The scene opens in Pohang, South Korea. At the U.S. military prisoner transport, Steve McGarret is transporting a prisoner via convoy. Steve’s phone starts ringing and it’s his dad’s phone. Get answers it and it is Victor, the prisoner’s brother.
Navy SEAL Steve McGarrett returns to his native Hawaii to investigate the murder of his father, John McGarrett, who was an officer in the Honolulu Police Department. He is enlisted by the Governor of Hawaii, a friend of his father's, to head a new task force with legal immunity to clean up the underworld of Oahu. In turn, McGarrett enlists Honolulu newcomer Danny Williams, a divorced detective who moved from New Jersey to be closer to his daughter; Chin Ho Kelly, a disgraced police officer and a protege of McGarrett's father who was wrongly accused of corruption; and Kona Kalakaua, Chin Ho's cousin, a former surfer and soon-to-be Police Academy graduate. Together they discover a link between the man who killed McGarrett's father and a Chinese human trafficking ring with a mole in HPD.
In the end; The team starts to decide on their name and Chin Ho tries to give them a name in Hawaiian and they laugh. Steve tells that they can wait on the name of their Task Force.