Harry Potter Most WTF moment in Deathly Hallows: Part 2 movie?

Pick one:
Voldemort hugging Draco
Hermione just happening to have one of Bellatrix's dresses handy
Pint-sized goblins having 6 feet tall desks
"I am ready to die" instead of "I am about to die" (Harry did not want to die!!)
Harry, Ron, and Draco looking 50 in the epilogue
Voldemort disintegrating like a vampire getting slain by Buffy... ?
Neville: "It doesn't matter that Harry's dead". Ouch.
Ron grabbing Hermione in RoR and leaving Harry in the dust (Great friend, Ron)
Harry throwing himself and Voldemort off a cliff, accomplishing nothing
Snape cradling Lily when she died
No one being there to witness Voldy's demise!
All of them are siriusly WTF!? moments
All of them are siriusly WTF!? moments
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