Hermione & Severus What are your favorite Hermione Snape fics?

Lghtbthgoddess posted on Jul 13, 2009 at 06:28AM
What are some of the best fics you have read?

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over a year ago lilith84 said…
For The Potion's Master Amusment at the moment. http://ashwinder.sycophanthex.com/viewstor­y.p­hp?­sid­=20­498
over a year ago hermione-snape said…
I fanfic.net, it's called "misunderstood" by me14 and is incredible! You just have to read I'd!
over a year ago Lilyve said…
*Tears of surrender* German SS/HG NC-17 Fanfic
over a year ago TaladarkieJJ said…
There are quite a few that I really enjoy, but at the moment this is my absolute favourite: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5352726/1/Seco­nd_­Tim­e_A­rou­nd
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over a year ago iPodsNape said…
I have three top favorites which are The Last Heir by Kiwi6498, Incident In The Great Hall by Acadia elle, and Phantom of Hogwarts by Good_Witch. The first two could be found at ff.net and the third could be found at this link http://ashwinder.sycophanthex.com/viewstor­y.p­hp?­sid­=58­82
over a year ago lilith84 said…
this is probably one of the best I have read so far http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5041998/1/Out_­of_­the­_De­pth­s

It's amazingly written, but what I love the most is that the author was able to keep Snape totally in character and at the same time show him as a romantic and caring man. That does not happen often in fanfics.

The story is post-Deathly Hallows, but Professor Snape survived (as he should :P).
over a year ago nene72 said…
Consuming Me by shellsnapeluver. I liked this one because Snape is very dark and broken, just the way I like him. At times disturbing but still an absolutely fantastic story.

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over a year ago lilith84 said…
I find myself re-reading Out Of Depths for the 10th time already and I still find it fascinating, if you haven't read it yet, go do it!
over a year ago MrsWormtongue said…
I absolutely adore this one,
it's a real treat to read.
"Abusive, passionate, smutty, devoted. The type of love where you expect someone to commit suicide or be murdered..."

~Lissa1011, speaking about 'Vain Wisdom All & False Philosophy."
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over a year ago nene72 said…
The above one is great but not yet completed, but yeah it's good. If you like very manipulative Severus then "The Flip Side of Sin by kabochon" is a pretty good one:

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over a year ago lilith84 said…
This one is actually quite good, but ridiculously long ;)

over a year ago nene72 said…
over a year ago nene72 said…
@ lilith: I've just finished reading "Tenebras Luxx". It was really good and well worth slogging through the 43 long chapters. Ta for the recommendation :-)
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over a year ago lilith84 said…
No probem :) And you know what... Pet Project was one of the first fics I have ever read and the very one that made me hate reading WiPs ;) I've seen it's been updated not so long ago, but damn! ;) And the rest of your recs are all wonderful fics, I especially enjoy The Enchanted Tower Room, Care of Magical Creatures and Luring the Enchantess :)
over a year ago nene72 said…
@ lilith: if you can think of any other recommendations, please feel free to share them with me :-). I find that I like your taste in fics.
over a year ago lilith84 said…
over a year ago nene72 said…
^ Squeee! Thanks!!! :DDDD
over a year ago lilith84 said…
If I ever used the term 'ridiculously long' when describing HG/SS fic, I must have been delusional...


This damned thing has 190 chapter and way over 600.000 words. I'm currently on chapter 130 and it's my third day of reading :) It is worth it :D
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over a year ago nene72 said…
Woah! That'll be quite an undertaking! I've however had a read through some of the 2000 odd reviews, and it looks very promising. Am still working trough the list you gave me but I have it in my kindle already just waiting for when I get to it.
over a year ago lilith84 said…
Took me 4 days, but I have finally finished it. It was time well spent ;)
over a year ago lilith84 said…
This is also a great fic: Power Play by lis9; this one is written from Hermione's POV. Master and Commander is the same story written from Severus' POV. I am not a huge fan of the ending, but overall those are really hot fics :)
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over a year ago miss_orange said…
My Favorite Fic Has to be Heart Over Mind. Really Enjoyed it. Things were Slow, with a Some Kind of Virgin Love :P
Choice was Amazing But Still Disappointed That it Wasn't Finished.
I've Read Power Play But it Was Waaay too Disturbing for me. Still I Kind of Liked it.
The List Included Lucius Malfoy So That Wasn't Much good for me...
Size Matters Involves Ginny and Hannah Two. But's Funny More Than Romantic. Plus it's Really Short, I Liked it.
I Just Finished Taking Flight But was kind of Disappointed that it Could of been Better if the Writer Made it Longer. I Liked the Idea of Hermione being in the Order of the Phoenex.
Out of the Death was Nice Two.
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over a year ago miss_orange said…
Would Like to add Some More, Though Wont put Links for Those that are here.

Pet Project Must be the Best HG/SS Fiction Ever Written. Still a Wip, But the Author-though kind of slow with Chapters-is still Writing. You Can't believe how many Fanarts were made for this Fic. I'll Just put one.

Five Winters is Amazing Two, but Yeah Long...
Post Tenebras, Lux is Magnificent. it Takes Place after 10 years of the war, after Hermione Finds Severus in Muggle London.
The Gilded Cage is another Marriage Law fic Though Really Different because well... Severus in Azkaban =D Really Nice.
Care of Magical Creatures: Another Law Marriage fic.
When a Lioness Fights is a Spy Fic! Though Sevurus is not the Spy, Hermione is. This Story is Amazing Though Really Dark.
The Twenty is Amazing! Though it's 25 Chapters, Those are 25 LONG Chapters... I Must Warn though, it Strikes me as a Girl Power fic. Really, Lots of Virgins.
Damaged Goods and its Sequel Mosaics are Amazing but Sadly Not Completed and I Don't Think The Author will Ever finish them. Though Must Warn you That This Must be the Darkest Most Abusive Fic I Have ever Read, It Made Weep, and it was My Birthday, VERY sad, it Makes You want to Jump to the Laptop and Kill Lucius Malfoy.

ANYWAY I Hope Someone would Post More Stuff, Because Every Thing at this Forum is Worth Reading, and I Read Everything here That's on Fanfiction.net so Please Post!

This is My Best Scene, in Pet Project, This Fanart is By arriku @ Devian art, Really Amazing =]
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Would Like to add Some More, Though Wont put Links for Those that are here.<br />
<br />
Pet Project
over a year ago XXwhy_meXX said…
okay, So Sins I Spend All My Summer Reading HG/SS Fan fictions, I Thought I'd Make a List With a Summary of My Favorite Fics:(All Are at Fanfiction.net, and I Won't Put Links For The Ones That Are Already Here)
-When a Lioness Fights: One Of The Best Really, Contain Some Sexual Abuse Scenes, And Hermione Is a Bit OOC, Being All Slythiren:P Features: Martial Arts, A Master Spy, A Spy Master, And a Bitchy Molly Weasley, Thought I Got To Say, I Didn't Fancy The Epilogue Much :P
-Heart Over Mind: So Sweet! a Hogwards and Post Hogwards Story, TOTALY in Character, Rated Teen. Features: Letters, a Love Posion That Doesn't Work, and Hermione Has a Really Cool Aunt.
-Out Of The Depths: SMUT! But A Nice Plot Two, Snape is Kinda OOC, Being All Possessive, It's a During Hogwards Story, and One of The Best Really.
-Pet Project: The Best Fiction Ever! It's Still Not Completed, But The Author Is Committed To It. It's During The Sixth and Seventh Year So Far, But It's Very Slow Development, And IN Character.Features Arithmetic Equations, House Elves, and Professor Snape Granger. DH Compatible
-The Gilded Cage: a Marriage Law Fic, and It's The Most Fic Where Snape Is SO IN Character. Snape Is In Azkaban After The War is Over, and Hermione Has To Find a Husband. Got To Say The Epilogue Is Amazing. Oh, and Harry Is Gay :D Ginny Is So Awesome In This Fic!
-Post Tenebras, Lux: Amazing! After Ten Years Of The End Of The War, Hermione Finds Snape In Muggle London, And Helps Him Blend In Within The Wizarding Community. They Both Have a Lot Of issues That They Solve Together, But I Didn't Like The Epilogue Allot.And Minerva Is Kinda Bitchy at The Beginning.
-Five Winters: So Beautiful, And So In Character. Within The Seventh year and Beyond. Has a LOT Of Adventure, and The Plot Is Just Amazing, Especially If You Like Egypt. The Epilogue Is More Than Amazing, The Best Epilogue I Have Ever Read. Thought It's Kinda Long, But Definitely Worth It.
-Defying The Fates: So Beautiful, You Might Find The First Chapter A Bit Weird, But Keep Reading, Because The Plot and Story Is Just Amazing.and I Almost Cried :D
-The Twenty: As M_O Said, Has a Lot Of Virgins, But The Story Is Amazing.
-Damaged Goods: a Dark, Dark Story. It Made Me Depress For Two Days, And You Might Find Hermione a Bit OOC, But After What Happened To Her, It Makes Perfect Sens. Gotta Warn You Thought, It's Not Completed, And Probably Would Never Be, and Has A Lot Of Rape and Sexual Abuse Context, So If Can't Handel It, DON'T Read It.
-The Triangle: Cute Story, Snape Is Kinda OOC, But Nonetheless Fun To Read. Snape Is Married and Hermione Doesn't Get The News Well.
-A Walking Shadow: AMAZING! MIND BLOWING! Hermione Goes To Grimmauld Place Looking For Answers, But Gets Something Completely Different, The Plot Is Kinda Complicated, and It's Like Playing Six Degrees In a Arithmetic Equation Inside Hermione's Brain. Has A Lot Of Dark Magic Two.
-Second Time Around: Very Nice, Thought a Bit OOC, Especially Snape. an Accident Happens In The Poisons Class Room, That Changes Severus's Life Completely. SPOILER:Not a Happy Ending.
-In Your Dreams: Hermione Has a Prophecy, and Ends Up Marrying The Potion's Master To Save His Life. Kinda OOC, But It Has Vampires :D
-Accontable: So Lovely, Everybody Gets Drunk In The Celebration Fest, and Hermione Gets Pregnant, And Severus Has No Memory What So Ever About What Happened. So In Character, HBP Compatible.
-Mephistopheles: The War Is Over, and All The Death Eaters Have Been Captured, But Hermione Has To Get Help For Snape To Find The Missing Albus Dumbledore. Really dark, And Has a Lovely Plot.
-All Secrets Sleep In Winter Cloths: Hermione Is an Aurore and Had To Teach DADA At Hogwards To Protect The Discovered Spy. Amazing Plot, and Harry is Hiding Something. a Bit OOC With Hermione Being All Aurore and Ready.
-Hinge Of Fate: Yes Hermione Is Pregnant,and Yes, Snape Is The Father, But Not In a Good Way, Gotta Warn You Of Rape and Sexual Assault Scenes.
-Ex Libris: Hermione And Snape Are Traped By a Dark Spell In The World Of Jane Eyre. Still Reading It, So Can't Say Much About It Yet.

So Far, These Where My Favorites, And I Would Appreciate If Anybody Would Post More Fics, Cause I've Read Almost Everything Here :P
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over a year ago miss_orange said…
So Here Are Some Short and Really Nice Ones:
-Spinner's End: So Lovely.
-The Godfather: Severus Is Asked To Be Albus Severus's Godfather, and Hermione Has a Part In The Process.
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