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Hetalia Wall

oliver7423 said …
No matter the days have passed by, no matter the problems have I encountered, no matter what did the people say about me, Hetalia will never be evicted out of my heart. Along with Spongebob of course. Posted 3 days ago
RoseWolfLala commented…
Amen ~ 3 days ago
oliver7423 commented…
Thank you :) 2 days ago
Italy_fangirl said …
I told a friend that I watched Hetalia and I drew a pic of Italy and she said " who's that?" it irritated the frick out of me! Posted 4 days ago
T045tToastToAsT commented…
Why should it irritate you? If she knows nothing about Hetalia, then obviously, she would ask. No need to get irrutated over a small thing, you know. :P 4 days ago
T045tToastToAsT commented…
*irritated 4 days ago
Italy_fangirl commented…
no cuz she watches it with me sometimes... 4 days ago
miffymia19 said …
So.... A few days ago,one of my friends said, "Hetalia is STUPID. It's for babies." I pulled her hair and said,"What did Hetalia ever do to you?" She han't even watched Hetalia. I hate it when people say bad things about anime, and I hate it even more when people say bad things about Hetalia. Posted 13 days ago
T045tToastToAsT commented…
I agree that people shouldn't judge an anime or something from not watching it, but I found it that pulling her hair was kind of childish and unnecessary. Also, people are allowed to say bad things about Hetalia. I for one, do not give any shits if someone says something bad about it, because I could see their point. In fact, it gets me even more annoyed when people are like, "OMFG WHY THE HELL DO U HATE HETALIA UR SO DUMB." Not everyone likes the same anime. They all have their own different tastes. 12 days ago
miffymia19 commented…
Okay.... I guess I shouldn't have pulled her hair... But really, she says she LOVES anime more than I do and yet, she says that this and that anime sucks, or is boring. She also said that you learn NOTHING from Hetalia. NOTHING. I mean, I'm sorry for what I did, but she hasn't even watched it (like I said before) and I think you should actually watch something before you judge it. As I said before, I'm sorry for pulling her hair, but she says bad things about my favourite anime without watching it. I don't say "WATCH HETALIA OR YOU WILL NEVER BE SMART OR AWESOME IN YOUR LIFE." I'm not that kind of person. If this seems offensive in any way, I'm not trying to make it sound like it is. Just saying. I'm not a bad person. 12 days ago