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down with the sickness (peter/sylar)

● Mercy | Claire & Sylar (Heroes)

Heroes (Sylar) Henocide

brother [nathan/peter]

a and b song (peter/nathan)

◄Peter & Nathan - Please Don't Go, I Want You To Stay

Nathan + Claire | Boston

Heroes Reborn Promo “Be Extraordinary" (HD)

Heroes Reborn - The Extraordinary Among Us

NBC - Heroes Reborn: The Aurora

Heroes - The Ocean

Heroes | Stand by me

Heroes : Reborn (2015)

Radioactive (Heroes)

Sylar+Claire | Flay You Alive

Sylar+Claire | Delicate

Sylar+Matt | Mean Low Water

Sylar+Elle | Keeping You Safe

Sylar+Elle | With My Whole Heart

Sylar+Claire | "Where did you go?"

Sylar+Claire | This Is Not A Game

Claire Bennet | Dog Days Are Over

Peter+Claire | My Love

Sylar+Claire | Maybe It Means Nothing

Sylar+Claire | A Perfect Lie

Sylar | Drove Through Ghosts

Elle Bishop | Dressed to Digress

Sylar+Claire | The Darkness Forever

Sylar+Claire | Seven Devils

claire b. | i don't believe in you

Claire+Gretchen | Patience

Sylar+Claire | I Feel The Same

Gabriel Gray | Lost Along The Way

Sylar | Can't Afford to Care

Sylar+Claire | Rubik's Cube

Sylar+Claire | Always Find Me Here

Heroes Girls | Feeling So Fly

heroes | a dream within a dream

Heroes | I Know I'm Still Human

Heroes | Bullet Train

Peter And Nathan Petrelli - War

Peter Petrelli - Numb

Peter And Claire - Guardian Angel

Peter Petrelli - Sail Away

Peter Petrelli - Somewhere I Belong

Peter Petrelli - Leave Out All The Rest

Peter And Nathan - Utopia

Peter Petrelli - Waiting For The End

Peter Petrelli - Passion Colors Everything

Peter And Sylar - Five Minutes To Midnight

Sylar - Breaking The Habit

Peter Petrelli - Beat It

Peter Petrelli - See Who I Am

Peter Petrelli - Superman

Heroes - Take Me Out

Heroes - Marchin On

Heroes - The Catalyst

Heroes - Everybody's Fool

Heroes - No Apologies

Peter Petrelli - Hero

Heroes - Mind Heist

Heroes - Everybody Loves Me

Heroes - Edgar

cold hard bitch (niki/jessica sanders)

good lives (heroes)

speeding cars (heroes)

a slow dying flower ; elle bishop

so numb || heroes cast

Tracy Strauss | Into The Fire

Niki/Nathan | Breathe Again

Tracy/Nathan | Undone

Tracy Strauss | Fighter

Niki Sanders | Don't Let Me Get Me

Niki/Micah | Never Let Me Go

handlebars | heroes cast

sylar/peter - rolling in the deep

Peter/Sylar (love the way you lie)

» Peter/Sylar; till the end of time

Peter Sylar-Sail

the wall | Sylar & Peter (heroes)

Heroes - Peter/Sylar - Tear Away

peter & sylar | clarity

Sylar/Peter - Love is Just a Bloodsport

Heroes - Peter / Sylar - Apologize

Heroes - The Wall(Peter/Sylar)

Peter/Sylar ● somebody that I used to know

In Pieces (Sylar/Peter)

Claire Bennet | Hurricane

Zachary Quinto on "Before After" and Getting Back Into Comedy

Heroes Freezeland

perfect ♥ peter/claire

Heroes | Sierra Leone

"Everybody dies sometime!"

Sylar ♥ Pass/Fail clip

Heroes // heartbeats

Sylar and Elle - Set Fire to the Rain

[SyElle] Sylar/Elle - Heavy in your arms

Heroes - Shattered

Sylar || Invincible

Heroes - Peter, Nathan - I'll Be Missing You