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ashley_pastfire said …
BEN Posted over a year ago
Mapware100 said …
How is this game scary?Its disturbing,but not scary.The so called happy mask salesmen appears in OoT as well and none of you considered him scary,The moon looks like jabba da hut,skull kid reminds me of a scarecrow version of link,and the best part:THAT FREAKIN' OWL ISN'T IN THIS GAME(Well,appeares only once.ONCE!)This game just has a dark appearence,thats IT. Posted over a year ago
Zekrom676 commented…
Lol !!!!! XD XD jabba da hut and freakin owl over a year ago
Zekrom676 commented…
Too Funny !!! over a year ago
Mapware100 commented…
yup over a year ago
ashley_pastfire commented…
no this game is a reference to the story ben which is sapposed to be about a boy who drowned and can controle a majora's mask cartridge and change this game into a haunting game. over a year ago