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Opinion by fiestagirl12345 posted over a year ago
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this is ally for this fanfic
Ally's P.O.V

I woke up sliding out of bed I got ready and headed to school. I was afraid to go I had a boy-friend who I tried to break up with but got hit after. I went in school trying to avoid bumping into brandon. But today I wasn't lucky I bumped into him everything fell to the ground. "WHAT WERE YOU AVOIDING ME" he said. "no I-I- didn't want to be late I-" I got cut off by a painful strike. I saw blood drops on the floor I got up and headed to the bathroom. I was a mess my make-up smeared blood. Everywhere. i walked out depressed and hurt like usual. i headed in class having the marks covered up wih cover up. we were having a new student. i was doodling on my notebook feeling eyes burnig through me. i knew who it was. i just ignored pretending he wasnt their. i was doodling when someone sat next to me. i looked over and saw a boy with curly hair and green eyes. hi im harry and you are?" he said with those dimples of his. "ally" i said smiling. i still felt the laser eyes of brandon peering through my skin. but ignored. the bell ring and i headed out of class. i was at my locker when it got slammed. fear ran through me...
Opinion by Jessy1DWizic posted over a year ago
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Hey! Listen up, if you want to get followed by One Direction on Twitter, it's siiiiiimple as cake! All you have to do is follow the Wizic girls!
Let me explain: I'm a huge fan of One Direction but I'm also a huge fan of Wizic....kinda obsessed with both... lol ok anyway, I sent Wizic about 6 emails asking them if they could follow me back on Twitter and get me a follow from the boys and they said "sure, but you should other Directioners too, that way, when we'll go talk to the boys, they'll also follow other fans"!

So if you have Twitter and want to be followed by TWO awesome bands, just follow Wizic @Mindless_Fleezy @LeaWizic and follow me too @LeaMibrathu

Iiiip ^^
List by xayeishax posted over a year ago
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Sorry if some of them sound ¢heesy :)

~> "A real girl isn't perfe¢t, and a perfe¢t girl isnt real."

~> “I feel like ive woken up with suddenly more fa¢ial hair and a deeper voice.”

~> “ Whatever it take its fine”

~> “ Don’t ¢hoose the one is beautiful to the world, but rather ¢hoose the one who makes your world beautiful.”


~> “And you still have to squeeze into your jeans, but you’re perfe¢t for me”

~> “Im am who I am I ¢an’t ¢hange.”

~> “My worst habit is … getting naked all the time haha .. sorry.”

~> "My first real ¢rush was ... Louis Tomlinson"