In my personal opinion Harry is sooooo sweet he has a massive smile that makes my day! I would recommend Harry got some rest though because he talks very slow and has bags lots!
Harry is a super flirt! He has great eyes!
His fav food is sweetcorn! As is mine!
My friends said I was weird for liking chicken and sweetcorn pizza but 5 mins ago I found out Harrys fav pizza is chicken and sweetcorn too!
Larry Styleson is sooooo cool if you watch them on YouTube you will be crying with laughter!
I have Harry Styles doll, duvet, posterx3, water bottle, calendar and 1000 pics on my iPod, t-shirt and pjs!
Harrys hair is the best hair I have ever seen and Liam is a copy cat!
My record is talking about Harry Styles non stop is 8 hours but I was destracted by my little brother!
So I have one thing to say GO HARRY!!!!!