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sollarrachan said …
Hello everyone! I'm new here...I hope I could make some friends! Posted 2 months ago
LilacRoses commented…
Hi! 2 months ago
LilacRoses said …
Happy Valentine's day! (=ヮ=)೨ Posted 2 months ago
uploaded900 said …
Since he won the elegant poll and is winning the beauty mark poll, do you think it's fair to crown Austria as the Beauty King? Kugelmugel (his son/little bro?) can be the beauty prince and Hungary can be his knight and shining armor! (Although the most beautiful Hetalia character is subjective and I do love the gender inversion trope used for AusHun!) Posted 4 months ago
Englandrules83 commented…
What Beauty Mark? Hetalia isn't even my number one favorite anime at all. I am so sad because you people make this kind of polls in which I cannotn answer at all. I might leave from this group for good in the near future. You other people ignore me mostly and your polls in which I cannot answer at all makes me really sad. 3 months ago
Englandrules83 commented…
I choose no one 3 months ago
LilacRoses commented…
Okay. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. 3 months ago