Sarah's Point Of View

I woke up bright and early on Saturday. I went back to sleep so when we have the party I'm not gonna fall asleep! Half an later my mum came in my bedroom and told me to get up.
"Sarah, Its your party and you need to help me get it ready." said mum.
"Ok. Let me get dressed first." I replied.
Mum left room and as she did I got a text from Amy saying, "ur party today! c u there!"
I texted her back saying, "kk c u there 2 ames"
I got out of bed and stretched as far as I could. I walked over to my wardrobe and opened the draw and chucked out some casusal clothes to wear. I wasn't gonna get ready for the party just yet! I'd do that later. I quickly got changed for I didn't want my mum nagging on at me again. I rushed down stairs to help mum.
"You're down!" cried mum.
"Yes, mum. Now what do you want me to do?" I asked.
"You can start by making me a cup of tea please." said mum laughing.
"What?" I asked.
"You heard me! Go on!" shouted mum.
I walked off to the kitchen to make her tea. I can't understand how you can like tea. Its disgusting to me! I put the kettle on and while the water was boiling I got the cup, tea bag and the milk. After the water was hot enough I made the tea.
"Here you go, mum." I told her.
"Thank you, Sarah." said mum.
I sat down on my sofa to have a rest though all I did was make a cup of tea.
"Don't just sit there! Help me with the baloons!" she told me.
"Ok, ok." I answered.
I did what she said and blew up the baloons fresh from the packet. I blew about 8 before I was very tired out and this time I REALLY needed a rest. I felt as though I couldn't breathe!
"Sarah! You can't be worn out already!" said mum.
"I am. I blew up loads o,of ba,baloons." I replied.
"Alright. You can go up stairs for a bit!" kindly said mum.
"T,thanks you." I said.
"Now that's what you call acting!" I thought.
I ran upstairs to set up my laptop. I searched up facebook on google and I signed into my account. (I have to sign out because Amy always comes round and looks at my facebook account). After I'd checked my facebook I signed into my hotmail and looked at my emails. I found a few from Fanpop. One of them said someone's commented on my pick. I guessed that was Leah, Amanda or Madi. And the rest said someone's a fan of me. Then I went on twitter. I tweeted, "My party tonight! Right now I'm bored to death feeling excited at the same time!"

The time soon went by and it was 6:45pm.
"OMG! Its nearly time!" I shouted excitedly at mum.
"I know! Now calm down. You're dad will be at work tonight so he won't be a promblem. BUT please try and keep the noise down." said mum.
"I will" I said back to mum.
"Good. I'm quite a deep sleeper but if you do start shouting on the top of your voice I will wake up!" said mum guiding me through Do and Don'ts.
"Ok! What time is everyone arriving?" I asked.
"Err, about 8." answered mum.
"Alright. Shall I get ready?" I asked my mum cause I wasnt't sure if it was too early.
"Yes. That would be a good idea." agreed mum.
I walked up stair to get my room. Through my wardrope (Which is stuck to the corner of the room next to the draws) I had a nice dress which I've saving for a special occasion to wear it for months. It had a blue top and a knee high lenth bottem which had blue and white stripes going side ways. I went into the bathroom with my make-up bag. I put blusher, mascara, lipstick and all things to make me look pretty. I time went quite fast and it was 7:20pm.
"Nearly time for the party!" I thought.