Harry Styles My Little Fairytale (Alice Williams)

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So the title may change, but for now it's gonna be Alice Williams :D

Rating: T
Genre: Romance/Humor (I'll try to get humor in it...no promises though XD)
Title: Undetermined. Alice Williams for now :P
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik - may seem OOC.
OC: Alice Williams. Sasha Gonzales. Serena Coover. Allyce. Casey Dimitriou. Angelina Gabriella. I may add more as I go XD
Coupling: Alice x Harry, Sasha x Liam, OC x Zayn, Serena x Niall, Allyce (a leece) x Louis.
Just message me these details:

Hair color:
Favorite color:
Extras (including accents! British, American, Irish, ect.):

I know the boys may have girlfriends. This is just a nice little story I got from a daydream! :)

Hey hey hey, it's me, Aphrodite100! :D some of you may know me from the HOO club, and some may know me from finding me on the 1D clubs, and some may know me from both :D
Um, my nicknames range from Aph, Aphro, or just plain Aphrodite. I honestly don't care what you call me, as long as it's nice :)

kk, so I am really obsessed with One Direction right now, so I, of course, daydream about meeting them. I was inspired by my latest daydream to write this story! :D

Alice Williams is a runaway. She left her parents' house because they didn't care about her opinion, though she was an only child. Her opinion was that One Direction were the best band in the whole wide world.
Though she originally lived in Nevada, there have been sightings of her in Texas. Austin, Texas to be exact. What if she found a large bus that was red with One Direction printed on the side? And a certain Harry Styles found her looking at it?

Read to find out! :D

So the title may change, but for now it's gonna be Alice Williams :D
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Rating: T
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over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…
hey guys, I know you really don't want to hear this, but I am dealing with some serious writer's block. Ideas would be awshum! :D

so yeah, this story is on hiatus for now,sorry :\ if my head would get rid of this headache, I'd probably have a chapter ready by now, but I did do two chapters in one week, right? ;)
right now, the best idea I have is Alice and Harry doing nothing but sit at the couch and watch endless hours of tv. any better idea would be the best thing EVER! :D humor/romance is what I'm looking for, so nothing to cause a fight, unless it ends good, k?

~Aphrodite100 :)
over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…
Hey, I'm working on a chapter right now, but I'll warn you now; I still have writer's block, so the chapter may seem a little crappie, sorry :\
over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…
Guys..I have to tell you something terrible...just keep reading, k?

I'm sorry...I failed you...keep reading...

This....This is the end of Alice Williams...read on...

I'm ending it, even though it only has 2 chapters...

Keep reading...

This...I'm sorry....this is a....JOKE! :D Ya know I love y'all too much to fail you, right? Plus, this story is fun to write ;D hope ya like the Chapter!!! :D ENJOY!

Dedicated to Shark_Spirit :))
Chapter 3
Harry POV

I jumped up and howled in victory. Alice was staying. Not only was she gorgeous, but I was going to make sure she was mine.
As all us boys filed out, me in the front, I noticed Alice was twirling her hair nervously. Her eyes had a wild look in them, and she looked like she wanted to cry. As soon as she saw us, she stood up and said, "Look, guys, you don't have to keep me here...I-I'll understand if you want to send me back out as a homeless girl with no aims.."
I walked right up to her and hugged her. I know she wasn't trying to make us feel bad, but that's how it made me feel. Why should she be homeless? Why should anyone be homeless?
"You're staying," I whispered in her ear.

Alice's breath hitched, and she stared blankly at me. "W-what?"
"You're staying. With us."
Her face turned pale, then changed to bright pink with excitement. "I'm staying with One Direction. What did I do to be this lucky?"
I winked, then said, "Don't you want a shower? You can borrow some of my clothes 'til we get you some new ones, love."
"Of course I do!" Alice squealed, jumping up and down. She rushed back into my arms and buried her face into my neck. "I love you guys so much right now..."

I smirked, which quickly melted into a soft smile. "Well, it is a little difficult not no love us, right?" I joked, immediately getting a smack to the chest. "What?" I asked innocently, my eyes wide.
"Don't be cheeky with me Mr. Styles."
"And I'm the cheeky one."

Alice's face turned a cute shade of pink, then she burst out laughing. "S-show me the s-s-shower!" she managed to giggle out before slumping against me.
I sighed, then said, "If you insist," jokingly. I looked up, and the boys were smiling. I'd totally forgotten they were even there.
My face got hot as my cheeks heated up. "Uh....yeah, Alice the shower's this way...."

She continued to giggle, but let me lead her to my room, where a separate shower was. I got her a random t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. She watched me intently, as if expecting me to turn around and start yelling at her.
"Ya know, you can loosen up a bit babe," I said, winking at her. She jumped, then blushed bright red. Her eyes were wide, like a deer in headlights.
Her shoulders dropped noticeably as the tension left her muscles. Her face looked calmer, and her eyes even sparkled a little bit. "Yeah...loosen up..." she muttered to herself, swinging back and forth a bit.

I chuckled, then brought her over to the shower. I got her a rag and towel, then told her she could use anything she wanted. "When you're done, I'll probably be watching TV with the lads."
"Okay..." With that, Alice closed the door, blocking my view of her.

~Alice POV~

I closed the door, then immediately started getting undressed and starting the shower. Not wasting any time, I got into the shower and let the hot water wash away my worries.
She won't find me...She won't find me... I thought, scrubbing my body clean. But what would happen if she did manage to find me? I mean, come on, a random girl shows up, and she looks just like Kimbra's (my mother) missing daughter, and is dating Harry Styles. What are the odds? Kimbra knew I loved Harry. It was a no-brainer. The girl would obviously be me, and Kimbra would know.

I grabbed Harry's shampoo and started to scrub it into my hair. I soon rinsed it out, then did the same with the conditioner, except I left it in as I let the warm water soak into me. As soon as I rinsed the conditioner out, I turned off the shower and stepped out. I quickly wrapped the towel around me in an attempt to stay warm; it didn't work at all.

My skin felt like it was on fire. That's just how much I scrubbed it. When I looked in the mirror at myself, I gasped. Staring back at me was a pretty girl with light brown hair. Her face was slightly red, just like her skin. I moved my right arm up and down, and the girl in the mirror did the same.
That girl was me.
Since when was I that beautiful? I hadn't looked at myself in the mirror since...well, three weeks ago. It seemed like it was longer though.
I pushed my hair back out of my eyes, watching the girl in the mirror do the same. Watching my reflection.

Once I got out of my shock, I grabbed the clothes Harry had gotten for me and put them on, tightening the waistband for the sweatpants so they fit me. I looked in the mirror and smiled. Sure the shirt was too big, but I didn't care. I was tired of my other clothes; at least I was able to get some new ones, whether they fit or not.


I stepped into the room where the TV was showing some random show. Harry and Louis were sitting on the ends of the couch, with Zayn, Liam, and Niall squished in the middle. I nervously looked at the floor, thinking of a way to get their attention without making a scene. A small voice in my head told me to just walk up to them and tap Harry on the shoulder, and since I had no better idea, I just did it.

Harry jumped a bit, then looked up and smiled. "Hey," he murmured, grabbing my hand and kissing it lightly. He rubbed his thumb over the top of my hand, then lightly squeezed it. "Hey, I'm going to bed," he announced, getting up off the couch. He led me to his room, and just before he closed the door behind me, we heard Liam shout, "Don't try anything, Harry!"

I giggled, watching his face turn a slight color of pink. He quickly closed the door, then led me to one of the two beds in the room. "'Night Alice," he said, kissing me lightly on the cheek.
My knees buckled, and luckily I fell on the bed. Harry chuckled as he walked back to his bed, turning the light off in the process.
I pulled the blanket over me, rolled over, and quickly fell asleep.


Harry turned around and started walking the opposite way as me. I tried to run, tried to keep up with him, but it was like running in place. "Harry!" I screamed, moving my legs faster.
I finally started to move, but it was a very slow pace. "HARRY!!"

He finally turned around, but his face wasn't the same. It wasn't gorgeous like it was supposed to be; his face was Kimbra's.
I screamed in terror, turned around and tried running away. Kimbra cackled behind me, and instead of running away, I was being pulled towards her. "You can't hide forever Alice," she said, sounding furious. "Give up and come to your mother!"

"Alice...Alice, wake up!"
I turned around, squinting. Right in front of me was the silhouette of Harry's head. I reached out, my hand shaking, and touched his cheek, then his nose. "Harry?" I muttered hoarsely. I could tell I'd been screaming again; my throat felt like someone had decided to shove a knife down it and shred my throat apart.
He sighed, then said, "Yeah. It's me."

I dropped my hand to my face, covering my eyes. "I woke you up, didn't I?" I whispered, squeezing my eyes shut. According to a clock next to Harry's bed, it was 2:30 AM.
Harry yawned. His voice was slightly groggily as he muttered a, "Yes."
"I'm sorry..."
Harry dropped his head so it rested in the crook of my neck. "It's fine...You didn't mean to...I'm so damn tired though..."
I bit my lip nervously before scooting over on the bed and patting the space next to me. Harry stood up and got ready to get in next to me when I noticed he was in his boxers only.
I gasped quietly, staring at his abs. As soon as he was laying down comfortably, I pulled the blanket over the two of us and snuggled close to his chest. I listened to his heartbeat, quickly falling asleep.

This time, I had no nightmares.


I heard snickers what seemed like seconds later. Opening my eyes, I squinted up at the bright light and up at four shadows. "Niall? Zayn? Liam? Louis?"
They immediately stopped laughing at the sound of my voice. I looked down at Harry's face. His eyes were shut, and his breathing was very even. He was still asleep.
"Alice, we're gonna go take a look around Austin," Liam said, shoving the other boys out. "Tell Harry when he wakes up."
"Okay," I said, letting my head fall back on Harry's chest and quickly falling back asleep.


The next time I woke up, Harry was gone. I looked around, confused, and started to stand up. Where was he?
I walked out to the kitchen. Harry was sitting at the table, staring at his phone, eating a bowl of cereal. I walked in and sat down next to him. "Morning," I said, trying to remember what Liam wanted me to tell him. It seemed like it was hours ago, even though it was only one or two hours ago.
"Morning," Harry smiled. He set his phone down on the table, and music started to play out of it. The first song was Rascal Flatt's 'Life Is A Highway'. I smiled back, but our moment was ruined by my growling stomach.

Harry chuckled, then got up and got me a bowl of cereal. I listened to the song as I munched on my Lucky Charms.

Life is a highway,
I wanna ride it all night long.
If you're going my way,
I wanna drive it,
All night long,
Through all these cities and all these towns,
It's in my blood and it's all around,
I love you now like I loved you then,
This is the road,
And these are the hands,
From Mozambique to these Memphis nights,
The Khyber pass to Vancouver's lights...

I sorta zoned out after that, just focusing on my cereal. I hadn't noticed that the song changed until I was finished with my breakfast and Harry pulled me up and started to slow-dance to a fast-tempo song.

I giggled. "Harry, this isn't a slow song!"

Party Rock is in the house tonight,
Everybody just have a good time...

Harry shrugged, and continued to dance. I sighed, suddenly remembering what Liam had told me. "Hey, Liam said that he and the other boys were gonna take a look around Austin," I said, resting my head on Harry's shoulder.
"Okay." With that, Harry continued to guide me in slow dancing.

I buried my head into his neck. I started to think about how much he'd helped me. He didn't even know me, yet he'd payed for my dinner last night, then brought me to a place where I could sleep. He'd giving me a home and food, something I'd found hard to find for three weeks.

LMFAO stopped playing, but we didn't let go of each other. I kept my arms wrapped tightly around Harry's neck, and his were wrapped around my waist. After a few minutes, I undid my arms from his neck and wrapped them around his waist, moving my head to his chest. "Harry...how come you brought me here? For all you knew, I could've been a serial killer."
Harry thought for a second before saying, "I don't know...it just felt right, like I needed to do it. Why? Do you wish I hadn't?"
"No!" I said, pulling my head back. "I was just curious, that's all."
"Ya know, curiosity killed the cat."
"It didn't kill me," I said, winking at him.

Harry laughed, showing his dimples. "You're the best," he said. I was curious about what he meant, but then thought he'd probably just meant 'You're the best friend.'

I never knew how wrong I was until later.

3 hours later...near noon...

We were laying on the couch, with me in between Harry's legs, my head resting on his stomach. While he watched TV, I was busy buying clothes for myself, plus a phone. I'd decided to buy an iPhone, with a pink and purple case that looked like it would match my personality. (A/N: I DO NOT have an iPhone :P so sorry if anything is messed up about the icons and stuffs xD)
Harry's hand was resting on my shoulder, playing with my hair. I'd tried to get him to stop, since it was distracting, but he stopped for maybe half a second before starting up again.
"Hazza..." I said, looking up at him.
"Alice..." he'd mimicked playfully.

I'd narrowed my eyes at him, but all he did was kiss the tip of my nose. I sighed, wishing he hadn't kissed my nose. It was all that I'd been able to think of since it happened.
I looked up at Harry. He looked distracted too. "Harry?" I said, nervous about what I was going to do.
"Hmmm?" he muttered, looking down at me.

I set his phone on the table in front of the couch, turning so I was lying on my stomach. I looked at his lips, then back at his green eyes, trying to decide how to approach this. I subconsciously shrugged my shoulders, and started to lean forward.
Just before our lips touched, the hotel door opened quickly and Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn stumbled in, tons of fans running to get in. Only two managed, but were ushered out quickly.

I jerked away, flinging myself back to sit on the other side of the couch. Harry threw his head back and muttered, "Great timing guys."
They looked too distracted to listen, trying to get the last girl out. "B-b-but that girl just-nearly kissed my Harry!" the girl screamed, obviously furious.

"Erm..Ms ?," Liam said, trying to get the girl's attention.
"Emily. Emily Fisher."
"Yeah, Emily, I'm sure she didn't almost kiss Harry.." Liam continued to talk to Emily, and I threw my head into my hands. He'd find out soon enough. He was, after all, Daddy Direction.

As soon as Emily was gone (screaming by the way), the boys turned toward me and Harry. "Guys, we are seriously gonna have to change hotels, it's crazy down there!" Niall said, oblivious to the tension between me and Harry. He ran into the room that he and Louis shared, Louis right behind him.

We'd almost kissed. Almost.

Liam ran into his room that he shared with Zayn and grabbed all his stuff. "Niall's right! Hurry up and get packed, we need to leave ASAP!" he shouted from the other room. Zayn looked slightly pale, probably from all the girls that were screaming at him and running at him. But he still help Liam pack, nonetheless.
I jumped off the couch, happy for a reason to get away. Even though I had nothing to pack, Harry sure did. His room was somewhat messy.

Harry groaned, and mumbling about how we'd almost had our moment, he followed me into his room. As soon as his door was closed, he pushed me against it and kissed me fiercely. Right on the lips.
After what felt like seconds, he slammed his hand against the door and stopped hissing me, putting his head in the crook of my neck, trying to catch his breath. He'd obviously wanted to continue, but something was holding him back.
As if reading my thoughts, Harry muttered, "The boys are waiting...we need to hurry and pack."
I groaned, kissed his lips lightly one more time, then ducked under his arm and started packing. I'd rather kiss him then pack, but that might result in us getting...um..."carried away."

I sighed, and saw Harry out of the corner of my eye. The kiss with him hand sent sparks through my body, and I had literally seen fireworks. Long story short; I loved the kiss. But how would I be able to sneak one with the boys in the tour bus? Eh, they'd find out soon enough about us. Why not sooner?

Soon enough, all of Harry's things were packed. I looked at the messy beds, the floor, everything, just to make sure nothing was left behind. "Alice, I'm sure we got everything..." Harry said, wrapping his arms around my waist.
I leaned back, savoring this moment with him. This would probably be one of the few moments I'd have alone with Harry now.


SO, what'd ya think? :D hope y'all like it! ;D I tried to make it extra big too :))
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did you guys like the chapter? Only one person's gotten back to me....and I emailed the chapter to her...did you like it? :\
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Nawwwwwwww i love it <33
brilLiam storyy :D
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thanks! :D
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Chapter 4: Dedicated to....Thaiithaii :D for being such a great friend ;D

~Friends are family. Don't loose what you already have, because then you'll never get it back.
*Quote from....me! :D haha, I just made it up ;D

Alice POV:
On da bus with 1D, finding a new hotel! :D

I giggled while Harry tickled my sides. He had me pinned down on the bus' couch, me on the bottom, as I tried to squirm out from underneath him.
"H-Harry, stop!" I managed to get out before going back into another fit of giggles. I was sure my face was bright red.
"Nope!" he said, popping the 'p' sound at the end.
"Stop ticking me!"
"Hmmm....I don't know...what do I get out of it?" Harry said, one eyebrow raised playfully.

I bit my lip, pretending to think. "I don't know...a penny?"
Harry snorted, resting his forehead against mine. "What if I want something else?" he pouted, his eyes getting wide and a little watery.
I shrugged, not phased by his puppy-eyes. I've seen those before. "What will it take to get you to let me go?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

Before Harry could answer me though, Louis shouted from two seats in front of us, "OI! Stop flirting back there!"
Harry smirked, but let me up anyway. "I'm gonna get you when they're not looking," he said, winking.
"I HEARD THAT!" Louis shouted, turning around and smiling. "I got my eyes on you Styles. You too Alice."
I stuck my tongue out childishly, and watched Louis do the same before turning back around to the front of the bus.

Giggling, I turned my face so it was buried into Harry's chest. Before I knew it though, I was asleep.

Dream flashback...

I looked around the deserted kitchen, trying to find my mother. She wasn't anywhere around the house; this was NOT good.
Here's a little something to fill you in about me. I'm six. My name is Alice Williams. It's the second of March, the year 2000. Mommy doesn't want me.
It all started when Daddy died in a huge white room last year. Mommy said he had something called can-cer. Hearty can-cer.
Mommy left to get herself some nasty-smelling brown stuff. It was very hot, she said. She said she'll be back in a jiffy. What ever that meant.
It felt like it took her for-ever to get back! But before she could, a big screen next to Daddy's head started making a loud beeping noise, like this: Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Only it didn't stop.
Two big men rushed in. They had big white coats.
They rushed to Daddy and started to do stuff to him that I couldn't see. I'm small. I can't see higher than half-a-foot above my head.

The men in the big white coats had a weird look in their eyes. Mommy told me it was deter-mina-tion, when she came in.
Her coffee was all over the white-room's floor. Some even got on my brand-new dress Daddy bought for me!
I put my hands on my hips. "Mommy, you got yucky-smelling brown stuff on my dress!" I said, tugging on her sleeve.
"Alice, shut up!"

My eyes widened. I knew what those words meant; mean kids at my school tell me to do that all the time.
I went to a chair in the corner of the white-room and started to cry. Mommy never said bad-words to me. EVER.
After forever passed again, one man in a white coat came over to me. "Alice Williams?" he said, his voice soft. He lifted my chin, so he could talk to me.
"What?" I muttered, still mad at Mommy.
"Your daddy has died."
"Died...as in he is dead?"
"I wish I could say he's not dead, but he isn't breathing, and he has no heart-beat."
"What's a heart-beat?"
The man grabbed my hand and put it over my heart. "Feel that? That's a heart-beat. You can't have one if you're dead. And your Daddy doesn't have a heart-beat Alice."

I cried and cried and cried until Mommy grabbed me and brought me to the car. On the way there, she scolded me, telling me how much I disappointed her, letting Daddy die and not get the doc-tors when the beeping started.
I started screaming as she buckled me into my car-seat. And that's when she did it. Her hand flashed, and there was a stinging sensation on my cheek.
Mommy slapped me for the first time.

But she never stopped after that. Every time she got mad, Mommy slapped me, or hit me. Once she kicked my shins and gave me a huge bruise there.
Once she even broke my arm, then lied to the doc-tor how it got broken.

Mommy hated me. Why? Cuz I didn't save Daddy. He died because I didn't get the men in white coats.

I looked around the kitchen some more. "M-mommy?" I stuttered, my eyes wide with fear.
When I didn't find anything, I went to go look up stairs. When I got right outside her door, and when I was about to open the door, Mommy appeared.
Her breath smelled funny. There was a large glassy bottle in her hand. "Alice," she said with fake sweetness. "Where's my breakfast?"
"I-I didn't make it yet Mommy. C-cuz I didn't know what you wanted," I said, gulping. She was drunk, I could tell by the empty glass bottle in her hands.
"I told you last night I wanted bacon and eggs Alice."
I racked my brain for anything related to that. Before I could respond though, there was a shattering noise, and Mommy's face faded. She broke the glass bottle on me.

A/N - sorry if that was a little too much for anyone! It should be the only thing that gets into detail like that!

I opened my eyes. It was dark outside, and we were still driving. Harry and the boys were talking quietly, unaware that I was awake.
I shifted, and Harry looked down at me. "Sorry if we woke you," he murmured, showering my face with kisses.
"Did someone break something? Glass?" I said, still a little groggily.
"No...Why?" Zayn said, looking up from his phone.

I frowned. If nobody broke any glass, then why had I heard it? If I remembered correctly, when Kimbra broke the glass bottle on me, I blacked out immediately. I didn't hear anything.

Harry kissed just below my ear and whispered, "What's bothering you? What did you dream about?"
I sighed, then said, "Guys, I have to tell you something."
"Is it a long something?" Niall said, obviously trying to soften the mood.
"Yeah...a VERY long something," I said, looking strait into his blue eyes.
"Be right back." With that, Niall left, coming back a few minutes later with a bag of Skittles.
"I'm back! So what's this very long something?"

I thought about how to start. Then, I decided just to start with my father's death.
"So you guys know how I hate my mother, right? Well, I hate her because she abused me. When my dad died from heart cancer, Kimbra lost it. She smacked me, kicked me, punched me, you name it, she did it. When I went to school, nobody wanted to be my friend, since I always had some kind of bruise or cut on my skin.
"At one point, she must've gotten tired of physical abuse and started in on the verbal abuse. She told me I was stupid and hideous, that nobody want ed to be my friend because of how my choices were always idiotic. She told me day after day she hated me; she wished I was never born.
"So, three weeks ago, I ran away. I was tired of getting kicked around like a rag doll. I was tired of the insults; living on the streets would be better then this. I waited until midnight, when Kimbra left to go to some random club, before I snuck out. I had everything I needed to survive for at least a month; but then some bears found my food.
"So, I wandered around Austin, repeatedly running away from the local PD. On the 22nd, when I found the bus, it changed my life, cuz now I have a family," I finished, wiping some tears from my eyes.

The boys looked at me dumb-founded, and Niall had set down his Skittles. Slowly, one after the other, they all started to hug me. Once they all got back to their original spots, Niall said, "Alice, you have one big family now."

I was shocked. They'd all accepted me as family. This was going to be my new start. I was having a second chance.


I tried not to fall asleep again. I mean, I really tried. But I just couldn't help it.
Bad news: I fell asleep.
Good news: I didn't have any dreams.

I was smiling when we finally found a hotel, about an hour away from the other one. It was closer to where they boys were going to do their signing, which was good.
The bad news about the hotel: We all got separated. Liam and Niall were a floor above me and Harry, and Zayn was in the room next to Liam and Niall. Louis was in the room next to me and Harry; he got one all to himself.
Oh, the joy of walking around the hotel. The joy.

As soon as Harry and I got into our room, I ran to the beds and checked the sheet to make sure they were clean. Sure enough, they were pearly white.
I flopped down on one of them and took off my shoes. Curling up on my side, I pulled the blanket over my body.
"Hey, no room for me?"
I turned around. Harry was waiting for me to scoot over so he could sleep next to me. I scooted over a foot, then waited for him to get in. I didn't mind sleeping in the same bed as him; first off, I was head over heels in love with Harry, and second off, when he was holding me, I had no nightmares.
I held my arms out for Harry, pushing my bottom lip out in a pout. "Harry..."
He chuckled, then took off his shoes, shirt and pants, leaving him in only boxers again. Finally, he crawled in next to me and wrapped his arms around me.
"Love you," I whispered.
"Love you more," Harry murmured back, kissing the skin just below my ear.


When I woke up, Harry was lying on the floor, the blanket wrapped around him. Huh...no wonder I was so damn cold...
I moaned, then got out of the bed and tugged the blanket off Harry. "Harry! I want some warmth too!" I said, trying to get him to let it go.
"Nooo...." he grumbled, tightening his grip.
"Harry, if you don't give me the blanket, I swear, I will not kiss you for a week."

That seemed to catch his attention. Harry jumped up and handed the blanket over, climbing back into the bed with me.
"How'd you end up on the floor Harry?" I asked, snuggling into his chest.
"Ask your foot," he grumbled. "And the mark I'm sure is on my back."

I giggled, turning him over. Sure enough, there was a vague indication that I'd kicked him in my sleep. "I'm sorry babe," I said, wrapping my arms around his waist and pressing myself into his back. "I didn't mean to..."
Harry gave me a small grunt in reply. "Sure didn't seem that way..." he mumbled. But I could see past his attempt at making me feel guilty.
I grinned against his back. Slowly, I kissed from my foot print up, ending at his cheek. "Do you forgive me?" I asked, letting my lips tickle his ear.
"Nope," he said stubbornly.
I pouted. Damn...I'd thought he'd give into my cuteness.
"Hazza....please?" I whispered, kissing just below his ear. He shivered slightly, then mumbled a barely-audible, "Not yet."
"Pwease?" I murmured, faking a baby voice. "Pwetty pwease?"
Harry shivered more violently, then turned over. "Fine...I suppose I can forgive you.." he said, winking. "Just don't try that on me again."

I smiled, positive I was gonna do that countless more times. "Okaayy," I said in fake surrender.

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Sorry if I made anyone cry, it was not my intentions! Love y'all! :D
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"I was smiling when we finally found a hotel, about an hour away from the other one. It was closer to where they boys were going to do their signing, which was good.
The bad news about the hotel: We all got separated. Liam and Niall were a floor above me and Harry, and Zayn was in the room next to Liam and Niall.
Oh, the joy of walking around the hotel. The joy. "

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Chapter 5: Dedicated to...1dfever - she gave me inspiration to write another chappie! :D
Alice POV

"Harry, I'm gonna go take a shower!" I shouted as I walked into the bathroom with a towel. I heard a faint "Okay!" just before I closed the door and started getting ready. All my cosmetic stuffs was on the counter...wait, what cosmetic stuff? I have none.
I sighed, taking off my borrowed clothes and stepping into the shower. As soon as the warm water hit my back, I realized something. I had no clothes.
"Crap..." I muttered, putting some of Harry's shampoo in my hair. I rinsed it out quickly, then yelled, "HARRY!"

I heard him start running to the bathroom door, then attempting to open it. "Alice...you locked the door! Are you hurt?! Did the soap fall, and you slipped on it?! Alice..." he groaned, obviously worried.
I giggled a bit, then said, "Oops...sorry about the door, I forgot...anyway, I forgot to get some clothes...can you go get some sweatpants and a t-shirt?"
Harry sighed, obviously relaxing. "Yeah, sure."


I heard a very muffled, "Humph," before I went back to washing. Suddenly, there was a slight bang on the wall, causing me to jump. "Babe, the door is still locked!" Harry said from the other side.

"Sorry!" I yelled back, reaching out and turning the lock. "Come in!"

I peeked my head out the side as Harry slightly stumbled in, placing his clothes on the counter, then reaching over to me and kissing my cheek. He winked just before he got out.

I sighed. How was I so in love with him? We'd only known each other for a few days...the bigger question was this: how was he this far in love with me? Again, he only knew me for a few days.

As I rinsed the soap off my body, I decided to push the unanswered questions out of my head for now. I'll ask him later.


As soon as I stepped out of the bathroom, people who were talking stopped immediately. I stepped out, tossing my wet clothes into the hamper, and walked into the main room.
I knew five people that were there, counting Harry. The other four, I had no idea who they were.

Liam stood up. "Hey Alice," he smiled. "This is Sasha, my girlfriend, Erin, Zayn's girlfriend, Serena's Niall's girlfriend, and Allyce is Louis' girlfriend. Girls, this is Alice, and we all think Harry and Alice fancy each other."

I blushed as the word, "fancy" popped into my head as 'like' in British terms. I stole a glance at Harry, noticing his deep blush too. At least I wasn't the only one.

Serena stood up and walked over to me. "Hi love! I'm Serena," she said, holding out her hand. I noticed her accent was American, just like mine. The boys must be rubbing off on her..

I smiled, happy I wasn't the only girl. "Hey, I'm Alice," I said, shaking her hand. "How's it going?"
"Pretty good, what about you?"
"Wonderful," I grinned, feeling like I'd just gotten a new friend. This was going to be a fun day.

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so yeah....no updates in a while, I'm sorry :(
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