "Professor" Mad-Eye Moody)

over a year ago HuddyJoy0524 said…
wow i would definitely pick the pineapple. my favorite fruit! :)

WUR: have lunch with filch for a week or umbridge?
over a year ago Mrs-Grint said…
*shudder* Urgh... Filch. Umbridge is a big no-no.

WUR: Carve a scar onto Ron Weasley's forehead or scrape the skin off Harry's?
over a year ago LilysLittleTwin said…
...the first one I guess :(

WUR: Kill Harry or Dumbledore? (Say Dumbly's alive)
over a year ago VanessaR said…
Ah!!This one is hard...Kill Dumbledore. I'm sorry=(But we need Harry.

WUR;Kiss Neville on the cheek or Kiss Snape on the mouth.
over a year ago BellaCullen96 said…
Neville!!! :D

But I'm gonna let LilysLittleTwin answer...
over a year ago LilysLittleTwin said…
The second one! :D No contest

Kill James Potter (the first) or Sirius Black (Harry's godfather)? (say they're alive)
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over a year ago BellaCullen96 said…
Of course :D

Erm... James Potter, I guess

WUR: Be in Harry's place, fighting against Voldemort, or in Draco's place, fighting for Voldemort but because you're scared for your life (say you didn't know the outcome for either)?
over a year ago LilysLittleTwin said…
Draco's place :( I'm not brave.

Go up to Slughorn and say (no Polyjuice Potion or anything!) that your best friend has dirty dreams about him, or run around the Great Hall during dinner naked (no concealment or Polyjuice!)?
over a year ago StichxAngel4eva said…
say my friend has had dirty dreams bout him

Would u... go out with Barty Crouch Junior or Senior?
over a year ago amorine said…

Would u rather see Dumbledore kiss Snape or see Harry with Ron?
over a year ago VanessaR said…
Eh....See Harry with Ron....

Would you rather date Cedric or Viktor?
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over a year ago bribee10 said…
Cedric-the character, not the person who WHO BETRAYED HP BY SWITCHING TO THE RIVAL SERIES.

WUR Be Voldi adult, teen, or child?
over a year ago zanhar1 said…

listin to bellatrix sing lulabeys for an hour or have an hour
long detention with umbridge
over a year ago Hermione30 said…
listen to Bella singing lulabeys for an hour is far better than to have an hour long detention with Umbridge

WUR be Snape's hair or Voldemort's teeth??
over a year ago StichxAngel4eva said…
snape's hair.

hit Lucious and Draco with a frying pan across the face or bite Tom Riddle's arm? (random lolz)