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anniewannie said …
Summary of "Heartache": ---> A girl's life suddenly changes when she enters a school called Hishima Star High School (H.S.H.S for short). At first she falls in love with the most hottest guy in school but she finds herself having feelings too for another guy too...
What if she had to choose? And who would it be?

This is a summary for first-timers in Heartache. Basically, it's my story put in a club ^^. Hope you enjoy the story and comments are welcomed (but don't say anything bad! ^^). Posted over a year ago
lubasakura commented…
its an awesome story so I recommend that everyone should read it :D over a year ago
himeka_kazusa said …
Um... Before I join, I want to know what this club is for. Posted over a year ago
anniewannie commented…
What do you mean? over a year ago
himeka_kazusa commented…
I mean, what the club is all about? over a year ago
anniewannie commented…
Awesome! :D Thanks! :D over a year ago
lubasakura said …
Annie-chan when will the next chapter come??? I can't wait Posted over a year ago
anniewannie commented…
Don't worry Sakura! :D I'm publishing it now! over a year ago
lubasakura commented…
yayyyyy :D over a year ago
big smile
anniewannie said …
Chapter 14 is up (after such a long time! So sorry!) !!
Plz read and comment on it! <3
Thanks! <333

God Bless & Take Care,
AnNiEwAnNiE Posted over a year ago
anniewannie said …
I'm very sorry for the late Chapter 11 of Heartache everyone! If you're patient, then I'm sure that Chapter 11 will come out and I'll be very grateful for your patience! I'm terribly sorry for the long wait for it but I'm the type of girl that writes long chapters. Posted over a year ago
anniewannie commented…
Your patience will pay off, I promise! over a year ago
annietaps4ever commented…
It is tooooooooally fine honey!!!! over a year ago
lubasakura commented…
it was soooooooo awesome.... over a year ago
anniewannie said …
Chapter 10 is up everyone! Please read it and I'll give you a hint of the chapter - it's based on Kaito's parents. Hope you'll enjoy it :)

Take Care & God Bless,
Annie Posted over a year ago
lubasakura commented…
loved it a lot....and finally I know why Kaito doesn't like to talk about is parents....really happy to read your stories.... over a year ago
malmcd commented…
It was amazing keep writing Annie!!!!!!!!!! over a year ago
anniewannie commented…
Lol.... Annie, girl, you're funny :) !! I'm glad you liked it so far :) over a year ago
malmcd said …
People said that the game could destroy a person,
But I entered the game anyway.
Thinking that I would find all I wanted,
But they were right.
Because all I got was pain and hurt.
In this game they call love.
I don't understand why they don't get what I'm saying
I'm not some toy to have sitting next to your bed
I'm not some prize to be won
I'm a person
Who's still alive
My heart can take much more of this game
I want out
Be now I think there is no way out
I think I'm addicted to the pain Posted over a year ago
anniewannie commented…
Wow!!! I love it Mallory :) !!!! I might use it, but who knows? Maybe not :). But I'll definitely use your poem!! - Love A.M over a year ago
malmcd commented…
Thanks! over a year ago
anniewannie commented…
:) over a year ago
annietaps4ever commented…
☺ over a year ago
malmcd said …

Heart break, heart ache
all I wanted was some love.
Can anyone hear me? Can anyone feel my pain?
What a shame,
what a shame that I been exposed to this hurtful
game. A game so called love; a game filled
with cheaters; lairs; and heart breakers. I
Tried and tried to break away from the game
but I cant, I cant I think i'm addicted to the pain.

I just keep thinking
That if my
Heart stop
Would it hurt so much
From all this
Agony I feel?

LOVE MALMCD Posted over a year ago
malmcd said …
This is a poem I wrote about this club and Akane

Heart break, heart ache. (PART ONE)

My heart been through too much;
the heart aches and the breaks. All
I was looking for was some love, but
I guess I was getting it from the wrong
people, I guess I was looking in the wrong
places. Walked around for a while with
my self open up and my heart on my sleeve.
Big mistake because the pain kept building
up. Posted over a year ago
anniewannie commented…
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Mallory, you have a TRUE GIFT!!!! You really do and I just really, really want to say that your poem is THE BEST and is totally about the story :). Can I use it in the story?? Please, please, please?? Love A.M over a year ago
malmcd commented…
Ya go ahead I made it for you!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THANKS! over a year ago
anniewannie commented…
:) over a year ago
NewAkmal said …
May someone explain to me what "Heartache" is about? I only joined this club as a favor for a friend, and I would like to know what is it about. Posted over a year ago
anniewannie commented…
The story "Heartache" is about a girl named Hitoru Akane (she's the main character) and she falls in love with two guys. One goes to her school while the other does not. They are Saseke Kaito and Ito Seiji. They both used to be friends when they were in primary but now, they are enemies because they both love Akane. This gets Akane lost and she just can't choose who she's in love with - Kaito or Seiji? Now this is where the problem starts. Possibly, at the very end (as snootygirl picked in the picks box) Kaito leaves Akane to Seiji and it makes Akane heartbroken forever. This is the first story and I will also do another story. This is just a little bit about "Heartache". Oh, and I wrote the story :) I hope this gives you a good explanation about what this club is about! - Annie Meredith. over a year ago
NewAkmal commented…
Wait, so is this club based on an anime, or based on a story you created (since you said you wrote this story)? over a year ago
anniewannie commented…
:) over a year ago