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Fan fiction by DaisyHalliwell posted over a year ago
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Heart over Mind by Regann
Link: link
Summary: Something odd about Hermione causes her to have unexpected reaction to a love potion. Only it's one which no one expected. How could a lack of reaction cause so much trouble?
Length 27 chapters - COMPLETED

His True Emerald Loyalties by Avanel
Link: link
Summary: What if it was not love for Harry's mother that kept Snape loyal to Dumbledore? What if it was love for Harry's time-traveling best friend?
Length: 8 chapters -COMPLETED

The First Faint Glimmer by Ladymage Samiko
Link: link
Summary: A little light reading and a chance comment lead Hermione to discover that Snape has nowhere to spend Christmas. But is dragging him home for the holidays really a good idea?
Opinion by Lghtbthgoddess posted over a year ago
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I have found that the best, and most detailed fanfiction to be found for this couple is done by Ms-Figg on fanfiction.net. She also has a website called the burningpen.com but it is hard to navigate. Her fics are really good but also explicit. So read with caution if you are not into that sort of thing.

Her fanfiction ranges from diferent themes and topics. From vampires (featuring a gay vampire named Adam Sweetmeats in Love Bites) to a raw primordal power that belongs to hermione ( a bit of Lucious thrown in there). There are some where she is with child, some where there is not. But all of them are really good!

You can never really get bored with them because they are never really the same. And plus they stay true to how they were ment to be when they were written.

Look her up!