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The fans pick: Austria
The fans pick: Austria
The fans pick: Austria
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Ju-chan09 said …
I'm not sure why I'm telling you this now, but today a friend told me that someone said to him that people from France are gay Austrians ...
and I just thought "What the hell!?" Posted 11 months ago
VioLAPlaYer239 said …
"His food is bland, und his clothes are old." And we love him as he is. XD XD XD Posted over a year ago
Ju-chan09 commented…
His clothes may be old, yes, but ... what do you mean by 'his food is bland'??? Ok, I have to admit I don't like austrian food 'so' much - except for the desserts/sweet stuff and so of course - Wiener Schnitzel and Bosna are also ok and Knödel aren't that bad and Kasnocken are also quite good and ... ok, I could go on - but I don't like it as much as for ex. italian or asian food - but I wouldn't call it 'bland'. 11 months ago
VioLAPlaYer239 commented…
Neither would I. I was only quoting a line of Prussia's. English dub, S1, Episode 24, I think it is. No need to flip out, lol. 11 months ago
EmoSasuSaku said …
Austria =w= Posted over a year ago