Everybody say Hello Kitty
who loves flowers flowers in the sun or a party just for one
its kitty
kitty kitty
will invite her friends
they can hear her play a song
its kitty
kitty kitty
if you don't know were she lives
you might have missed her
and her papa and her mom
and there's mini
she's my sister!
there an itsy bitsy kitty family
but even though there kittys
there like you and me
rainy days
turn sunny
just wait and see
always like to pretend
won't you want to make a brand new friend
its kitty
kitty kitty
there's rainbows in the sky
and the birds that fly so high
its kitty
kitty kitty
so if you wanna laugh and play and do most things everyday
there's a kitty you should know
and its time to say hello
say it clear now
lets all cheer
say Hello Kitty