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HetaNyoSK said …
Yay tomorrow is my day Aniki! ((Tomorrow is national hetalia day! I will go outside and sing marukaite chikiuu Posted 1 month ago
VadSkaManHeta said …
salmiakki Posted 3 months ago
MinoMonstar said …
On October 24th (Also known as national Hetalia day), at midnight, everyone should go outside and sing the song, "Marukaite Chikyuu", so that the whole world can hear everyone sing it and it would make history! It would be epic, and if you want this to happen post this just about anywhere you know other Hetalian fans will see! If you don't know the origial then sing the version of the song of the country you are from!

Spread the word! The Revolution has begun!! Posted 6 months ago
-Iceland- commented…
I should learn this in icelandic, won't be easy 4 months ago
VadSkaManHeta commented…
Im going to sing it in swedisssssh and norwegian o3o 3 months ago
VadSkaManHeta commented…
Me trying to make a swedish version: Hej hej pappa, kan jag få lite julmust. Hej hej mamma, hej hej mamma, jag kan inte glömma bort smaken av dom där köttbullarna jag åt igår. Rita en cirkel, det är jorden. Rita en cirkel, det är jorden. Jag är sverige xD 3 months ago
DatWeaboo commented…
As cool as that'd be,that wouldn't work.Think of the ratio to hetalians and regular ppls.It would'nt go down in history it'd just be on your local news and you would be branded as a weab.Basically as Romano would say this smells just like france 2 months ago