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Harry Potter - O'Children

hermione granger || paradise

Hermione Granger | The brightest witch of her age

Behind the scenes of Harry Potter

Ron and Hermione - Paradise

Ginny Weasley Tribute - Flying Blind

Romione || Halo ♥

romione ~ chasing cars

Romione- Payphone

Hermione Granger - Miss Independent

fred/george weasley; how to save a life ♥

Fred & George Weasley//My Life Would Suck Without You

Fred & George Weasley - Wherever You Will Go

fred&george | jet lag

Harry Potter [Choices]

Is This All Real?

Severus Snape | Without love gone wrong [SHATTERED]

Harry Potter | We will fight to the death [THIS IS WAR]

#Severus & Harry - the final breakdown | goodbye

we are the potter generation ✖

{Don't you worry, child} Harry potter

Harry Potter l Don't you worry child

Severus/Voldemort - Me and the Devil

Time Turner - Ministry of Magic

just a dream ✖ emma&rupert

the only exception ✖ ron&hermione

skyscraper ✖ emma watson

secret ✖ evanna lynch

Harry Potter | Sigh No More

why'd you have to be so cute?

the only exception ✖ tom felton

don't hate me cause i'm beautiful ✖ evanna lynch

Black Hole Sun

Harry Potter || Blow

Draco & Hermione [ A Thousand Years ]

Oh oh, i want some more ; Emma Watson.

Best Days; Emma Watson

i wanna be a deatheater ✖ draco malfoy

The Golden Trio || Moves Like Jagger

hey soul sister ✖ harry&hermione

sunday morning ✖ draco&hermione

Emma Watson (We're In Heaven)

Emma Waston | Be ok

"Do you ever feel like a plastic bag..." ; Emma Watson

Emma Watson ● ' You capture my attention '

Hey, Soul Sister | Emma Watson

Emma Watson | What makes you beautiful

you are beautiful | emma watson

Emma Watson || Tik Tok

emma watson;"you're beautiful, that's for sure"

E.T ✖ emma watson

Harry and Hermione - Apologize

The one that got away- Fred&Hermione

***SEVERUS&SIRIUS&REMUS***(Sexy, naughty, bitchy!)

Ellen's 'Harry Potter' Cameo

Harry Potter || Glowing In the Dark

►Harry Potter | Dog Days

Voldemort's Laugh Sparta Remix

The Weasley Family - Talk

Harry Potter || You never said goodbye (The Forest Again)

Harry/Ron - Intro

Voldemort: Awkward Grunts, Yells, and More

▶ The Harry Potter Trio Ϟ Shattered

Harry Potter Trio | Iris

Hermione and Ginny // Miss Independent (Made by Me♥)

3x yeah ♥ the trio

you build up hope, but failure's all you've known... || Harry Potter

Harry Potter Movies Tribute-The time

Emma Watson- The time (black eyed peas)

Harry Potter AMV Airplanes

►The Weasley brothers

Harry&Hermione - Impossible

Tom Riddle | "I'm Not Mad" | Character Study

What makes you beautiful/ Hermione

Harry Potter - Charie Brown

Girl's A Genius|Luna Lovegood

all have a weakness|Ron Weasley

Wonderwall|The Golden Trio|

this woman's work|Harry Potter

welcome to the new age||Harry Potter

Rupert Grint and Twins Phelps Dancing with Maroon

Fred and George ♥

Bonnie Wright

You make me feel - ROMIONE

When you're gone - Romione

Bellatrix&Voldemort - Judas

Gangnam Style - HP

LET THE SKY FALL - Harry Potter.


Potty&Weasel | Roll away your stone

Mysterious Ticking Noise - Unofficial

R/Hr - That She'd Lead Me

Harry and Ginny - All About Us

Harry Potter~A Wonderful Christmas Time

Harry Potter Theme Song

Severus Snape|Guy of Gisborne - I Die Proud

Without You

Romione | Safe & Sound

Harry Potter - Skyfall

Harry & Ginny | X Intro