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Hetalia Couples! Fan fiction Article

Hawaii x Japan part 1: love hurts

Fan fiction by russiaxchina posted over a year ago
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Japan licked Hawaii on the ear making her giggle and shove him away “Japan! Stop!” she said instantly Japan smiled and ran his fingers through her hair again “bad dog now I must teach you to know what to carr me now” Japan said grabbing onto Hawaii’s breast making her squeal. Japan began to tighten his grasp “please stop Kiku! I’m begging you! That hurts!!!” Japan then began to kiss Hawaii on the throat which made her moan he then rolled her over onto her stomach “werr I guess I have to teach you the hard way” Japan said as he grabbed Hawaii’s legs and lifted them up then he thrusted it in this time proceeding at a more rapid pace then his normal slow start which made Hawaii scream and grab the pillow tears flowing out of her eyes. Japan then grew rougher and faster with his thrusts as the scent of salty sweat began to fill the air Hawaii began to pant her breath flying into the air from the coldness in Japans room that begin to warm up “oh…K-Kiku…that hurts….f-f-faster!….h-h-harder!” she screamed squeezing the pillow with all her might “good dog just for that I wirr reward you with what you want” Japan said in reply going 18x his speed and 18x his strength making Hawaii scream and then resume panting. He also began to sweat and pant “Hawaii!!! I’m going to come!!!” he screamed then he came inside of Hawaii he suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Hawaii to see her chewing on the pillow “bad dog” he said naughtily “what did I terr you about chewing on items?” Japan said thrusting in full force and speed making Hawaii scream and release the pillow her drool trickling out of her mouth. Japan grunted and thrusted once again and then he came in Hawaii one last time before he rolled off of her and lay next to her she then instantly turned to him “Hawaii I rove you I’ve arways roved you” Japan said as he once again ran his fingers through Hawaii’s hair once again “I love you to Kiku” Hawaii said burying her head into Japan’s chest making him gasp in surprise. He instantly grasped Hawaii’s shoulders “good night my love” Japan said then he closed his eyes as Hawaii nuzzled her self closer to his body soon making herself falling asleep the next day when Hawaii woke up she looked next to her to see that Japan was gone she instantly sat up and suddenly screamed then fell back onto the bed. Japan lifted his head as heard Hawaii scream he quickly raced to his room and on the bed to see Hawaii only laying on the bed gasping short quick gasps of pain “Hawaii sit up I think you need massage” Japan said as Hawaii sat up again he instantly placed his hands on her shoulders and began to rub them and squeeze her shoulders feeling her shoulders loosen underneath his touch. Hawaii stood up once Japan stopped massaging her shoulders “thanks Japan! Your shoulder massage must be magical!” Hawaii said as she bent down and kissed Japan on the cheek, making him blush then he instantly nudged her away “stop it I onry did that because you needed it” Japan said warily instantly Hawaii smiled “perhaps I get you corrar and leash to teach you true painful rove” Japan said standing up and began to lick Hawaii’s neck. Hawaii giggled and shoved him away “stop Kiku!” Hawaii screamed instantly Japan smirked and said happily “that’s the name I rike to hear from my dog” she instantly said “how about I make you my pineapple upside down cake Kiku?” Japan looked at her then said “sure I make some tea to go with it” he stood up and followed her into her Kitchen. He began to brew some tea as Hawaii starting getting the ingredients for the cake like fresh pineapple, flour, fresh cow milk, chicken eggs, and brown sugar she also took out half of a coconut and added all the items and began to mix them together humming a song to herself. She pulled out the cake just as Japan was pouring out the tea then she added the melted brown sugar on top of the cake and sat it down on the table “I can’t wait for you to try it! It taste really great! Even Italy wanted me to teach him how to make this cake” Hawaii said happily cutting one slice for Japan and then started to cut the second part for her. Japan walked over to the table with two cups of tea in his hands then he placed them down and sat down on the chair sighing happily “after this Hawaii I’m going to go play fight with China he promised to anyways” he said then he took a sip of his tea and swallowed then took a piece of his cake and ate it then began to chew feeling warmth rush through his body making him want more of the cake. Japan stood up once he finished his tea and slice of his cake “thank you for the cake Hawaii well I’m off to go play fight with my brother” Japan said as he turned away suddenly he felt Hawaii’s hand on his shoulder “your welcome Japan see you later!” she said happily then she let her hand fall off his shoulder as Japan began to resume leaving. Japan landed on the ground smirking as China also landed on the ground in front of him then they both leaped up in the air both of them lashing out at each other with a branch and pan suddenly before Japan could move, China closed his mouth on his arm biting him and bringing him down with him instantly Japan lashed out backwards with his stick narrowly missing China’s face which caused him to release Japan’s arm then they both landed on the ground and as fast as he could Japan whacked China on the head with the stick and leaped up in the air again. China fell down laughing “nice one aru but I’ll finish you off!!!” China screamed then he leaped upward and was floating right next to Japan as he looked at him in shock instantly China whacked him in the head making Japan fall down and smack into the ground China landing right next to him, “are you okay Japan?” China asked worry in his voice suddenly Japan sat up rubbing his head “yea I’m fine” he said grunting then Japan grabbed his branch and grabbed China’s throat making him gasp in surprise. “Well looks like you got me by surprise aru” China said smirking suddenly his eyes filled with fear “J-J-Japan….l-look! Behind you!” China screamed yet Japan shook his head “I bet you’re onry saying that because you going to try to go and trick me” Japan said narrowing his eyes with suspicion suddenly he felt something cold smack him in the head, the hit was so strong that it made Japan release his older brother and fall straight to the ground everything in his eyes fading to pitch black. Instantly China looked up in shock as Russia stood over Japan with his pipe, high in the air ready to bring his pipe down which had a little blood on it “WAIT!!! RUSSIA STOP!!!!” China screamed making Russia look at him “why should I stop? Both of you were fighting and he was trying to kill you da” Russia said smirking evilly while the dark purple aura was rising from him. “Well we were play fighting aru! The only reason Japan had me by the throat was because he caught me by surprise after I smacked him in the head with my pan!!!!” China screamed furiously at Russia “oh…” Russia said in confusion as he looked down at Japan “welp bye” Russia said quickly turning and fast walking away “JUST FOR THAT YOU’LL HAVE TO LET ME BE THE LEADER TONIGHT OR I’LL TELL JAPAN WHO HIT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!” China screamed after Russia. Japan instantly opened his eyes with little idea he was having once of those dreams that feel real he looked up “China?” he asked trying to sit up yet he felt himself barely move then he looked down at him self to see that he was naked and he was also chained to a bed “China!? What the heck are you doing!?” he screamed yet when he blinked again he realized that the one laying atop him was Russia, Japan instantly looked next to him to see China fear, pain, and lust while he was sweating and one of his eyes was closed. China turned to him panting, “well…I-I-I…hope you prepare yourself for Russia….like I did…” China said weakly making Japan’s eyes fill with fear instantly Russia laughed evilly and snarled “enjoy the fact you’re about to become one with me like your brother China did da” instantly Japan began to struggle as if though he were going to die, suddenly Russia shoved a red ball into his mouth that he placed over Japan’s head. Suddenly Japan woke with a jolt looking around in fear, he suddenly felt a hand push him back down “calm down Japan you just blacked out in the cherry blossom orchard after I hit you in the head to hard with my pan” China said happily instantly Japan sighed angrily “how hard did you freaking hit me!?” Japan said angrily as he sat up again “err….I…I hit you as hard as a truck?” China said in reply, confusion in his voice Japan only sighed and rubbed his head “everywhere I go I am either confronted by my siblings, Russia, or my group” he said furiously then Japan stood up and walked out “thank you China for taking me to your house when I blacked out” he said softly as he turned to China then he walked out of his house. China laughed as Russia smirked “ohh you are so good China” Russia said “see you should let me be the leader sometimes aru!” China said in reply “humph” Russia grunted as he held onto the pan “there just flip one last time and the meat for the dumplings will be done” China said happily as he helped Russia lift the pan up causing the meat in it to fly and land “thanks China! You were right perhaps I should let you be the leader when we cook da” Russia said. Japan sighed as he walked into his house holding the bag with something special for Hawaii he suddenly dropped his bag as he saw Hawaii walk by her robe on her shoulder peeking out of it she instantly turned her head “oh hi Japan!” she said happily racing to him and hugging him “it’s very nice of you to greet me rike this! Yet I have really good treat for you unress you go to room now” Japan said as he grabbed Hawaii’s arms she instantly nodded her head and walked into his room. Japan walked in after her closing the door and locking it behind him, he dug around in the bag and pulled out the collar and leash then he dropped the items and grabbed Hawaii by her waist “take off your robe” Japan ordered instantly Hawaii quickly removed her robe then Japan released his hold on her waist and slipped the collar onto her throat and then grabbed Hawaii by her waist again and threw her onto the bed. Japan wrapped the leash around Hawaii’s arms as he planted him self atop her “are you ready for some fun?” he asked as Hawaii was licking his neck, she instantly stopped and nodded her head, shaking then Japan stood up and undressed him self then he lay atop Hawaii and kissed her constricting his tongue around hers and making as much drool and slobber as he could. He then pulled away from Hawaii a long, thin, clear line of drool from the tip of his and Hawaii’s tongue then he instantly grabbed Hawaii’s legs and thrusted it in as hard as ever causing Hawaii to scream then Japan grabbed the leash on her arms and pulled it making her arms go up so that way she would not grab any items near her and smiled “don’t worry there wirr pleasure waiting for you my rove” Japan said as he began to lick Hawaii on the neck. Hawaii sat up stretching feeling sore all over, she felt her throat and still felt the collar and also felt a some drool on the exposed skin that had not dried she then sighed happily “he shoulda known better so tonight I’ll take over by surprise” she said in a low whisper suddenly she flinched as Japan’s hand grabbed a hold of her shoulder “I heard that but I wirr allow you to take over tonight…by the way…rook at your dog tag on your collar” Japan said instantly Hawaii grabbed the dog tag on her throat and turned it around to see the words “property of Japan” on it. “Well? It’s says you’re my property so no one will touch you but me” Japan said happily “yes…but…remember when France got me drunk and so I went crazy…then you, China, England, and Russia chased after me…then you calm me down then France stared chasing after me then I ran into Switzerland so I turned around and punched France knocking him down then ran behind Switzerland and begged him to help me” Hawaii said fondly her pupils shrinking. Japan wrapped his hands around Hawaii’s belly making her gasp in surprise “carm down I promise to never let anyone ever touch you but me and no else will do…unress you’re in danger” Japan said closing his eyes, blushing then Hawaii giggled and shoved him away “I’m sorry Japan but my group will want to be seeing me today because we are having a meeting” she said, she then stood up and walked away to get dressed and sighed remembering all the confusion and fear she felt while being chased when drunk thanks to that accursed France he even stripped her from her closed when he started chasing after her. Hawaii looked at Russia as he sat down, Italy, and China also sitting down “let the meeting commence! Da?” Russia said as he tilted his head waiting for everyone’s answer “SIR YES SIR!!!!” Hawaii, Italy, and China screamed instantly Russia looked at them the dark purple aura flying off of him “err…we mean SIR YES SIR!!!!” they screamed making Russia close his eyes “that’s better! So we need to come up with good battle maneuvers! So we’ll start off with China” Russia said tilting his head “well…we could send in Italy first for the distraction he’ll be doing the double rainbow dance, suddenly you, me and Hawaii rush in! Russia attacks the right side I attack the left side and Hawaii attacks the rear!” China said drawing his suggestion on the board. Russia, Italy, and Hawaii all nodded their heads in agreement “good plan China I go with what you said! Does anyone else agree with China’s ambush plan?” Russia asked sending glares at Hawaii and Italy “of course I agree! It’s a really smart ambush plan! The enemies won’t know what hit them!!!” Italy said in reply an dark orange aura rising off his skin “I also agree! It’s a very smart and perfect ambush plan!” Hawaii said a dark red aura rising off her flesh then Russia nodded and said “now we need an special attack plan that can wipe out the enemy’s army completely and an attack plan that will make our enemies surrender to us with ease then everyone will be one with all four of us which will finally put war to rest” Russia said happily the dark purple aura rising off his flesh. “Then next is Italy” Russia said happily “here we go!!! Hawaii distracts the enemies by dancing with her short grass skirt and no coconut bra which will really woo the enemies then we attack with the element of surprise and of course don’t look at Hawaii or we’ll also get distracted!” Italy said smiling instantly Russia nodded and looked at China and Hawaii “do you agree da?” Russia asked, China nodded his head “of course I agree! Who could resist a sexy young Hawaii dancing with only the grass skirt without the coconut bra?” China said slamming his hand on the table “Hawaii?” Russia said as he turned to Hawaii. Hawaii was blushing with embarrassment “fine I agree but why do I have to dance in front of a whole army with only my grass skirt!?” Hawaii grumbled angrily “don’t worry perhaps Italy can make it where you feel comfortable” Russia said plainly “oh yea perhaps you can dance without the skirt and coconut bra!” Italy said happily instantly Hawaii leaped up her face flushed red with much embarrassment and was about to hit Italy until China grabbed her stopped her in her tracks “LET ME GO!!! I WILL NOT DANCE COMPLETELY NAKED IN FRONT OF A WHOLE ARMY!!!!” she screamed with fury “don’t worry you won’t be completely naked you’ll have petunias on your privates” Italy said making Hawaii start to shiver with anger and fury while her cheeks were as red as blood. “Fine!!!” she snarled as she turned away angrily “but it’s only for the good of the group anyways” then Hawaii closed her eyes “well Hawaii? What’s your plan that will make the enemies surrender to us?” Russia asked startling Hawaii “oh right…well we can use China for the distraction we’ll make him do that amazing thing when he summons a dragon from hell” Hawaii said “then when the enemies are only watching in shock you Russia will attack the enemy from the right I attack from the left and Italy attacks from the rear then China attacks the front also with the dragon from hell” Hawaii said still blushing yet the blush from her face was fading. Russia, China, and Italy nodded “really good idea! The enemies will be shocked once China summons that dragon from hell all of them will be pointing their guns at him and telling him to leave now but the instant we attack they’ll be really surprised da” Russia said happily “oh yea aru! Nice job aru!” China said happily a dark green aura finally rising off his flesh “that’s a good idea!” Italy said happily suddenly Russia laughed “you know we’re planning our enemies demise! You all came up with great ideas!!! But I’ll share my idea tomorrow!” Russia said happily as everyone stared at him in surprise “in fact we should practice everyone‘s battle maneuvers da!” Russia said looking at everyone “sure sir Russia aru!” China said in reply “sir yes sir!” Hawaii and Italy said in respond. Hawaii sighed once she came back home the meeting was long and tiring especially since they had to practice all the battle maneuvers and of course Italy’s plan she did what Italy had suggested and of course all three of them looked and got distracted so they tried and tried over again, and of course she was blushing a blood red blush on her face and tears on the sides of her eyes from the embarrassment she felt as Italy, Russia, and China got distracted as they practiced their charges on the sides Italy said were they would strike. Well the good thing was that she had all her clothes back on and was not dancing naked in front of boys she then walked to her room and gasped, because to her surprise there stood Japan petting her cat as he was sitting on her bed “Kiku…what the hell are you doing in my house?” she asked fondly making Japan turn away from her cat “you know what I want Emily” Japan said standing up and brushing his hand against Hawaii’s breast “oh…right…well not now Kiku!” Hawaii said as she pushed Japan’s hand away “but you make me happier! I want to put mount. Fuji in Mauna Loa like I do to you every singre night” Japan said looking Emily in the eyes (by the way Hawaii’s real name is Emily which means admiring) as she was blushing and closing her eyes. “Dammit!!!” Hawaii screamed as she turned her head away blushing “why the hell to you have to refer it like that!?” she screamed sounding more angry yet Japan grabbed her shoulder “you’re the onry one who I want to make love to! Besides mount. Fuji always has landslides in Mauna Loa every time we are merrymaking with each other” Japan said as he moved his head closer to Hawaii’s head their lips getting closer and closer to touching instantly Hawaii shoved him away and screamed “look not now!!!! When I’m done cooking!!!! Okay Kiku! Not now…but when I’m done cooking then you can do what you said about mount. Fuji and Mauna Loa” then she turned her head away and walked out of the room “she is so sexy when embarrassed and angry I can’t wait to fuck her tonight” Japan whispered happily. Hawaii was staring at her hands as she was cooking she suddenly felt her hands began to shake and quiver then she instantly released the pan and screamed “Dammit!!!! I can’t stop thinking about what happened!!!” she sighed and then resumed cooking soon she placed a Kalua Pua’a (roast pork) on a large silver platter on her table “well” she said sighing “at least I’m done cooking dinner” she instantly stood up and stretched “I’ll ask Japan if he wants any food” Hawaii said then she turned and walked torwards her room and drew her head back in surprise as some cat with big brown eyes was mating with her cat and Japan was only watching “err…Kiku? Why did you not help my cat?” Hawaii said quickly racing over to the mating cats yet Japan’s arm jolted out stopping her in her tracks “I’m sorry it’s just that the brack and white cat with big brown eyes is another cat that I own and he and your cat just remind me so much of us” Japan said calmly startling her Hawaii then asked “do you want to eat dinner with me since you’re here?” Japan smirked and stood up nodding his head “sure” he said. Hawaii was tired and content while Japan was full and silent like he usually was “well goodnight Kiku” Hawaii said sleepily “wait what about dessert?” Japan said waking Hawaii up a bit “wait what?” she said yet Japan grabbed a hold on Hawaii and threw her right onto her bed startling her cat and making her race off her bed suddenly Hawaii finally knew what Japan meant by “dessert”, so she instantly ran her fingers down his shirt smirking. “Sure you can have dessert” Hawaii said happily as Japan lay atop her “but remember you promised to let me take control tonight” Hawaii said as she began to unbutton his shirt and lick his chest as she went lower and lower until she reached his pants that she undid with ease and stopped as she heard Japan began to breath in and out with unease instantly Hawaii looked up at him to see his head turned away while he was breathing in and out with unease “aw…what’s wrong Kiku? Are you scared?” Hawaii said happily an slightly evil smirk sliding across her face as she slid her hands onto Japan’s underwear and she pulled it down and placed her mouth on his cock making him scream. She looked upward at Japan narrowing her eyes then Japan began to pant and sweat he then placed his hand on the back of her head and shoved screaming with satisfaction making Hawaii suck harder until Japan screamed “s-stop!!! I’m going to come!!!” yet she did not stop and only swallowed the white liquid as if though she were drinking milk, finally she removed her mouth a bit of her drool falling out of the side of her mouth and Japan had some of his drool trickling out the side of his mouth. She sat up smiling “so you like?” she asked bending down and licking Japan on the throat like a mother cat grooming her kittens suddenly Japan grabbed Hawaii began to lick one of her breasts while squeezing her rump “ret’s get this party started” Japan said in a murmur as he began to make Hawaii moan he instantly rolled her over and stood up undressed himself then he lay back down right in front of Hawaii then he lifted her legs and thrusted making Hawaii wail in pain and lust “I knew you wanted your treat” Japan said deviously as he felt Hawaii sweat and hear her panting, groaning, and moaning. In the morning Hawaii felt tired and sore she then sat up and felt Japan’s hands on her shoulders and his lips near her throat, so Hawaii giggled and shoved him away “stop Kiku! We just did it last night! I don’t wanna do it in the morning to!” Hawaii said happily instantly Japan smirked and said “alright I’ll stop but…” suddenly Hawaii looked at him in confusion “you will never allow anyone else to touch you in the spots I touch you in” Japan said as he placed his hand on Hawaii’s belly and began to lick her throat then he released her and said “werr I need to go to my group and I’m sure you have another meeting with your friends so I will see you when I get home” Hawaii smiled and nodded then stood up and raced off to get dressed Japan following. Hawaii smiled as Russia finished telling his plan to take full control over any country “and after we kill every one of their soldiers we take their leader and give him or her to Prussia, or France and tell them to torture them in a sexual way then we check on them and ask them if they’ll allow us to take over their country if they say no we kill them and move on if they say yes we keep them alive and take over their country” Russia said happily “do any of you like the way it sounds da?” he asked sending looks at China, Italy, and Hawaii. All three nodded their heads and said their voices mixing in fusion “of course we like the way it sounds! What a really good plan!” suddenly China raised his hands and screamed “Russia! Hawaii! Italy! I found this thing when I wondering around in the field of moon flowers!” instantly China reached underneath the table and pulled out a cage that contained a strange rabbit thing that looked a lot like him and pulled it out then put it on the table as everyone stared at it cautiously. “isn’t it cute?” China asked happily instantly the rabbit creature stood up on it’s hind legs and squeaked “where am I aru? What happened aru?” it looked around in confusion it’s large ears twitching “wait…China I think that is bunny China like how England found a rabbit version of himself…but…how did you find the rabbit version of yourself?” Russia asked in confusion snatching rabbit China up by the scruff of his neck “it’ll be alright” Italy said once rabbit China began to cry and struggle madly “hey aru! never hold me by my scruff!!!!” he screamed kicking out. Russia instantly said “wow…this one struggles a lot! does it have any friends?” China’s eyes widened and he quickly said “well I saw at least three more that reminded me of you guys but I was out of breath to chase after anymore of them so I just took this one” Russia nodded his head and released rabbit China but he only ran to Italy and hugged him, and looked up at him then he did the same to Hawaii and then he finally did the same to Russia “well…can you pwease go get my friends aru?” he asked staring up into his eyes “of course we’ll go get your friends China” Russia said happily squeezing China with all his strength making rabbit China shove his hands away and leap away from him into China’s arms, crying. “Great aru! Thank you Russia-chan, Italy-chan, Hawaii-chan, and China-chan!” rabbit China said happily with ease “but who is going to keep you every night?” Russia asked instantly rabbit China replied “well…I guess you can keep me” then he stood up and hugged Russia, nipping his scarf making Russia pet him on the head “alright I will see you all in nine weeks” Russia said standing up holding rabbit China in his arms then he turned and walked away leaving China, Italy, and Hawaii all behind. Hawaii quickly snatched up the Russia rabbit by the scruff of his throat making him hack and stop dead in his tracks as Hawaii lifted him off the ground “okay…d-do you g-g-guys have the r…rest of them?” Hawaii gasped out of breath instantly Italy, and Russia appeared Italy holding Hawaii rabbit and Russia holding Italy rabbit “yes of course we have the others” Russia said happily “PUT ME DOWN YOU HIND WALKER!!!!!!” Hawaii rabbit screamed in fury pounding her fists against Italy’s arm Italy rabbit was only crying and screaming for Russia to release him at once Russia rabbit only began to snarl “kol kol kol”. “Here let me deal with my rabbit form” Russia said happily reaching out with one hand then he grabbed his rabbit form and placed Itarabbit in Hawaii’s arms “there now I will see you guys after nine weeks” Russia said happily then he turned and walked away holding Russia rabbit both uttering “kol kol kol”, Hawaii looked down at Itarabbit and smiled “you are so cute” she said as she ran her hands down his right ear “please don’t hurt me I’m to cute to be hurt” Itarabbit squealed “don’t worry I promise to never hurt you” Hawaii said happily “but I say I’ll give you to Germany to keep you and your human form safe and strong I promise” Hawaii then ran her fingers through his right ear again smiling he then turned his head as Italy walked over to them with Hawaii rabbit in his hands an ignorant look on Hawaii rabbit’s face. “Hey Hawaii! Can me and you switch our rabbit forms?” Italy said so Hawaii only nodded her head and handed Italy Itarabbit and Italy handed her Hawarabbit “see you later!” Italy called as he raced away “yea! Bye!” Hawaii called back then she turned away and began to walk home until she felt tears soaking her skin instantly she looked down at her rabbit form “what’s wrong?” she asked “I won’t be able to se Kiku tonight” her rabbit form squealed her voice cracking with sadness then Hawaii sighed and said “alright then you have to help me catch him, and Germany then we can come back and catch the allies then we catch any others alright?” her rabbit form nodded her head happily her little rabbit tail and her large ears twitching slightly “thank you human me” she squeaked then Hawaii turned and walked back into the moonflowers where they had found Itarabbit, Hawarabbit, and Russirabbit hidden in the deepest parts of the field. Hawaii bursted through the door holding rabbit Hawaii, rabbit Japan, rabbit Germany, rabbit England, rabbit France, and rabbit America in her hands that quickly leaped out and began to run around Japan’s house yet Hawaii only headed torwards his room to only see him sitting on his bed mediating to only be disturbed when bunny England, bunny America, bunny France, bunny Germany, and bunny Japan leaped up on his bed all squeaking and squealing with confusion, excitement, and curiosity which caused Japan to open one of his eyes and look down then he screamed in shock “WHAT THE HERR HAPPENED TO YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!” bunny France only laughed and squeaked “calm down! It’s not like I was going to invade you like I try to do to bunny England every day and night” instantly bunny England shoved bunny France and began to bite, kick and scratch him “hey let the hero join guys!!!” bunny America squealed before leaping atop England and France and laughing like he usually would be. Japan stood up and walked over to Hawaii, placed his hands on her shoulders, making Hawaii look up at him and say tiredly and weakly “J-Japan…can we keep…the bunny forms of ourselves and give the other ones to your friends and three of the allies?” Japan stared into her eyes, lost, then he turned to his bed bunny America was nipping bunny England on the head while bunny England and France were still fighting Hawaii rabbit and Japan rabbit only sat in silence and stared into each others eyes both lost in time while bunny Germany was watching bunny America, France, and England fight finally Japan turned back to her and took a deep breath…

This is part 1 my reader if you want to see part 2 I will make it later! By the way none of the characters belong to me except my fan character Hawaii! See you next time in my fan fiction of Hawaii x Japan! (I thought Japan needed a little love so yea that’s why Hawaii is in a couple with him) Thank you for reading and see you next time!!!! In Hawaii x Japan part 2 love may be like hate but hate may be like love!!!
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