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Clint-Barton said …
Who are you people? How did you find me? Posted over a year ago
LokiAvengers commented…
We r just people who love and look out for u, I know u r a badass spy, and I love guys with Bows(just ask Oliver Queen). But getting back 2 the point ur awesome, but everyone needs help at one point... over a year ago
Clint-Barton commented…
... Thanks....? over a year ago
squishbanana commented…
We love you Clint Barton! It's as simple as that! over a year ago
nad2 commented…
hey I like hawkeye from the avenger.and clint u hawkeye? over a year ago
Zoie-styles said …
i love hawkeye from the avengers Posted over a year ago
LokiLover678 said …
Hawkeye is cool but he better not stick an arrow in Lokis eye!! Posted over a year ago
KaulitZfan commented…
agree over a year ago
autumnmystique commented…
lol :) over a year ago
eragon34 commented…
at last more people who like hawkeye iam not the only one who likes him over a year ago