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[STATION] 써니 (SUNNY) X HENRY_쟤 보지 마 (U&I)_Music Video

[STATION] 써니 (SUNNY) X HENRY_쟤 보지 마 (U&I)_Sound Teaser

HENRY 헨리_That One_Preview Clip

HENRY 헨리_That One_Music Video Teaser

HENRY 헨리_Spoiler Cookie #That One

HENRY 헨리_끌리는 대로 (I'm good) (Feat. nafla)_Music Video

Henry - Zigeunerweisen & Let It Go [Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook]

'Henry's Real Music : You, Fantastic' Ep.6. Epilogue : Henry. You, Fantastic

[InstyleKoreaTV] '인스타일 맨' 화보 메이킹 영상 - 헨리 ( Henry )

Henry - Fantastic, 헨리 - 판타스틱, Music Core 20140816

'Henry's Real Music : You, Fantastic' Ep.5. Cho Yong-pil's 'BOUNCE' by Henry

Henry - Fantastic, 헨리 - 판타스틱, Music Core 20140726

'Henry's Real Music : You, Fantastic' Ep.4. Fantastic Album Story

Henry 헨리_ 'Bad Girl'_KBS MUSIC BANK_2014.08.08

Henry 헨리_ 'Fantastic'_KBS MUSIC BANK_2014.08.01

[Live HD 720p] 140806 Henry - Fantasic @ Show Champion

'Henry's Real Music : You, Fantastic' Ep.3. Fantastic (String Quartet ver.)

Henry - Fantastic, 헨리 - 판타스틱, Music Core 20140719

'Henry's Real Music : You, Fantastic' Ep.2. Henry x Yiruma Collaboration 'River Flows in You'

Mnet [엠카운트다운] Ep.387 : 헨리(Henry) - Fantastic @MCOUNTDOWN_140731

Pops in Seoul - Henry (Fantastic) 헨리(Fantastic)

[헨리 (Henry)] 판타스틱 Fantastic @인기가요 Inkigayo 140727

[HOT] Henry - Fantastic, 헨리 - 판타스틱, Show Music core 20140726

헨리 (Henry) on Violin - Fantastic (String Quartet ver.)

[헨리 (Henry)] Fantastic @인기가요 Inkigayo 140720

[HOT] Henry - Fantastic 헨리 - 판타스틱, Show Music core 20140719

Henry 헨리 (Super Junior-M) - 자꾸자꾸 (You) [The 2nd Mini Album "Fantastic"]

Henry (헨리) - Butterfly (Feat. Seulgi of SMROOKIES) [The 2nd Mini Album `Fantastic`]

Henry 헨리 (Super Junior-M) - Saturday [The 2nd Mini Album "Fantastic"]

Henry 헨리 (Super Junior-M) - Need You Now (Feat. Hoya) [The 2nd Mini Album "Fantastic"]

Henry 헨리 (Super Junior-M) - Bad Girl (feat. 찬열/ Chanyeol of EXO) [2nd Mini Album]

Henry 헨리_Comeback Stage 'Fantastic'_KBS MUSIC BANK_2014.07.11

[헨리 (Henry)] 판타스틱 Fantastic @인기가요 Inkigayo 140713

[Comeback Stage] Henry - Fantastic 헨리 - 판타스틱, Show Music core 20140712

Henry 헨리_Fantastic_Music Video

Henry 헨리_The 2nd Mini Album 'Fantastic'_Highlight Medley

Henry - Fantastic MV Teaser

Henry 헨리_Fantastic_Image Teaser

Pops in Seoul : Henry (1-4-3 (I Love You)) 헨리 (1-4-3 (I Love You))


Almost henry SJ M and snsd tiffany

【Eng Sub】131009 Weekly Idol with Henry and Kyuhyun

[HD] 131009 Weekly Idol - Henry & Kyuhyun (full)

[HD][Full]131009 주간아이돌(Weekly Idol) 헨리(Henry), 규현(Kyuhyun)

Henry - Trap, 헨리 - 트랩, Music Core 20130615

Henry(feat.amber) - 1-4-3(I Love You), 헨리(feat.엠버) - 1-4-3(I Love You) Music core

Henry - I Love You, 헨리 - 1-4-3, Show Champion 20130911

130914 Henry 1-4-3

헨리 (Henry) 1-4-3(I Love You) @인기가요 inkigayo 130908

헨리_1-4-3 feat. 엠버 (1-4-3 by Henry feat. Amber@Mcountdown 2013.9.5)

Henry 헨리_'1-4-3 (I Love You)' (feat. f(Amber)_KBS MUSIC BANK_2013.08.30

Henry 헨리_'1-4-3 (I Love You)' (feat. f(Amber)_KBS MUSIC BANK_2013.08.23

130825 Henry (ft.Donghae & Eunhyuk) - 1-4-3 (I Love You) @ Inkigayo

130823 1-4-3 - Henry feat Amber

Henry (헨리) - 1-4-3 (I Love You) (NoizeBank Extended Remix) [Digital Single - 1-4-3]

Henry (헨리) - Trap (English Ver.) [Digital Single - 1-4-3]

Henry 헨리_1-4-3 (I Love You) (feat. f(Amber))_Music Video

Henry 헨리_1-4-3 (I Love You) (feat. f(Amber))_Music Video Teaser

Henry 헨리_'1-4-3 (I Love You)'_Acoustic Version with Chan Yeol of EXO

Henry 헨리_TRAP (feat. Kyuhyun & Taemin) _Music Video (Chinese ver.)

[中字] Henry's upcoming movie "Final Recipe" Clip

음악중심 : Henry - Trap, 헨리 - 트랩 Music Core 20130720

Henry 헨리_Playing 'TRAP' Violin & Piano ver. with SeoHyun 서현 of Girls' Generation

[ENG Sub] 130710 Show Champion Henry TV

Henry 헨리_TRAP_KBS MUSIC BANK_2013.06.28

Henry 헨리_Playing 'TRAP' Piano ver. & Chopin Waltz No.7

Henry (헨리) - I Would [Mini Album - Trap]

Henry (헨리) - Holiday [Mini Album - Trap]

Henry (헨리) - Ready 2 Love [Mini Album - Trap]

Henry (헨리) - My Everything [Mini Album - Trap]

Henry (헨리) - 1-4-3 (I Love You) [Mini Album - Trap]

[BTS] Elle Korea July Issue - Henry Lau

130609 Henry (SJ-M) - Intro & Trap (Featuring Taemin) [1080P]

130607 Henry (SJ-M) & Kyuhyun (SJ) & Taemin (SHINee) & EXO - Interview [1080P]

[1080p HD] HENRY ft. Tae Min, Kyu Hyun - INTRO + TRAP @ Music Bank 130607

Henry 헨리_TRAP_Music Video (with Kyuhyun & Taemin)

Henry 헨리_1st Mini Album 'TRAP'_Highlight Medley

Henry 헨리_TRAP_MV Teaser (with Kyuhyun & Taemin)

Donghae ft Henry Lau (Super Junior M) - That's Love (Sub Español)

Henry Singing 'I'm Yours'

Henry Lau Violin Master

HD Super Junior Henry Lau Solo SS4 Osaka - Lighters (cut)

Henry Lau (Super Junior M) - Everytime I Close My Eyes

[100220] SS2 Taiwan - Henry's Solo - Sick of Love [HD]

[AUDIO] 表白 (Off My Mind) - Henry Lau SOLO

Super Junior-M(슈퍼주니어-M) _ 到了明天(Blue Tomorrow) _ MusicVideo

Super Junior-M_太完美_MUSIC VIDEO_Korea Ver.

Super Junior M - Break Down (130201) [Live HD]

Henry plays Lazy song!!!! ♥_♥ so cute, and he looks so normal! o.o

super junior supergirl

Some of henry's good moments.

Dont Don