I can't help but love you
When the sun is in the sky,
And all the birds are flying,
While the clouds are rolling by;
I can't help but love you,
With the lark's song on the breeze-
And the mockingbird, a tease-
Who could help, but love you?

I can't help but love you
Though you're distant as the moon,
Mostly far as western China,
And the sun up, at high noon;
I can't help but love you,
An eclipse lives in my heart-
Because we're far apart-
Who could help, but love you?

I can't help but love you
When the moon circles the earth,
And the sun craves all the planets,
And the day is giving birth;
I can't help but love you-
Even blood inside my veins
Holds a little bit of flames;
Who could help, but love you?

But I can’t love you...
They won’t let me you,
And now I’m Heartbroken.

I’m a mess
My heart is no more
Because you took it and won’t give it back...

Outside, the sun is rising up once more
But I can’t find anything to wake up for,
Desperately lying on my little bed
Remembering every tear I’ve shed,
Trying to console my shattered heart
Since last night, I’m like a poor bum
Falling apart and no sleep would come.

I’m Missing the rain and missing the snow,
I’m Missing the smile she was pride to show,
And The sweet rumbling sound of thunder,
And the happiness I used to hide under,
I’m Missing the unique smell of humidity,
And my very rare moments of stupidity,
I’m Missing the night and hating the light
I’m Missing him although it wasn’t so right.

My one and only joy, My only ray
Is slowly drifting apart, day after day
I could attempt to smile or pray
But to get My life back, But I have no way.
I Couldn’t keep my sorrow at bay
Forth memories of what he used to say
Hunt and ruin my like a lethal decay:
Price of love that I can’t afford to pay.

They took you away,
But I’ll find away
To get you back.