Each time I see a great scene in a show, I mentally put it on a list. Sometimes these lists are transferred to paper, which get lost within a few days, or sometimes I forget altogether. After months of procrastinating, I'm proud to present the first list that actually made it to the screen - my top 10 Heroes scenes from season one. I probably shouldn't have to warn you, but just in case - if you're a new fan and haven't finished season 1 yet, here be spoilers.

Sylar paints his mommy a pretty picture... with her blood. (image credit: NBC)

#10: Sylar paints his mommy a pretty picture... with her blood.
Episode: 1x21, The Hard Part
Characters: Sylar, a dead Virginia Grey
Scene: After Virginia Grey is stabbed through the heart with a pair of scissors, her loving son paints a pretty picture of a bomb in New York City. Did I mention that instead of paint, he uses her blood? I think that makes a pretty classic scene. Not only did it accomplish the task of ridding the show of another unimportant, extremely annoying character, it made Sylar more of a badass and allowed him to repay his mother for pressuring him to be "special." Ah, revenge.

Matt reads Audrey's thoughts and pays for it (image credit: NBC)

#9: Matt reads Audrey's thoughts and pays for it.
Episode: 1x11, Fallout
Characters: Matt Parkman, FBI Agent Audrey Hansen
Scene: While having lunch on a stakeout at Primatech, Audrey thinks to herself that Matt is cute. He reads her thoughts and embarasses her. As punishment, she lectures him about the fact the's married (and how he should make it work) and calls him a chump. Hansen: 1, Parkman: 0.

Matt, Ted & HRG's escape (image credit: NBC)

#8: Matt, Ted & HRG escape from Primatech.
Episode: 1x19, .07%
Characters: Matt Parkman, Ted Sprague, HRG, a bit of Thompson
Scene: HRG 'thinks' to Matt, telling him how to get out of his room. Using information supplied by HRG, Matt frees Ted, who nukes the power grid, allowing them to save HRG as well. The three escape and head to New York. I love it when a plan comes through.

Slice 'er up (image credit: NBC)

#7: Slice 'er up.
Episode: 1x20, Five Years Gone
Characters: Claire Bennet, Nathan Petrelli/Sylar
Scene: Claire is brought to Nathan, who is the president now, five years in the future. After some charming father/daughter talk, he starts slicing her head open from behind, allowing her only enough time to mutter, "Sylar." Then we witness "Nathan" shifting back into Sylar form. I must admit, this scene is pretty much here only because I really enjoyed seeing Claire's head sliced open.

The dog shall not be nuked (image credit: NBC)

#6: The dog shall not be nuked
Episode: 1x17, The Company Man
Characters: Matt Parkman, Ted Sprague, Mr. Muggles
Scene: Matt and Ted break into the Bennet house in search of information about their powers. Mr. Muggles greets them at the door. Ted reaches down to pick him up, and Matt freaks out a bit. Ted says, "I'm not gonna nuke the dog!" Although, if I were Mr. Muggles, I'd take being nuked by Ted over having to live with Sandra Bennet any day.

Micah's secret (image credit: NBC)

#5: Micah's secret
Episode: 1x13, The Fix
Characters: Micah & DL Hawkins
Scene: After disappearing for a bit, Micah comes home to an angry/worried DL. Somehow, the conversation turns to money, and Micah unloads a backpack full of cash. As an explanation, Micah says, "You know how you and Mom have a secret? Well... I have a secret too." Micah beams, and DL looks at Micah like he's grown three heads.

The Sacrificial Emo Hair (image credit: NBC)

#4: The Sacrificial Emo Hair
Episode: 1x18, Parasite
Characters: Sylar, Peter Petrelli, a bit of Mohinder stuck to the ceiling
Scene: An unsuspecting Peter enters Mohinder's apartment, only to find the psycho serial killer everyone's been talking about. Sylar gets Peter up against a wall and starts slicing his head. As it's the end of an episode, we don't see much, but as Peter continues his screaming, we see blood dripping on the floor, followed by a piece of Peter's emo hair, which we've all grown to love. And that's where the hope of getting an entire show about Peter's emo hair was crushed. 'Twas a sad, sad day...

Thompson's Last Thought (image credit: NBC)

#3: Thompson's Last Thought
Episode: 1x22, Landslide
Characters: Matt Parkman, HRG, Thompson
Scene: Nearing the end of their mission to take down the Walker System, Thompson sneaks up behind an unarmed Parkman in the hallway. His smug, "What am I thinking now, Parkman?" is answered by Bennet, without skipping a beat, "Your last thought." Thompson is shot twice in the head and falls to the floor like the useless company tool he is.

Boom. (image credit: NBC)

#2: Sylar plays with his new ability...
Episode: 1x22, Landslide
Character: Sylar
Scene: Sylar stands on the edge of a rooftop, playing with his newly acquired nuclear power. With one word, he makes #2 on my list - "Boom."

#1: "Who needs god when you've got me?"
Episode: 1x12, Godsend
Characters: Niki Sanders/Jessica
Scene: While locked up in her comfy padded room in her straightjacket, Niki asks god to help her. In a complete 180 that shows just how great Ali Larter's acting can be, Jessica takes over and replies with "Who needs god when you've got me?" It's intense, it's chilling, it's dark, it's #1 on my list. For a video of this scene, click link.