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LOLerz25 posted on Feb 01, 2011 at 07:03AM
Okay, so as from the looks of the ending, Alice ends up with Blood Dupre. Alice went back to her world but not long after, Blood caught up with her & 'forced' kiss her in order for Alice to go back to wonderland (like what Peter did on the 1st chapter). Alice kissed Blood back, but willingly. Alice reunites with everyone. Vivaldi asked Alice if she wants to live in the Hatter Mansion but she turned the offer down. She wanted to help Julius in the tower.

Peter appeared in front of Alice and Blood & hugged Alice.
The last few scenes shows that they are fighting with their weapons.

At the end of last chapter, 4 sentences appears:

"Hey, do you know?
About the game is already gone
Here is what you want
Wonderful Wonder World"

**The last chapter ATM, isn't released yet (on manga sites, that is). I just knew it from a link**

Here you can express your thoughts. Are you mad about the ending? Are you happy for Alice? Are you satisfied with Alice ending up with Blood? Do you have anyone else in mind that you think that should be with Alice instead of Blood? Do you love this manga so much that you're crying about the ending? Do you think that reading the series was a total waste of time due to the ending?

Vent your inner insights here! ^_^
Okay, so as from the looks of the ending, Alice ends up with Blood Dupre. Alice went back to her worl
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over a year ago Boushiya said…
I'm not exactly satisfied with the ending because Blood is not my favorite character in the manga, but I don't know what I think about who Alice should end up with.
I think maybe the Bad End (the one where Alice returns to her life and finds out about the truth in the game) would more interesting? But if it was used, I'm sure many fans would be disappointed with the sad ending.
over a year ago lillyrose97 said…
big smile
i like the ending
i like the ending